Creating The New Age Of Love And Joy

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This week I am sharing a spiritual message from Brenda Hoffman about stepping into your role as a light-worker, as a creator of the new age of love and joy. How do you create the change you want to see in the world?

Dear Ones,

Some of you will claim … that your life, thoughts, sensations and emotions are no different from last year.

Perhaps you wish to be on the Lightworker stage but feel you are not worthy or that someone/something is stopping you. Neither belief is correct. You are a Lightworker. Granted, not everyone has or even wants the same skills in this new earth transition. But if you continue to deny the energies surrounding you –  and this week, almost pummeling you – then you are not ready to move forward. (By “energies surrounding you,” I usually take this to mean messages and feelings and hunches coming into your awareness.–Christine)

Even though you are fully capable of being on the Lightworker stage waiting for the spotlight to find you, some of you have decided the stage is too frightening and have moved behind the curtain. That is your choice – not a choice created by the Universes – but by you. For you are a Lightworker.

Lightworkers who need proof will probably never receive it. Self-worth is generated from within. We cannot give it to you, nor can anyone else.

We have stated on several occasions that you would be clearing your most difficult pieces before transitioning into the 4th and beyond dimensions. And so it is. Spiritually, physically and intellectually you may be excited to move to other dimensions – yet your fears limit your options.

You would not be interested in exploring new earth materials if you were not a Lightworker/Wayshower/Starseed or whatever you wish to label those of you introducing earth to an age of joy and love.

It is your need to feel worth-less or unworthy that is forcing you from the stage of Lightworker fame.

Many of you state that you do not feel anything or that your life is just the same. Does that not sound like a child during summer vacation whining that life is boring? And as a parent do you not laugh at such statements and suggest several activities your child might enjoy? You are now the adult.

Then there are those of you who claim that you are just not clear enough, strong enough or good enough to be a spiritual leader. That somehow everyone “out there” is bigger, better and stronger. Shades of Old Age comparisons that hold no validity in this New Age.

You are not like anyone else – other than you are transitioning into love and joy. Your path is unique. To compare yourself to another Lightworker and their skills or sensations is like comparing apples to oranges. You are different for a reason. If all Lightworkers were the same, how could this transition expand beyond a small group of like-minded, like-acting, like-skilled individuals?

There is no time for modesty, fear of your power or an unwillingness to be a Lightworker –  if that is what your heart draws you to. In past lives, you could shirk the game plan created by you before you entered earth knowing that you could fulfill that obligation to yourself at a later time.

Such is not the case in this transition. Each of you is an important thread in this transition tapestry.

You may feel as if you have nothing to contribute. Quite frankly, if you allow that belief to penetrate your being – you do not. And if that is what you wish to continue to believe, it is indeed time for you to move behind the curtain and allow someone who believes in themselves to move center stage.

No one is going to cajole you into your role. No one is going to babysit you as you moan and groan about how you wish to participate, but you cannot because of this or that. No one has time to hold your hand as you whimper about how unqualified you are.

This is the time to accept your full power. That does not necessarily mean you will be a media star. Merely that you claim your power in whatever form gives you joy. And the first step in claiming your power is believing with every fiber of your being that you are a Lightworker. That is the energy we are sending this week. (By “energy,” they mean message, idea, truth, consciousness.–Christine)

For some that means a physical manifestation of something you have longed for. For others it is the knowingness deep within your being that you are a Lightworker with a role to play in this wondrous transition – a role you created before your entrance on earth.

Perhaps you are of the group who brought the New Age to earth. You have since shifted roles into beaming the joy of this transition to others. Meaning that not only must you accept that you are a Lightworker, you must display that you are in whatever way your inner-being dictates – whatever gives you joy, from growing vegetables to becoming a media star.

You are who you are – as you created yourself before entering earth in this lifetime. Perhaps you are shy. That is entirely acceptable and exactly what you wish to be. But in your shyness you still will radiate the light of a Lightworker – if you accept your worthiness. This is not the Age to hide under a basket in fear or pain. But instead to shine your light in whatever fashion feels most joyful. You never have to be center stage – but you do need to accept that you have a place on stage before you can be a true Lightworker.

You do not need to channel, heal the sick, write books, make presentations, change the world, transport yourself to other parts of the Universes or create a new tool to be a Lightworker. You merely need to accept that you are a Lightworker and that you will move into your role – whatever that role is – when it is your time to do so.

Stop whining. Stop comparing yourself to others. Stop making excuses for why you cannot be a Lightworker. Stop throwing up your hands in disgust because all of this is a hoax – and move to your place on stage. Your co-Lightworkers are moving toward their joy and have no need to care take you. Any more than you have a need to care take others.

You are a Lightworker of the greatest magnitude merely waiting for your role to begin. So be it. Amen.”–Channeled by Brenda Hoffman, January 16, 2013

I really resonate with what Brenda has channeled. I do feel I am in a different place, a better place, than last year (and I literally, physically am in a different place). Besides continuing my work with this blog and expanding my readership, I have also been led (by what’s been happening in my life and from inner guidance) to create a new project, to help young people in a particular way, and I’ll be sharing my new project with you in several weeks time, after it is created. (Sharing this with you will push me to create it sooner, rather than later…)

If you feel that not much has changed in your life, unless you take the necessary steps, unless you step into your higher purpose fully, your world will remain much the same, today will be very much like yesterday, and tomorrow will be very much like today. And unless sufficient numbers of us make significant changes in our lives, the world will pretty much look the same.

You probably already know what you need to do; you’ve been wanting to make a difference in certain areas of your life for some time now. It’s just that something has prevented you from taking the necessary steps. Well, the timing is right to begin now!

I know it can be very scary. I’ve been there and I wrote about the changes I made, and what helped me make them, in my memoir on reconnecting titled, What Everyone Believed: A Memoir of Intuition and Awakening. (These experiences are what my how-to eBook is based on.)

There is so much more support now available to help you take those necessary steps. Furthermore, a lot of the hyped-up, false, distracting information put out by those seeking to dis-empower you and keep you wanting and waiting for some savior(s) to do it for you has been exposed. As I’ve written in last week’s blog post (about 2013 being the year of great potential), if you seek the light (by “light” I mean your higher self, your connection with Source) and muster up the courage to align your life with that light, you will be supported by the Universe, you will receive guidance when you need it, you will get clearer, and it will get easier for you. And over time you will be able to fulfill your potential (meaning, you will be able to fulfill your unique role, the role your higher self signed up for before you incarnated in this lifetime). I hold you in my heart and wish you many blessings on your path!


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  1. Ebba Karlsson said:

    Thank you so much for sharing this! I have asked the universe for assistance recently since I have almost felt desperate about what to do and the next step. Now it seems so much clearer after reading this information. I am not alone and I can trust that the choices I have done recently, are good ones. I feel so strongly that I need to take the next step and find people who I can connect with and share my understandings with.
    Maybe some of you reading this feels the same?

    January 26, 2013
    • Thanks for sharing Ebba, I was definitely in that place of desperation myself, and felt so alone. It seems from the responses I got to this article that many share your feelings.

      A good way to find people is through Facebook. Perhaps if you “friend” me there you can get in touch with like-minded people, perhaps even in your area. Christine

      January 28, 2013
  2. L said:

    Just what I needed to hear right now. Divine timing. Thanks 🙂

    January 26, 2013
    • Thanks for commenting L! Hope to see you share some more here soon. Christine

      January 28, 2013
  3. ~ I AM YOUR said:


    January 26, 2013
    • Thank you for your blessing-filled comment! It is great to have you here, and I am looking forward to hearing more from you… Many blessings, Christine

      January 28, 2013
  4. Mary said:

    Wow, I was waiting for your next article. Thanks for the push…needed that.

    January 26, 2013
    • Thank you Mary. Yes, that’s the way I see it, as a push. Sometimes we need pushes. And I certainly took advantage of the pushes I got (and they came from all over, but mostly from those dearest to me.) The pushes that were what some people would perceive as “negative” got me the most out of my complacency. Thanks again for sharing. Christine

      January 28, 2013
  5. Laurence said:

    All in agreement… Say ‘I’ 🙂

    January 26, 2013
  6. Ty said:

    Wow! So on point……Thank You

    January 26, 2013
    • Thanks for commenting, Ty. Hope to hear more from you in the future. Take care! Christine

      January 28, 2013
  7. selina said:

    “I” Totally agree with this timely message! love and light always Selina x

    January 27, 2013
    • Thanks for your contribution here Selina! Looks like many people were inspired to start (and restart) their projects… Blessings! Christine

      January 28, 2013
  8. Linda said:

    Thank you for this timely message, I have felt so useless recently, physically and mentally, and this will help me to get on with my life and get back on track. We know what we should do but we do hold back, the message was so true. Thank you again, brilliant. love to all.

    January 27, 2013
    • Thanks for commenting Linda! Sometimes we need pushes to get our life back on track, especially after a long holiday. As I look back over the years I often took advantage of the pushes I got (and they came from all over, but mostly from those dearest to me.) And in the last decade or so, the pushes that were what some people would perceive as “negative” got me the most out of my complacency. Many blessings! Christine

      January 28, 2013
  9. Clara said:

    I really agree with you on this Christine, and that is in fact what i have experienced myself. It’s no good to only dream about what i want to do or be, I am the one to make myself that person, I give myself confidence, I take the next step.
    There is no use in hiding in a corner, light comes from within.

    January 27, 2013
    • Great to see you here again Clara! Sometimes we do get pushes from the “Universe” to take the next step. In the last decade or so, the pushes that were what some people might perceive as “negative” got me the most out of my complacency, and got me to “up the ante” on my projects. Even though it did not feel good in the moment, I moved forward and I am grateful for having had the experience. (Which is what we will be ultimately able to say about our experiences in the “dark” phase of this cosmic journey.) Many blessings! Christine

      January 28, 2013
  10. Namaste said:

    This is the most negative and destructive message I have ever read so far about lightworkers…. WOW! How degrading and horrible to post such a thing? I really enjoyed some of your postings Christine but this is harsh and not even close to what you might consider sharing in the future….. WOW! Really bad.

    January 27, 2013
    • Hi Namaste, and thanks for sharing. Some people shy away from anything they perceive as “negative.” I’m not one of them, but that is their choice, and I have nothing against them. However, it goes against my inner grain to label or judge a message AS negative, or call someone negative. If I don’t like or agree with what someone is sharing, I like to give specific reasons why. (This is a good policy to adopt, by the way.) However, from the number of comments this message received (and the number of new people commenting), it seems to have made a difference for many people.

      Sometimes we do get pushes from the “Universe” to take the next step. In the last decade or so, the pushes I received (that were what some people might perceive as “negative”) got me the most out of my complacency, and got me to “up the ante” on my projects. Even though they might have not felt good in the moment (and they were often, but not always, from people close to me), I moved forward faster and I am grateful for having had the experience. (And this is what we will be ultimately able to say about our experiences in the “dark” phase of this cosmic journey.) Many blessings to you, Christine.

      January 28, 2013
  11. Hubert Hintzen said:

    This is really thought provoking and extremely encouraging.. I have two projects in mind for myself. I am approaching 80 and recently started a biographical story about my growing up years to end in my twenties intending to share this with young relatives. Halfway through I sort of shelved the idea, but now this re-energized me.
    I also have been talking to folks on the internet to come as a group and encourage sports folks and other who have made “it” to donate (as much as possible) to a central fund designed to re-encourage minority youth towards education and out of the high-school to prison complex. Something I feel is really needed, especially hearing on a TV program today (Sunday) that 117 schools in low income ares in NYC have been closed and more are scheduled for closing along with huge numbers in big cities across the nation. Something must be done to save our young people or we will end up with a nation of convicted felons.(inability to get good jobs and can’t vote)

    January 27, 2013
    • It is wonderful to have you here Hubert and to hear about your inspiring projects! We would love to hear more about them, perhaps you can friend me on facebook and gain new interested friends that way. Do you have a Facebook “Page” for this NYC school project, its own special page? Once you’re ready, set that up and that would be a good way to communicate about it. Hope to hear more from you in the future. Many blessings, Christine

      January 28, 2013
  12. Karen said:

    This is a fantastic message, Christine! And perfectly timed. Thank you.

    January 28, 2013
  13. Christine,

    You always seem to come out with timely, relevant messages! Thank you. And now you have me wondering what this project is going to be?

    My life has changed a lot since last year. I have had more energy and motivation than ever before. Even when I get physically tired, it doesn’t seem to take long to recharge. This year is truly a beginning of something awesome! For all those who haven’t felt this yet, I truly hope you do soon.

    January 28, 2013
  14. Hi Josh, I missed you! I know you were immersed in the amazing work you are doing on your blog, and with your teaching job. Hope all is well with you, and yes, I know this year things will take off! Thanks for your contribution!

    January 28, 2013

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