The Event and the Great Shift In Consciousness

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Many in the spiritual communities are discussing the Event (or events) that will awaken the masses and trigger the Great Shift in Consciousness that will eventually transform the world for the better. (This topic would be completely uninteresting if we actually lived in a world that worked for all….)

Channel Blossom Goodchild, in her latest blog post, “There is to take place an EVENT that will give souls a kick start!” asked her guides questions regarding Ascension / Awakening. In this blog post I help clarify the answers she was given as concretely as possible. I offer this different perspective because of what I’ve already experienced firsthand. Blossom asked about Ascension,

“I feel that we don’t actually go anywhere. We still stay on planet Earth, yet move into a Higher dimension upon it. Can you clarify this for me please?”

True, you don’t actually “go” or even “move” anywhere, except deeper within you to the part of you known as your higher self / soul (which is your connection with Source). You will attain a higher level understanding, a bigger picture understanding, of the process of life and of your journey here. This understanding comes from many “aha” moments and insights that arise in you as a result of following through with your inner guidance promptly and consistently.

It’s not about having one profound insight or moment. Rather, gaining a whole new understanding is a result of experiencing many new insights and synchronicities, where each insight is like a piece of a puzzle. Over time your mind will put the “puzzle pieces” (new insights) together, which will eventually result in a higher level perspective / understanding. As this happens, you will make peace with your life and clear your karma. This is what the Ascension process is all about.

You clear your own karma by understanding the bigger picture of your life. When you connect with your higher self and receive insights about your life, you will come to understand your life choices and your life plan and how it all fits in with Divine Plan–which will give you peace and clear your karma. The truth comes from connecting with your higher self (which is within you) and following your inner guidance.

Blossom’s guides then bring up how this shift in consciousness will be catalyzed:

“There is to be an undertaking of great magnitude that shall surely rock the boat for many of you. This we accept in our realms as being unavoidable. Yet … do we feel this shall put you in danger? Of course not. There can be NO danger … IF/WHEN you understand that it is YOU that decides your journey.”

Blossom asks, “Can I interrupt here … an undertaking of great magnitude? … What … like a massive pole shift?

“Like a shift in consciousness,” her guides responded.

Okay, her guides seem to be going round in circles. What they’re referring to is an event or series of events that will catalyze the shift in consciousness. I will try to explain what I had known for years from my personal experience about what will cause the shift in consciousness. By the way, the “pole shift” is an inner pole shift; it refers to the shift from your personality self being your “North Pole” to your higher self being your “North Pole” (and your personality self standing behind / supporting your higher self).

Several years ago, something happened in my life that was quite devastating. In fact, it wasn’t just one thing, but many puzzling / unsettling events that happened in my life over the course of a few years, events that actually made no sense to me. About a year into these events, I sought answers in the spiritual community and was guided to a woman who channeled the Counsel of Light. (Believe me, I wouldn’t have gone that route if it hadn’t been for the strange, painful events that I couldn’t explain that were happening in my life, as well as my being conscious of the dysfunctional state of the world.)

The Counsel of Light primed me a bit on what was to come and told me to look within for the answers, because I “already had everything figured out” and it was my purpose to write books that shared what I learned with others, to help those who would go through similar experiences later. They also motivated me to embark on this project by promising that my writings would become “very popular.” (I write about all these experiences in the book, What Everyone Believed: A Memoir of Intuition and Awakening.)

Of course I didn’t have anything figured out at the time they relayed their messages to me, and them saying that I had was, to say the least, confusing. My soul / higher self may have had things figured out, but I certainly wasn’t conscious of what my higher self knew, or the inner resources I had. I did not have my higher self’s (soul’s) perspective and understanding available to me in my waking consciousness. (That I would have to discover through following my inner guidance.)  So … I “looked within” for the answers to the strange, unsettling events in my life because I just knew I would NOT find them in any books or gurus or religions or on any stone tablets.

I committed to doing this 100% because basically, I was in deep trouble and I experienced deep pain. (Heck, if life were running smoothly, I wouldn’t have bothered to seek deeper answers!)

So I looked within*, developed the confidence and the courage to follow through with my inner guidance consistently, and then experienced many synchronicities, new insights, a lot of “reprogramming” going on in my brain, until eventually, I got the higher level understanding (that I write about in my eBook, Activating 2012). So … the “events” in my life (that were difficult to experience) turned out to be the catalysts to my awakening / Ascension.

*Please note that there’s a lot more to “looking within” than what those words literally imply. Looking within (or connecting within, meditating) is only the beginning of the process of spiritual growth and upliftment. There are other important steps involved that few, if any, talk about. For example, if you keep looking inwardly but you ignore the inner guidance you receive (often it’s very subtle) or if your insights never get applied in real life, you will not get anywhere.

The Shift that will happen in the world is a shift in consciousness first. And the shift in consciousness will affect individuals on all levels, including what you do and how you do it, and this is how the positive changes will come about in the world. (For example: raising your awareness about GMO foods will help you avoid them, which will create positive changes in your health and well-being.)

Blossom’s guides continue,

“What you came here to do and HOW to go about it … you ‘think’ you don’t know. Yet we say you do … within each one of you … you KNOW what to do to make this shift into a Higher plane take place.”

Blossom replies,

“I accept that we KNOW … trouble is … I can’t remember! You keep asking us to remember , but I’ve TRULY forgotten.”

But we were supposed to forget on a conscious level, so that we could play our roles in this Earth Experiment with full conviction. So don’t look to your conscious mind to try to remember. The way you remember is, again, to connect with your higher self and follow through with your inner guidance because this will result in the aha moments, the new insights, the favorable synchronicities and the glorious and heavenly moments that will cause you one day to say to yourself, “Oh, I’m getting it now; I “remember” why I’m here doing what I’m doing.” (Re-member means to “put the pieces of the puzzle together.”)

Blossom’s guides continued,

“The shift IS happening. You ARE moving up into a Higher plane … WITHIN YOURSELF. IT IS NOT ANOTHER PLACE.”

Then, they said,

“WE WILL ADD SOMETHING OF GREAT INSIGHT AND IMPORTANCE …There is to take place an EVENT that will give souls a kick start! It will give souls a choice as to follow ‘IT’ through … or remain as they are.”

Yep, so we are waiting for this event (events) that will act as a catalyst for the shift in consciousness … meaning the shift from the current low-level understanding of life here to the higher level understanding. Because what we’ve been taught / programmed to believe in the past will not explain what’s occurring, many people will then be “looking within” for the answers.

To learn more about “looking within,” you may want to get a copy of my eBook, Activating 2012: A Practical Guide for Navigating 2012 with Confidence and Clarity. Click the link below to learn more about this eBook:

Activating 2012: A Practical Guide for Navigating 2012 with Confidence and Clarity

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  1. David said:

    Thanks Christine.
    Once again, great work.
    Now I know why I could not “like” your stuff .
    This reply and the buttons above do not appear on my mobile version.
    Delighted that I was able to read, “like” and share what you are doing again.
    Keep rockin.

    June 18, 2012
  2. Deborah said:

    When you say, should get a kick start??? I do not understand? The world has not been a happy place for my husband and I for several years. Does it get worse??? It has been horrible, painful, I am terrified, and my health is horrible. How can anything good come from that?
    Blessings to you all

    June 18, 2012
    • Christine Hoeflich said:

      Hi Deborah, I understand; I experienced the “kick start” myself several years ago. Those words “kick start” were also channeled by Blossom Goodchild a few days ago. Things are kicking us into right action; to living from a different place (from our higher selves), from a higher perspective. I wish things were different but this is how it appears to be. Ask your higher self about your health and have your higher self guide you on what to do. (By the way, ALL the people who followed the diet program that a friend Shasta Tierra, LAc has developed have seen significant improvements in every area of their health, even their depression. It can be done! You may also look at Dr Joseph Mercola’s website and Dr. Mark Hyman’s website.) Blessings to you and your husband.

      June 18, 2012
  3. Letty said:

    Thank you Christine for another great post. The confirmation of these Truths comes to me from different angles. I am so grateful for your 2 books which taught me to listen to my Inner Voice. Life is Great when one does that! Hugs

    June 19, 2012
  4. Joshua said:

    Another good blog post. I liked how you pointed out that we must not look to our “conscious mind” to remember or find the answers we are looking for. To know thyself is about looking “within.” I addressed this concept in my last blog post entitled, Adam and Eve: The Story of Awareness Opportunity from a slightly different angle but with the same results.

    Thanks for sharing, and I know a lot of people are looking forward to things to come. However, without a consciousness shift, it will be hard to discern.

    Keep up the good work!

    June 19, 2012
  5. Treymon said:

    I am with you in spirit here in Olympia, WA, thank you for “all” that we and you do

    June 22, 2012
  6. Anita Briggs said:


    I too have experienced a series of inexplicable events…devastating because it shattered all that I thought I knew…it made me turn every assumption about myself and about life and others over and over. It made no sense at all. I experienced ‘not being me’….being stripped of everything….And while pple in my life were supportive, they were suggesting things to look at…and nothing was cause of what had happened. I appreciated their efforts and concern, but at the same time it only kept everyone in the illusion….No one could understand what was unfolding..except a deeper part of me. There was no way to turn back…but only to plunge forward, over the abyss…into the complete unknown. I had weeks of feeling like I was being skinned alive…and that was a subtle physical sensation for the emotional pain…and then followed a pain so strange I could only explain it as a tree being uprooted…all the roots of attachment in me were being ripped out. I almost wanted to reach for a pain killer….but I knew it would not touch this sense that was not quite physical…but not emotional either…

    And while I don’t think that everyone will have to experience this sort of thing personally, those who do experience the great upheaval are the forerunners for the new spiritual future that is forming as potential. We will not suddenly be lifted into a higher vibratory world….but as more and more surrender to the higher vibrations and release the old stuff that essentially fetters us to separation, it will pave the way for many more to do so without so much pain. Many children presently are ready for the new reality…and trying to fit them in to the old is killing them (e.g. medicating children on the rise).

    The key is to unravel all the lies in one’s life…and deepen within. No one ‘out there’ has answers for you. Some can provide guidance on how to go within, but if anyone establishes reliance on them, you can be sure you are following a false path and going in the opposite direction to ascension.

    Blessings, Anita

    June 25, 2012
  7. Christine Hoeflich said:

    Thanks for your comments, Anita! The key is to get to a point where you rely on your inner self! (And you get there by receiving consistent positive feedback from the Universe that tells you that you’re on the right path.) Christine

    June 25, 2012
  8. Jinny said:

    Hi. I just wanted to say a big thank you for writing this book and sharing with us all. My whole life i knew i was searching for my reason for being here. All my life me and my family have searched for answers to what questions we did not know. Recently me and my family have been seeing alot of scary stuff in the world that made us feel very sad to say the least but i asked for guidance and i found the book you wrote. After reading your words my life has made so much more sense than it has ever before not just for me but others i’ve shown as well. I’ve only just read this last night but already 4 of my family members connected with what you had to say. Thank you so very much i cant express the joy your book has brought me and my family xoxoxo take care and bless us all

    July 12, 2012

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