The Magic of Intuition And Hard Work Combined Together

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I read a couple blog posts on intuition and hard work this last week and received some insight into the views of a successful, well-known writer in the mainstream field of copy-writing. This post attempts to bridge the gap between those whose views are more “mainstream” (hard work is more important, and there is no magic), with those who consider themselves “spiritual” (inner guidance is more important, and magic exists everywhere). Also, this blog post reveals the important distinctions so that people on both sides can implement changes that bring greater satisfaction and results. By reading and implementing the ideas in this post, you will gain access to the “magic” that’s available in the Universe when you combine intuition with hard work.

John Carlton’s recent blog post tells how he made changes and transformed his life from one of a slacker (where he “got away with laziness, unreliability, and a self-destructive refusal to change”) to one where he “cleaned up his messes, fixed what was broken in his personality, took responsibility, medicines for all pharmacy and became more conscious and more precise in how he looked at the world.” Today he is recognized as one of the best, most “real” copywriters in his field. John writes,

“The problem with most self-help crap out there is that folks honestly believe that voicing a philosophy will trigger real change. So they visualize their new selves, and chant magic resolutions, and try to hook into some imaginary lifeline dangling from the universe that will do the transformation FOR them.

Not gonna happen. In my career, I witnessed amazing coincidences and lucky twists of fate that — in my lazier days — I would have assigned to mysterious forces. Things DO start happening, once you get moving.

But it’s not magic — it’s the natural result of taking action, goosing your network for opportunities, and being hyper-aware of what you bring to the table and how you might use that to break down doors.”–John Carlton

This is intelligent, however John could benefit by developing a greater understanding of intuition and the magic that’s possible when you follow through with your intuition / inner guidance. It’s just that you DO have to learn to distinguish your true inner guidance from your mental conditionings and social programming. Too many people confuse their inner guidance with their “gut feelings,” or with conventional wisdom. Whose voice is in your head? Is it the still small voice of your intuition, or is it the parental voice, the voice of peers, the teacher, etc? Learning to distinguish which is which isn’t all that easy, but necessary.

I’ve struggled with my intuition for years–until I learned to connect with my higher self and to distinguish the voice of my higher self from all the other voices in my head. (Your “higher self” is your bridge to the divine.) Then little by little I learned to follow through with my inner guidance promptly and consistently, and I’ve had some crazy, amazing synchronicities (that I call “magic”) happen from time to time, including many helpful synchronicities on a regular basis.

I commented on John’s blog, and he responded:

“I, too, have benefited from amazing synchronicity and connections that sound like fiction but are true. (Like “Think And Grow Rich” actually falling out off a shelf into my lap at the exact right time in my life — I was sleeping on a friend’s couch, homeless and miserable.) I believe, and advise, that the universe rewards proactive behavior. My warning on intuition is that you need to ROAD TEST it before relying on it…

Thinking that there’s any “magic” to this synchronicity stuff rubs me wrong. It’s all about movement and being hyper-aware that opportunity is a fleeting whisper in the breeze, and if you miss it it’s gone forever. So you get attuned to how the world works, and you swim into the tides…Again, not magic. Not intuition. Just hard-core movement and staying attuned to the subtle whispers of opportunity.”–John Carlton

I agree with John that the Universe rewards proactive behavior, but what I want to emphasize here (and the main point of this blog post) is that the Universe rewards proactive behavior even more when it’s inspired by your intuition / inner guidance (as opposed to your “ego” wants, your fears of survival, your desires to be a “success” out in the world). The combination of working hard on what you’re inspired to work on (through your inner guidance) just can’t be beat.

When you learn to distinguish your inner guidance from the regular thoughts in your head and then develop enough confidence such that you follow through with it promptly and consistently, that’s when you tap into a kind of magic and flow and “universal cooperation” that isn’t available to you when you just depend on hard work and “pounding the pavement.”

The following is a real life example, taken from a previous blog post of mine. It illustrates the magic that’s available, as well as John’s point that most opportunities are fleeting.

“About three and a half years ago, I was hiking in the Los Gatos foothills when all of a sudden I received a hunch to call an acquaintance. I had promised to help with a project, and I wanted to communicate that I could be counted on.

I realized I didn’t have his number in my cell phone contact list, but as I was hiking up the hill, I remembered I had called him recently. So I looked through my call history for a (650) area code number and dialed the first (650) number I came across.

An unfamiliar man’s voice answered, “This is KZSU and you’re the winner. “Can you hold?”

“Yes, I can hold,” I said, blown away, realizing I had just “by accident” called the radio station where my friend hosted a weekly radio show, wondering if the current host was going to ask me questions I could not answer, or whether I was going to have to explain that I wasn’t listening to the show at the moment.

Well, it turns out that I won a pair of tickets to the Monterey Jazz Festival! And even though I had been very confident in my ability to discern and follow through with my inner guidance by then, this amazing result raised my confidence even more.

Notice that I didn’t hesitate to follow through with my intuition. Even though I knew I didn’t have my friend’s number in my contacts, that didn’t prevent me from figuring out another way to get the number. Notice also that there was a very small “window of opportunity” for getting this particular result. If you wait too long to follow through with your intuition, your window of opportunity will pass you by.”–end of excerpt

I have an even more amazing example I wrote a blog post on, something that happened to a friend of mine. The link to the post is below:

“Magic” Happens When A Friend Follows Through With His Inner Guidance

Tell me please that there isn’t SOME magic happening here…

I have found that this kind of “magic” happens much more often when you actively get on the path of fulfilling your higher purpose, rather than just continuing the status quo, or going along with things in “survival mode.” I know this because I experienced many amazing and magical synchronicities when I actively took the steps to fulfill my higher purpose, which I have chronicled in my hardcover book, What Everyone Believed: A Memoir of Intuition and Awakening.

I also feel that going along with the status quo will no longer work for people and it will become more and more obvious that it’s the road to destruction, both for the individual as well as for the planet.

Now that you know this, you have a chance to activate the magic that will help to transform this planet–but only when you combine hard work with your (true) inner guidance.

Thank you for reading and sharing this blog post!


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  1. Sandra said:

    I had to post this time. I love your blog. Seems your blog comes in whenever I had similar thoughts or wonderings. I just got home and had earlier gushed to my husband about the magic I felt this morning…people were suddenly very friendly to me at the mall and supermarket, maybe for their own reasons for doing so but one woman let me go ahead at the restroom and an old man suddenly let me have his turn while he went off to look for perhaps an item at the supermarket. At the train, an elderly lady insisted I kept my seat as she was alighting soon when I wanted to offer my seat to her. It happened more than the usual times that I was kind of bewildered.

    It may have been I was mistaken to be pregnant but I have always looked this way and I did not have this many incidents that seemed to make my day smooth sailing and finished my chores faster. Even the taxi queue was strangely empty at this usually busy time of the day. I was next in line, those ladies seated there gestured for me to go first as they seemed to be chatting and amazingly an available cab arrived without me waiting for more than 2 seconds? I was actually prepared to call for a cab as I was carrying heavy bags of grocery.

    I reflected what did I do or say or think differently that may have had such magic….and could it have been my reflecting last night what is my purpose here in this life? My immediate thought then was my being a loving committed mother to my three children. I had struggled for past ten years of deciding to be a full time mum and a working mum. When I worked, things happened at home such that I had no choice but to quit though I kept telling myself it was temporary. Is it my ego to want to work? Is it I wanted financial stability? Or my independence? I know one thing….my kids make me cry with happiness, sadness, anger, frustrations….the emotional fulfillment be it I was aware or not during those precise moments, they tugged at my heart and I am most grounded and blissful to see them happy at home and managing in school, with me around to share and guide them in their ups and downs. I did many wrongs during parenting but I know I am also learning and grappling with so many issues.

    My husband suddenly opened up to me last few days…where I felt a connection of which we had let it lapsed and buried with layers and layers of nothingness yet also everything-ness of daily life…kids, school, money, bills, needs and wants, time, parents, siblings, work,….

    I agree with you, Christine, that Universe acts to reward when we act and more so when aligned with our inner purpose as attuned to our higher self. I do not know where I will be going or how following this inner voice of my higher self will be like but one thing is for sure, I feel strangely yet blissfully at peace, a soft glow seemingly radiating from within my heart and even some excitement in embracing this new way of living and loving life of what more Universe will bring to come my way. Blessings to all….

    March 3, 2013
    • Thanks for such an inspiring share Sandra! I too am placing more focus than usual on doing the best job I can being a mother of two teenage girls. I am so glad you shared, and I hope to hear more from you in the future. many blessings! Christine

      March 4, 2013
  2. Purpleskyz said:

    Very nice post today. Thanks so much and shared.

    March 4, 2013
    • Thank you very much for reading and for sharing. Many blessings! Christine

      March 4, 2013
  3. Brenda Jacklin said:

    Thank you so much for sharing!

    March 4, 2013
  4. Pamela Leach said:

    Magic, blessings, miracles … or just plain old-fashioned hard-working know-how and ingenuity. It is the inner-work that counts, the letting go of old belief systems, pulling yourself up by your bootstraps or whatever face you want put on it. With my successful business men clients, I often remind them that what makes them so successful is the very same “instinct” or intuition that I tap into … that willingness to listen to the inner-voice of higher self and the ability to tell the difference between that voice and all those others (as you point out so very well). For me, like you, I have NO PROBLEM calling it as I see it, a profound and magical, mystical, miraculous connection with the Divine.

    Thank you, Christine, for yet another wonderful, thought-provoking and profound blog. I always look forward to reading what you have to bring to us.

    March 4, 2013
    • Thanks Pamela! So great to have your contribution here. Many blessings, Christine

      March 5, 2013
  5. Christine, I like this post because it is balanced.

    John does make sense in the natural world of things. He is using intelligence and mostly leftly brain thinking. Intuition comes from our right brain. Most of society uses too much of their left brain and too less of their right brains. I believe using the whole mind in a balanced approach is the real deal. The problem is learning how to synchronize and use both. This is where getting in touch with our higher self comes in. I don’t think this process happens overnight, and I am in the process of learning more about it all the time. Meditation, yoga, learning to how to clear chakras, proper diet and exercise, and clearing negative emotions and thoughts patterns are just the beginnings to healing our soul and bodies. It’s hard for us to get on the ball and do these things on a regular basis, but I believe the end results are worth it.

    I guess what I am trying to say is that John’s approach is good, but in the end, what success is it if it only took hard work to get there. What did that work produce? I would much rather to get to the point where I flow and enjoy the work rather than just work hard and then enjoy the results.

    March 5, 2013
    • Josh, thanks for reminding us it’s a matter of left and right brain balance, a balance between intuition and intellect / logic.

      With regard to learning how to use both, most of us already know how to use our left brain, and for most people their connection with their higher self (your connection to the divine, and the source of your inner guidance) is undeveloped. I have found that when you develop your connection / relationship with your higher self, you automatically develop your intuition. That’s why I keep stressing the importance of connecting with your higher self.

      I’m sure John has enjoyed the work he has been doing, but I think it would add something extra to his experience if he placed some more focus on his “sacred space” (“heart” / soul / higher self) in a conscious manner. Many blessings!

      March 5, 2013

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