Extraterrestrials, Free Will And Your Higher Purpose

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The last several years there was a belief going around in the new age community that extraterrestrials are going to help humanity create a new age of peace, love and justice on this planet. This idea has now shifted and what’s going around presently is that most of the work of planetary transformation will be done by those individuals who happen to have a strong extraterrestrial connection–which is yet another distraction to fulfilling our higher purpose of creating a new world.

Everyone has a unique higher purpose

Everyone on this planet has a unique contribution that they are being led from within to fulfill. Some roles may be larger, others smaller, but there are no exceptions. You have a unique contribution, a higher purpose that only you can fulfill. Furthermore, everyone’s soul has had extraterrestrial experiences, meaning experiences outside of this planet. You do not get to discount the importance of your contribution just because you don’t consciously remember those experiences. (And by the way, no one does.) Basing your commitment to fulfilling your higher purpose on feelings of connection with extraterrestrials is short-sighted.

Extraterrestrials among us

I have received channeled messages from the Counsel of Light where I was told that I hadn’t lived many lifetimes on this planet; I was told that in fact I’ve had very few lifetimes here. The Counsel of Light also said that my soul origin was not from this galaxy. (Supposedly, most of the souls incarnated on this planet are from this Milky Way galaxy.) Another reader of my Akashic Records (the soul’s records) suggested that I am Arcturian, that my soul is known “throughout the galaxies,” and that I was commissioned to be here right now at this important time. But what was I supposed to DO with this information, other than relegating it into the category of interesting trivia that I stored on the back-burner of my mind?

I don’t see myself as anyone special; in school I happened to score high in left-brain topics such as logic but I was not born with any special psychic abilities and I’ve had to learn how to trust my inner guidance just the same as anyone else. In fact over a decade ago when I had learned of these extraterrestrial things and when it was time for me to begin my mission in earnest, I experienced a lot of chaos in my life, confusion and fear. If the Divine really wanted me to make changes in my life and take action towards this “mission,” I needed signs from heaven, I demanded. Like a child, I pleaded and I demanded signs from the Universe that couldn’t be misinterpreted. So how is this different than the difficult positions many individuals find themselves in today?

However, I did not dwell on my supposed extraterrestrial nature, I focused on connecting with the Universe by connecting with my higher self, by focusing within. Actually, what I really did was focus on my higher purpose by asking for guidance on what my next steps were, and then making sure to follow through with those steps as best as I could. (I wrote about what I did in detail in my memoir on reconnecting.)

The extraterrestrials (“angels”) help us through our higher guidance. They help guide us. They can’t inject courage into you, but if you take one baby step at a time following your inner guidance you will experience amazing synchronicities and create results and this will help grow your confidence and courage.

And here is a big tip: by taking steps to resolve the big issues that are slamming you right now you will learn and grow and then be able to share what you learned with others. When you experience amazing, fulfilling results because of following through with your inner guidance, you will learn to trust yourself. Your issues could be most anything: your https://ampills.com/mens-health/viagra-professional/ health, your relationships with family members, your financial situation, your involvement at work or in the community, and so on.

How are you to discover who you really are and what you’re capable of in the face of challenge and adversity if some savior on a white horse saves the day? How can we even have a Golden Age if the majority of people don’t yet know who they are, who see themselves as victims? We may want things to change on their own without our contribution but that’s not the Plan and it’s not going to happen that way.

The question of free will

We have heard that our ET friends cannot violate our free will, while the free will of the few who are perpetrating outrageous crimes against the many prevails. But it’s not so much about ETs “violating our free will” as it is about them keeping to the Divine Plan (the Divine Plan that all of our higher selves signed onto; meaning your higher self’s free will–as opposed to what our short-sighted human “egos” want at this moment). If they interfere by doing the work that we signed onto FOR US, they will cheat billions out of incredible, empowering, and amazing experiences that are right around the corner for those who follow through with their inner guidance (experiences that our human “egos” will also love and appreciate). This by the way is the remedy that is guaranteed to those who have played the role of victims. Our ET friends will not interfere, definitely not now when humanity has come so far and we’re so close. It is our soul’s free will to empower ourselves. They will not violate that promise to us.

Each of us here on this planet has a role in creating a new world of peace, love and justice (including loving ourselves; truly loving ourselves is how we begin). You learn what that role is by asking for guidance from your higher self and then following through promptly and consistently on that guidance. Focusing on discovering the degree of your “extraterrestrial connection” is just another distraction to fulfilling that higher purpose.

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  1. Purpleskyz said:

    Nice article.
    Thanks and shared….

    March 27, 2013
  2. Dillon Goodwater said:

    I know for a fact that ET beings are completely peaceful. I have had contact on many occasions and received telepathic messages from an unknown being.. They come in peace and are trying to “wake us up, and take action in the world”.. I was also reminded of all the real life physical things that are now going on all our the world. The dolphins? The many ETV sightings? All the communication back and forth from dimentions, and of course the catholic church and all their secrets slowing coming to light.. even the weather lately!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! come on now people WAKE UP!

    March 27, 2013
    • Thanks for your comment Dillon! Yes, they are trying to wake us up to what’s been hidden (deliberately according to Divine Plan…so that we could have had the kinds of experiences that fostered the most growth).

      And now what fosters the most growth is waking up to what’s been hidden, which also supports us creating a new world that works for everyone. And each one of us has a role to play. Are we fulfilling that role to the best of our ability? Are we being consistent? Those are the questions we need to ask ourselves. (I am no exception here, I ask myself those same questions…) Peace, Christine

      March 28, 2013
  3. Amber said:

    I agree with you in that there are those on the journey for whom establishing a “star identity” becomes a preoccupation. I met that pitfall in my own experience. I have since come to understand part of the reason for that was due to a great discomfort and fear around being earthbound.

    I would like to point out however, that after a certain level of ground work and after an established commitment to being grounded and acting consciously on the planet, remembering one’s star origins (if applicable) becomes part and parcel of the journey.

    But as you consistently point out, everyone’s life is unique and we all require different spiritual diets. Those who get hung up on the “ET thing” are certainly not ready to exceed a superficial knowledge of the matter as it pertains to them, and won’t learn much beyond what they find out on a “Which Star Group Are You From?” quiz. Sacred knowledge is funny like that – it has a way of eluding the unprepared, no matter how keen. 😉

    In summary, It’s better to sit tight, eat your veggies, and know that eventually, whatever knowledge of yourself you crave will at some juncture be afforded you.

    Thanks so much for the articles, they are wonderful!

    March 27, 2013
    • Thanks Amber for your perspective! I went to see a couple of lectures by a person who has had some ET encounters I think in the late seventies or early eighties. What I saw was that he gave basically the same lecture just recently as he did 12 years ago. The growth and understanding that we now want must come through taking action to create a new world here. They’re guiding us, but we need to take the next steps. Many blessings to you, Christine

      March 28, 2013
  4. Ann Magoon said:

    The ET presence amongst us has long interested me and I have done much research on the subject from both the supporters of ET’s as well as dissenters. I believe they exist, but as Tom on http://www.montalk.net says on his website, it they are contacting us you can be sure they have an agenda. Otherwise, they would not waste their time with us at this stage in our development. Marshall Vian Summers: http://www.alliesofhumanity.org and Chris Thomas (has several youtube.com videos) offer a similar view. In weighing these different perspectives both of the positive and the negative, I would personally send them all home. I don’t feel we are ready for interaction with them, we do not have the spiritual development necessary to deal with the advanced technology they offer us, (we still have a majority of the population who believe might makes right, and when push comes to shove, they are ready to demonstrate that.) In part I believe that the whole ET scenario is a distraction, while it is nice to know where we come from and how we were created, what makes some people believe these ET’s have changed?. After all, a thousand days is a day to them, and it hasn’t been that long since their departure and soon to return with Nibiru coming back this way. As far as free will goes, the Grays don’t have much regard for that and say that those who were abducted agreed to it before they came here. And who knows, maybe that whole story is a crock as well to fall in with their plans for us. No. ET go home! See also http://www.wespennre.com

    March 28, 2013
    • Thanks Ann for your comment. I believe many of those ETs you mention have had and/or will have (or are currently having) lifetimes here on this planet…because this planet offers opportunities for the fastest spiritual growth. THAT’S their agenda and it’s also the Divine agenda. As we on this planet change so do they. (As above, so below…) The Earth is the focus right now and what’s important is for each and every person incarnated here to wake up and to fulfill the purpose that he or she came here with, the purpose that’s deep in their heart/soul. Thanks again! Christine

      March 28, 2013
  5. selina said:

    Hello Christine,
    I hope you are well, my understanding is that all of us have had other lifetime’s on different planet’s before we incarnated here, according to Zecharia Sitchin as he claims this is a fact,yet as we know they are many different beliefs to what are origins are and how we came to be here, I have also found a lot of times that it appears that we are not just from one planetary system but from several,as we had our DNA altered to speed up our evolution to become the Human we are today. Arcturian’s are one of the several that we have in our DNA. The reason to this is because we are multi dimensional beings. This is what I understand how we come to be and that I am still searching and learning about all this and which will take my lifetime and more 🙂
    Love and light always Selina x

    March 28, 2013
    • Thanks for sharing your perspective Selina! I have read a bit of Zecharia Sitchin’s material a while back and I found it interesting. Thank you for your thoughts. Many blessings, Christine

      March 28, 2013
  6. Interesting article Christine. It does seem that everyone wants to be rescued by somebody, whether it be God or Extraterrestrials, but it’s never going to happen that way. We can get help, but not a total rescue. Our rescue is connecting with Source by our own free will choice.

    Getting help from guardian angels is also an interesting topic. I learned a lot about this through studying theosophy. They teach it is our guardian angel that even connects and severs the silver thread connecting our higher selves to our etheric bodies and physical bodies at birth and death, but we ourselves must make the actual choices and decisions in this life that determine our growth and soul evolution.

    As always, it’s mostly up to us. I recently wrote an article on the Transfiguration of Jesus which talks more about the development of the soul. Jesus’ life itself teaches us about this process.

    Thanks for another great read and good advice. Blessings!

    March 28, 2013
    • Thanks Joshua for sharing your knowledge with us. I have heard that there were a few places in the Bible (The Old Testament) that made references to ETs, very subtly. Also, the many references to guardian angels…could be ETs.

      Thanks for mentioning your new article, I will definitely read it! Many blessings to you, and thanks for enlightening people through your work, Christine

      March 28, 2013
  7. Mitch Curley said:

    I do have conscious memories of past lives on other planets and even memories of periods between stars, when we traveled here and other places. It is not significant. I agree with what you say. It is up to those of us here and on the earth plane to make a difference. I appreciate what you do. The more we broaden our sphere of influence, the more light we can share.

    March 28, 2013
  8. Hi Christine,

    Re-blogging. Beautifully written and highly informative article. Very helpful for those on a bit of a different path than just being concerned with the E.T. meme. I believe that my path would be distracted by E.T.s because it would take my mind off my goal. I look at the phenomenon as just another aspect of our expanded world (universe) but with a higher resonance. At one point almost 6 years ago, all I saw when I closed my eyes at night were E.T.s. I deliberately negated them lower energy from my goals and dismissed them as distractions. I am glad I did not take the bait.

    April 5, 2013
    • Thanks Sharda for commenting. For some people, studying ETs and sharing what they learn with the rest of us IS their life purpose. But each one of us has our unique contribution to fulfill… Many blessings, Christine

      April 12, 2013
  9. rich said:

    I would call the higher self “the extra-terrestrial within us” because it’s not bound to this dimension.

    April 15, 2013
    • I haven’t thought about it that way Rich but that’s a very interesting observation, and you’re most likely correct. The higher self has had other experiences (other incarnations) on other planets. Thanks for contributing your thoughts! Christine

      April 17, 2013
  10. rich said:

    I had my first chaneling two days ago. Two days before that, I had my first marijuana mind-enhancing experience. With another person, I started smoking some marijuana. Not being a smoker, I had to work on my breathing, to keep it in. So, we were smoking, passing it back and forth. After a while, it started to take effect. I felt extra sensitivity, then felt “zoned out”, numb. Went home to bed. Next day, head empty. The day after, I had my experience. In bed, I started incantanting repeatedly “I am a lightworker and I carry light around the world.” Wham! I felt something happen in my head. It was like something, or someone wanted to take control of my hands and arms.I let it do what it wanted. It wanted me to use my phone to send messages. Texting and email. I spent most of the night sending text and email messages. That night, I slept 2 hours. The next day, I was a wreck. Looking back, It happened on the eve of one of the strongest solar storms ever recorded.

    April 15, 2013

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