Inner Guidance – The Win-Win-Win of Following Your Inner Guidance

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A recent blog post of a spiritual blogger named Visionkeeper advised people to take some time out to go within and connect with who they really are. She acknowledged that we each have a unique purpose for being here at this time, and it’s important that we stop all the distractions and go within, go into nature, so that we can hear ourselves clearly and discover why we are here. She also mentioned that we all share a common purpose of learning to love and live life for others, not for ourselves. Other spiritual teachers have also proposed that lightworkers hold a philosophy of “service to others,” rather than “service to self.”

I like most of what she said, but the last idea isn’t very accurate and in fact, the situation is actually far more favorable than she thinks. Because the truth is, when you follow your inner guidance, others will benefit, but so will you. When you follow your inner guidance, you will help bring about the highest good of all, a win-win-win situation for everyone and everything involved. As long as you are clear that you’re following your inner guidance you don’t have to worry if you’re pursuing a path that appears to be service-to-self from the point of view of limited consciousness. (And of course we do need to take care of ourselves, or else we can’t really take care of others.) I will now explain how I came to understand this win-win-win principle.

In 2003 and 2004 when I was learning about Interconnectedness and about how that works, I came to understand that when you have the confidence to follow through with your inner guidance and then happen to benefit as a result of doing so, so does everyone else who is involved, even if it’s not always immediately apparent. (The benefit can be in the form of a favorable synchronicity, a new insight, receiving what you need to forward your higher life purpose, or some other form of universal cooperation.)

I happened to learn this because after following my inner guidance, I received what I needed to help me fulfill my higher purpose, and the people who offered me what I needed made a point of telling me how they had also benefited. This happened a few times in a row, so I knew it was more than just coincidence. (I had discovered by then that when something different or unusual happens twice or three times in a row, that it’s a sign from the Universe and that I needed to pay attention to what was going on and make note of my observations.)

New insights, more flow in your life, amazing synchronicities, and greater universal cooperation are what I consider the results or the “gifts” of following through with your inner guidance. Anyway, I was discovering that when you benefit after following your inner guidance, so will everyone and everything else around you–as everyone and everything else is connected to you through this “field” called Interconnectedness (which I have learned is accessed through your higher self). In other words, if you follow through with your higher self’s guidance, you will co-create win-win-win situations.

I admit this idea isn’t obvious at first but it makes complete sense when you take the time to think about it. If you follow your higher self’s guidance, why wouldn’t the result be for the highest good of all? Especially since your higher self is your access point to the Universe, to Interconnectedness, to Source, to Divine Plan. It seems unlikely that by following divine plan, someone or something would not benefit in some significant way.

It’s also unlikely that if one part of the Universe doesn’t benefit, other parts would. I will explain with a real-life “opposite” example.

A few years ago, I went to a Cornell alumni lecture on renewable energy. One of the speakers lectured on the benefits of producing corn for ethanol production.

Well, I happen to know that Cornell University is the home of a leading researcher in agriculture named David Pimentel, whose studies have shown that the net energy gained from the production of ethanol from corn is negative. This means that more energy is required to produce the ethanol than what we’re able to yield from it.

Anyway, the speaker was saying that if you put a cattle factory next to the ethanol distillation facility and you get the cows to eat the by-product of the ethanol production(the processed corn waste), this will increase the net energy yield, making the scenario much more favorable.

However…what about the Interconnectedness idea? Is corn ethanol a win-win-win proposal? Well, I have learned that cows don’t do all that well eating grains. With the corn by-product they would only get sicker and require even more antibiotics–which can’t be good for the cows, it can’t be good for the humans who eat the cows, and it also can’t be good for the farmers who have to buy more antibiotics to inject into their cows. (A lose-lose-lose proposal, except of course as a lesson in experience–but when are we going to be done with learning through suffering? Although the corn grower and ethanol producer appear to benefit from government subsidies that come from your tax dollars, it’s only in the short term illusion.)

And the clincher is that corn-based ethanol has a higher burden on the environment  and human health than we thought it did, higher than even petroleum and diesel, according to a study released by the EPA about 2 years ago. (Cleaner air was the original argument used to promote the corn-to-ethanol idea.) So not only does growing corn for ethanol raise the price of food, researchers found that the total environmental and health costs for ethanol were greater than those for petroleum! (In 1993-94 I wrote a master’s thesis on the external costs of fuels and energy systems. The corn-for-fuel idea didn’t appeal to me then, either.)

So with regard to the environment, the people in our lives, and our quality of life (in truth, every single aspect of our lives), it’s time to follow through with our inner guidance and create win-win-win situations for everyone and everything–now that we know that this is possible. We can stop bothering with  “service to self” vs. “service to others” and focus on reconnecting within.

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  1. Kate said:

    Wow, Christine ~ we must be flowing in the same circles as I was JUST watching some wonderful videos talking about this very thing! And I LOVE how you ended this post…it’s perfect and I couldn’t agree more. (If you haven’t seen the videos I’m speaking of I”m happy to look for the link for you.) Love to you, Sister!

    April 25, 2012
  2. Christine Hoeflich said:

    Hi Kate, no I haven’t seen the videos…I am finding that there is more and more congruence in the world and I am encouraged by this! Thanks for your comment!

    April 25, 2012
  3. David said:

    Hey Christine,
    Your post reminds me that taking time to ” commune” with my Higher Self is more important today than ever .
    As one of those ” light workers”, I hear so much about, it’s easy to tune into others who serve self while serving others. They usually are called ” moms” from what I have seen. If she gets enough sleep, rest, eats her own or someone else’s slowly prepared food( from non GMO sources:), and knows she is contributing, she usually excels at shopping, advising, protecting and cheering for her ” team”, as she may even head ” off” to ” work”.

    Somehow, win win win is easier to see in this person than ” self service” only.

    Love your posts!

    April 27, 2012
    • Christine Hoeflich said:

      Thanks David for sharing your thoughts! As a mom myself I had to make some choices that intuitively I felt were for the greater good of all concerned, but it wasn’t always apparent from society’s perspective, so the choices were very difficult to make. Years ago I had my own intention that following my inner guidance means that things will work out for the highest good of all and I had some evidence; but it was a very difficult choice to make anyway. I’m sure many people have felt this way at some point…

      April 27, 2012
  4. Linda said:

    Christine, I love reading things like your post, if only to confirm that it is “ok” to take time from my life and be “me” and less about others. After almost 40 years of nursing, I finally threw in the towel on the job scene to be more actively involved in preparing myself for the shift. There are those in my life…i.e. spouse, that feel this is a blow-off waste of time to be on the sites and blogs daily searching for those kernels of truth. I NEED to do this! It is important to me- and ultimately as you say, everyone involved in my life. All my life I served others, every single day, and now it is time for me to look to self. I understand that God has tasked us with caring for our fellow man, but I need to be about my Father’s business as well. He doesn’t think it selfish. Wish the world could feel the same way. Thanks for giving us a new way to look at this!

    April 30, 2012
    • Christine Hoeflich said:

      Thanks Linda for sharing your experiences here! Christine

      April 30, 2012
  5. Susan said:

    Inner guidance for me means upliftment, expansion and release.
    The times when I haven’t followed, were the times when things did not work out so well for me. (hit me on the head with a 2 X 4!) Doors remained closed, phone calls not returned, etc.
    Last fall, I very much wanted to return to an area of my state which is very special to me. the same time, I knew I was needed where I was. Decision time was looming and I made the wrenching decision to remain where I was. I knew I made the right decision because afterwards, I felt relief and laughter. I am learning that when the time is right to do something, it usually is. You just know it.

    May 4, 2012

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