Yoga and Your Higher Self

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You and Your Higher Self

My sister’s friend asked about yoga helping connect her with her higher self. This article explores how effective taking a yoga class is for strengthening your connection with your higher self and developing your intuition.

You may want to reconnect with and strengthen the relationship you have with your higher self so that it becomes more evident and real to you. Your meditation practice should help you with this goal. However, as with most things in life, some meditations are more effective than others. If your relationship with your higher self isn’t where you want it to be and you want to know what kind of meditation is effective for accessing your higher self and developing your intuition, read on …

Let’s begin with the basics first. To strengthen your relationship with your higher self, it’s not how you sit or how you breathe that’s all that important. And it’s not whether you have the “right” mantra. What’s important is whether your meditation helps you connect to that “higher self” part of you as directly as possible and whether you then hear and allow that sacred part of you to guide you daily in your life.

I’ll explain what I mean by “as directly as possible.” But first, I’ve found that for the fastest, easiest and best results in any area of life—doesn’t matter whether you’re baking a cake or grouting your kitchen tiles or connecting with your higher self—it helps to follow a good “recipe.” You’ll get better results when you accurately follow a proven mixing ratio (recipe), rather than just being “in the ball park.” The cake will come out light and tasty and the grout will have maximum strength and performance if you follow a good recipe. This also holds true for connecting with your higher self.

A Meditation … From the Counsel of Light

Over 14 years ago, the Counsel of Light gave me a meditation they said was a “shot in the arm” for connecting with my higher self. (Channeled for me by Flo Aeveia Magdalena of Soul Support Systems.) In this meditation, they had me place my left hand on my heart and my right hand on my “soul seed.” They called this area my “sacred space.”

They said the heart in my meditation symbolized my current life and the soul seed symbolized my infinite life (my higher self, soul, which never dies). During the meditation they had me imagine that I was doing a figure 8 (the infinity sign) around my hands. In essence, the meditation integrated my current life (heart) with my infinite life (soul, higher self). During the meditation, I was mixing the two areas together, integrating them.

Activating Your “Sacred Space”

After I got into this meditation practice, I noticed that this area of my body they called my “sacred space” would get warm and tingly just before I’d get an important guidance. In fact, sometimes I’d get this warm, intense glow in the center of my chest close to my heart even when I wasn’t paying any attention to this area.

I could be driving my car, for example, on some mundane errand, when all of a sudden I’d feel this intense warming up at the center of my chest. I’d feel a warm, peaceful, uplifting glow even when my life was in chaos and I felt scared, sad, and disconnected.

Moments after feeling this warm glow, I’d notice that I’d get a new insight, or some sort of inner guidance—guidance that helped me resolve specific problems in my life at the time. Having this warm feeling helped me at a time when I wasn’t yet confident in my ability to correctly distinguish my true guidance from my mental conditionings, fears, hopes, or imaginations. It also helped me recognize which inner guidance was important for me to follow.

Listen up … if your higher self gives you guidance it deems important, even critical for you to follow (so that you fulfill your higher purpose), wouldn’t it make sense for you to receive a sign that would be hard for you to ignore?

Touching Your Sacred Space Also Helps Calm You …

Placing your hands on your body as described above while lying down actually helps to calm you, to reconnect you to your true self. (Try it for a while and see.)

Furthermore, this kind of meditation also affirms that your power is within you, not outside of you, and that this is your direct connection to the Divine.

Yoga and the Martial Arts Provide Health and Physical Benefits

The Counsel of Light distinguished between connecting to one’s life force through the practice of martial arts and yoga (which increase the body’s well-being and energy level) and connecting to one’s higher self through the sacred space.

They said the martial arts and yoga connect you to your life force (your chi). Practicing yoga and the martial arts is a way to connect to and increase life force—for the purpose of healing the body and increasing the energy level and general well-being. That makes sense, doesn’t it?

However, they also said that the heart and soul meditation would provide more of an “instant wisdom hit,” for my purpose here wasn’t so much to “work with my chi but to work with the wisdom that comes from universal chi.”

In other words …

Yoga and the martial arts are best at increasing your body’s strength, life force and well-being …

While the heart and soul meditation is best at strengthening your connection with your higher self, accessing its wisdom and developing your intuition. (So that when you act by following your inner guidance, you have Divine will behind that action.)

In summary, yoga will help you focus on your breathing, calm your mind and may even help you reflect on your life, but will it activate your sacred space? If you want to strengthen your connection with your higher self and develop your intuition as quickly and easily as possible, you’ll want to use a meditation practice that connects you to your higher self as directly and as effectively as possible.

Photo credit: Anne’ Phillips Photography, based in Tampa, Fla.

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  1. A said:

    Soo…is that it or do you share the rest of the “meditation” somewhere?

    August 29, 2016
    • Hi A., as you probably are aware, there’s more to strengthening the relationship with your higher self than just meditating. There are other steps to take. I lay out all the steps in my free Quick Start Guide. Anyone can get a free copy by subscribing in that opt-in box.

      Thanks for commenting and have a good day!

      August 29, 2016
  2. Ann Magoon said:

    Hi Christine:
    I’ve been going through some health problems that have interfered with me accessing my Higher Self but am now on the mend. I’d like to get back what I’d lost. Your article was helpful, however what is the sacred space and where is it? Thanks

    August 29, 2016
    • Hi Ann, I’m glad to hear that you’re on the mend!

      The sacred space is the area defined by your heart, soul seed and solar plexus. I write about this in my free Quick Start Guide, as well as in my books. If you’re on my list you have received my free Quick Start Guide (formerly called my free report). Let me know if this helps. I can send you the free Guide if you can’t find it as if you try to get it again, the email client will register that you’ve already gotten a copy. (I’ve also sent out a new version a few months ago to everyone on my list.)


      August 29, 2016
  3. Isabel Taylor said:

    Hi Christine! I want to thank u, a few years ago u gave me advice for issues I had with my daughter. I just read what you wrote about Jesus in 2012, you put into words what I couldn’t explain & it is perfect for sharing with those who will listen. I had been asking with frustration on how I can hear or feel the guidance from my higher self & I feel this is my answer. Can u please send me the Quick Start guide. Again Thank You and much Love 💖💖💖!!!!!

    August 29, 2016
    • Hi Isabel, sorry for the delay. I visited my older daughter yesterday and got home really late. I will email the Quick Start Guide to you.
      P.S. Thanks for your comment, and I’m glad it worked with your daughter! Keep sharing!

      August 30, 2016
  4. Shon McCormack said:

    Hi Christine,

    Can you please send me your Quick Start Guide to find out more about thie sacred place?


    August 29, 2016
    • Hi Shon,

      yes, I’ll send it to you. The Quick Start Guide will give you an overview of all the important steps. Read it and see if the process makes sense to you.

      August 30, 2016
  5. Toni said:

    I too am trying to understand just where to place my hands in this meditation. I have your book and I believe in it and you, but maybe a picture or diagram would help some of us understand the hand placements you describe better.

    Thank you for your articles. I look forward to reading them.

    August 30, 2016
    • Hi Toni,

      I wasn’t given a diagram, and it doesn’t have to be like to the millimeter. After all, do you know *exactly* where your heart is?

      The same with the soul seed. It’s in the center where the rib cage meets in between the breasts.

      Hmmh, I just remembered something. Have you seen the religious Catholic picture of Jesus, the one called the Sacred Heart of Jesus, with the glowing radiant heart? That’s the area I’m talking about. Even though Jesus’ physical heart is slightly to the left, as is ours, the pic shows this glowing heart directly in the center. That’s where the soul seed is.

      Hope this answers your question and thanks for your comment! It’s wonderful to hear from you!


      August 30, 2016
      • Toni said:

        Thank you for your reply Christine. I guess my confusion comes from knowing my physical heart is in the left-center of my chest, whereas my heart chakra is in the center of my chest and seems to be the same as the soul seed or just below it. I know too much at times and need to define ideas very clearly in order to gain clarity of the whole situation. Thank you for being patient with me lol.

        October 5, 2016
      • Toni said:

        After contemplation of my earlier reply, I realized it’s as you said. That it doesn’t really matter where I’m putting my hands on my chest, as long as they are in the general area, it is the intent and spiritual result that’s important.

        November 2, 2016
  6. Pamela said:

    Hi Christine,

    Thank you for sharing and describing the infinity integration meditation, I’ve practiced it and feel the movement and flow of energy, it’s gentle but powerful!

    August 31, 2016
    • Christine Hoeflich said:

      Hi Pam, thanks for your support and for reading my book! I hope to see you again in the not-too-distant future!
      Best, Christine

      August 31, 2016
  7. Lee Nourse said:

    Hi Christine,

    Thanks for sharing your article. I always enjoy reading about your perspective of connecting with our higher self. It’s comforting to think that there is a step by step method of achieving that profound connection.

    September 2, 2016
    • Thanks Lee, it’s always wonderful to hear from you!

      September 5, 2016

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