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Total solar eclipse Aug 21

Summary: On Aug 21, 2017 in the United States millions will crowd the cities, campgrounds and roadways that are in the path of the total solar eclipse, in order to witness around two minutes of mid-day darkness when the moon goes in the direct path of the sun. Yet a much, much rarer cosmic event that’s unfolding at this very moment is mostly being ignored …

A rare total solar eclipse will span across a tiny sliver of the United States on August 21, 2017. To show you how rare an astronomical event this is, you might hope to witness a total solar eclispe perhaps once or twice in a lifetime.

On August 21, the path of total darkness will start on the West Coast at about 10:15 am local time, at a small stretch of sand on the Oregon beach. The path will curve slightly southward as it moves east across the country. Finally, the last place in the U.S. to witness the total solar eclipse will be a small stretch of South Carolina beach, starting around 2:45 pm local time.

To witness the longest period of darkness, you must be present near the center of the “path of totality.” For example, the town of Lexington, South Carolina (located right on the center line of the narrow band) will experience a full two minutes and 36 seconds of complete darkness, while the city of Charleston, South Carolina, only about 35 miles away from the center line, will get one minute and 33 seconds of darkness. That’s a full minute more of darkness.

Astronomy enthusiasts have planned for this event for years. Campgrounds and hotels in the path of the eclipse in Oregon have been booked years in advance, according to local residents. State officials expect about a million people to flood into Oregon for eclipse events and festivals, including a big event at the state’s capital, Salem. Other states in the eclipse’s path also have special events and festivities planned. Even Perry Marshall (engineer, author, and thought leader) has a three-day camping and educational event planned in his home state of Nebraska.

On this epic day, millions of spectators across the U.S. will jam up the cities, campgrounds, and roadways in the path of totality, trying to get the best view. All this … because of the very visible phenomenon that occurs when the moon perfectly aligns with the sun, which creates darkness during the day. The last time the U.S. went total eclipse dark was 1979 (and only a few Northwestern states that saw totality). The next total solar eclipse in the U.S. will occur in April of 2024, with Buffalo, New York being one of the areas in the path of totality.

On the other hand, I doubt many of these spectators are aware that planet Earth is undergoing a vastly rarer cosmic alignment occurring at this very moment. This rare cosmic event happens only once every 26,000 years, the length of one “wobble” around the celestial sky (one cycle around the Zodiac). In other words, the North Pole, which is tilted, takes 26,000 years to complete one of these cycles. This means a one degree shift in the Earth’s wobble takes about 72 years to complete.

This once-in-26,000-year important cosmic event is marked by the shifting of the Earth’s North Pole from pointing away from the core of the Milky Way Galaxy to pointing toward galactic core (galactic light). Which signifies a return, after a long, long dark period in humanity’s history, to galactic awareness (galactic consciousness). From Darkness to Light, as they say, yet this important shift is mostly ignored.


One reason is that unlike the solar eclipse occurring on August 21, there are no special visual effects in the sky that coincide with this immensely important, once-in-an-eternity kind of tipping point. Even though it signifies humanity’s return to the Light. Another reason is that few can explain the galactic alignment with accuracy or deep insight. Finally, change is threatening and scary for all vested interests.

I have been shedding light on this topic with the publishing of my new book, The Spiritual Awakening Process: Coming Out of the Darkness and Into the Light, which came out earlier this year. (Before publishing this updated version, a PDF was available on my website since November of 2009 …)

The new book is packed with powerful epiphanies resulting from a deep exploration of the cosmic shift that’s currently occurring, including an exploration of the astronomy of this cosmic event. I show how understanding the astronomy of this cosmic shift and its easy-to-see spiritual implications will, in itself, lead to a shift in one’s consciousness regarding life, love and humanity. This new understanding will, in turn, lead to positive changes in the way that we all interact with each other and the planet around us. In other words, there is indeed a shift happening from Darkness back to Light.

Furthermore, the steps for strengthening the relationship with your higher self (your direct access to the Divine) and for connecting deeply with the Divine are shown in the book. You can refer to this process as “spiritual awakening.”

After going through my own spiritual awakening process and viewing personal as well as world happenings in a new light, I am happier, more optimistic, more at peace, and have more compassion and understanding toward my fellow humans, as well as myself. And I definitely feel better prepared to face new challenges.

This shift is the “Good News” humanity has been preparing for, and waiting for millennia for. It’s just that things will not play out as the major religions of the world have traditionally taught their followers. On the contrary, I’m sure there will be many pleasant surprises.

To learn more about the cosmic shift that’s affecting planet Earth and her inhabitants at this time and how to activate your own spiritual awakening, visit the book’s Amazon page at https://www.amazon.com/dp/B01NAUA9NJ/.

Will you be witnessing the August 21, 2017 total solar eclispe? Do you have any tips, advice or insights about it that you’d like to share in the comment section below? Will you attend any festivities? Whatever you do, please make sure to let people know about the Good News that’s occurring right under our noses that so far, very few are aware of.

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It’s been a while since my last post and a good place to restart my blog is by examining how far we’ve come since a few short years ago, and indeed even how far we’ve come since the December 21, 2012 Solstice just six months ago. (I’ve been busy with one daughter graduating from high school, another daughter flying to Germany for a few weeks, as well as getting some necessary home repairs done, amongst other things.) The Great Shift in Consciousness is indeed upon us. The following are just a few top ideas that show our progress regarding our understanding of the Great Shift.

1. Your transformation is not going to be automatic, but requires your individual, active and diligent participation.

I remember emailing a draft of my eBook Activating 2012: A Practical Guide to an acquaintance who was a life coach and active in the spiritual community and receiving not the best feedback from her. In fact I sensed she was somewhat upset with what I claimed in my manuscript. She had taken issue with my assertion that the Great Shift that we’ve been all waiting for would not be automatic but would require our individual work and effort. Real work and real effort, I emphasized. “But what about the photons that are bombarding us from Galactic Center that will transform our DNA?” she insisted.

Well, of course there was greater Light (consciousness, insight, etc.) coming from “the heavens” that would transform our inner essence but we had to tap into that consciousness through meditation and then to act on (to test) that consciousness by seeing what happened (the results) after that consciousness was actually applied. Real learning and real understanding is realized only after we apply our knowledge (i.e. test the theories).

I would propose that today, few people believe that the process of individual or societal transformation is automatic but that it requires diligent and right effort on the part of individuals (some of which turns into “grass-root” efforts). Furthermore, no one will be able to gloss over fulfilling their own individual contribution toward this Great Shift. (This was not a popular position to hold a few years ago, but it’s increasingly accepted these days…)

2. The Galactic Federation is not coming to save us. No one is coming to save us. We will save ourselves by following through with our inner guidance as opposed to just going along with the crowd, the status quo.

I don’t think very many people believe anymore that our space brothers and sisters will come to our rescue. In fact, I would think that people are more open to the idea that we are doing a huge service for our space brothers and sisters, by attempting to work out the most difficult problems of the Universe through our work here on this planet.

Well, I do hear some people still believe that of course they won’t do it FOR US, but that doesn’t mean that they can’t work TOGETHER with us. But they’re just fooling themselves, because our guides are ALREADY working together with us (and have been for ages), by already guiding us. We just need to listen and follow through with the guidance, and to see what happens as a result of our efforts.

I remember receiving emails from more than a few disappointed souls, who actually believed that some savior or saviors (in the form of a Messiah, or the Galactic Federation) would come to this planet to finally make things right here. (When in reality, what will make things right is you as an individual listening within and following through with your inner guidance.) Yes, we’ve certainly come a long ways with regard to these beliefs.

So when do I think they will finally come?  My understanding (which came to me after some eye-opening personal experiences that I share in my book, What Everyone Believed: A Memoir of Intuition and Awakening) is that they will come when we no longer need them to. Which means there’s no good reason to wait for anything or anyone anymore. It’s high time to connect to your inner being, your higher self, and to follow through with your inner guidance.

3. We are making real progress; the tides are shifting. The “north pole” of the planet is shifting toward greater awareness and consciousness (greater “Light”) and we have passed the “tipping point” of December 21, 2012. “All” we have to do now is to act on our inner guidance and we will succeed.

I have communicated in the past that the Great Shift will happen (relatively) very fast for us because there’s so much useful information and tips available to us at the press of a button, i.e. via the Internet (which was not true in the past).

For example, in May of this year Portland, Oregon voters rejected fluoridating their water, despite a 3-to-1 advantage in money spent by the pro-fluoride groups.This was the fourth time Portland residents were asked to vote on this issue since the 1950s.

Individual and grass-roots efforts will win because when properly informed and aware, the vast majority of the public will do the right thing. Awareness is also spreading, even in the mainstream news, about the truth of GMO foods and the problems associated with the consumption of our highly-hybridized wheat. CBS recently aired an interview with Dr. William Davis, MD, a cardiologist who called modern wheat a “perfect, chronic poison.” (And of course I’m much more apt to see things this way after what I personally experienced experimenting with avoiding wheat for a couple of years now….)

So, where are you being led? What issues are you being guided to work on? I can assure you this: The faster you connect with that inner guidance and muster up the courage to follow through, the faster your world will transform and the faster the outer world will transform. Things are going in the right direction, but the actual speed of change, how fast your life transforms for the positive, is totally up to you. I don’t know about you, but to me this is most obvious.

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A recent email I received from a  reader showed her loss of faith and disappointment over the “non-event” that was December 21, 2012. The following is her email:

I have to say I feel like I’ve really lost faith in so many things but most of all I’ve lost my faith.  I feel so disrupted with everything that I’ve read and or learned and feel like nothing has changed.  Now to hear that it’s only to be worse before getting better and even more disheartening is to know it will be difficult through this lifetime never unveiling this so-called golden age.  I feel as if we were fooled.  December 21 2012 was yet another great public ploy.  Everything supposedly led up to this date…………… Nothing.   I feel angry and frankly let down.  I don’t know what to believe and what not to believe.  People may say, “all your guidance comes from with in and you must learn from that”.  To the contrary I went to school to be a nurse, I didn’t just listen from within during meditation and get a job the following day.  Is it not taught we must also learn from those teachers who inspire, who are more enlightened than others?  Are there not those who spread false information for nothing but financial or selfish gains strictly for themselves?  Who do you believe? This all seems so transparent right now.  I feel as if I simply no longer believe.

I can understand a side of those who believe in nothingness.  Life is nothing more than a game of luck and chance.  The cards you get cannot be changed.  And the only being looking out for you is you.  I suppose that would called atheism. And for the first time in my life, I feel this.

I don’t mean to be a Debbie downer but it all seems false at this moment.  I’m tired of being told stuff that is in hindsight is ridiculous. The world is getting worse, our pollution is horrible, this list goes on.  It seems to me that all verbiage is changed when an event does not occur.  A new date is set.  New “prophets” emerge.  All keeping us hooked until the next day of nothingness.  I’ve read the books.  I’ve done research in which so many conflicting points of view weaved nothing but a giant web of confusion leaving the student more dumbfounded and lost.

Truly a different tune for a different day.

Just my viewpoint and feelings on this. Read this with a grain of salt as life is subject to change :)–Cynthia

Dear Cynthia, I love your email and I’m sure there are many who feel the same. You have stated that there are many conflicting points of view and yes, this is a major source of the confusion right now. I have done my best to let my readers know that nothing particularly “magical” was going to happen on December 21, 2012, and that the “magic” occurs when the individual follows their inner guidance and experiences amazing, favorable synchronicities–as signs from the Divine that they’re on the right path, as well as real, tangible support for their path.

I used to be confused as well, even with a dozen long, channeled, personal messages from the Counsel of Light behind me (channeled from early 2001 through mid-2005). It was only after many months of consistently following my inner guidance (meaning, taking courageous action when I was so prompted) that the puzzle pieces finally began to be pieced together in my conscious mind. The taking of those courageous actions and the insights I received from doing so was necessary to develop the kind of understanding that would no longer be manipulated by others. (This is the major advantage of having a deep understanding that comes from deep engagement and profound personal experience–as compared to having superficial, “book” knowledge.)

Once I published my first book in 2008, I was ready to start writing articles about what I discovered. As part of this process, I read other people’s articles, blog posts and channeled information. I discovered then that much of the information, even information from the big gurus, did not resonate with me; it didn’t resonate with what I had experienced. But even before then, I already knew that I had a huge job (and burden) ahead of me, and that much of what I would share would not necessarily be liked.

I would also not be liked because I knew this “great shift in consciousness” would not be an easy process for anybody to go through, and I knew that no beings were coming to physically help us in any way. I knew that if they helped us by doing things for us, they would cheat us out of discovering for ourselves who we really were and what we were capable of–which was necessary for us to experience firsthand if we were to create a Golden Age. How could we even sustain a Golden Age when the population has not experienced self-actualization and true self-esteem? But of course very few people wanted to hear this.

None of these things made me very popular. Neither my books nor my articles made me popular with many bloggers, reviewers, or readers. I was the brunt of some nasty comments, even from “spiritual” book reviewers, and different forms of online sabotage. In fact I still am.  (My friend and personal psychic Pamela Leach says I couldn’t get a better confirmation that I’m on the right track. But that isn’t such a great consolation…) Not long ago another reader commented that she was surprised, considering the quality of my writing, why I wasn’t more popular. Well, there you have some reasons.

I am also disappointed in the non-event that was December 2012, but not because I expected great events to occur. I am disappointed because so few people had actually awakened to the truth, so few people had really “gotten it,” and it was my job to help people awaken, to help them fulfill their higher purpose.

We are indeed entering a Golden Age, but it’s us, as individuals, who are creating it–one step at a time, through our efforts and by following through with our inner guidance. (Which, by the way, helps us deepen the knowledge we have, including knowledge we received in the various schools and programs we attended. We just don’t throw out everything we’ve learned, rather, we gain a deeper understanding of things, including of the process of life.)

Even though it will take some time to transform the entire world, once you as an individual get “on your wave” (and that does not have to take too long), you will have faith in yourself and your life will be transformed. The feelings of despair will dissolve because your understanding of the process going on in your life and in the world has been transformed. (Which will help you have faith in others and the world as well.) All this will help keep you going even though you may still have a rough day now and then.

Of course, having personal experiences of the magic of this process is one thing, and believing it’s true just because someone says so is another. (People say all sorts of things, and much of the information out there is meant to confuse and distract.) This is why I promote my memoir, What Everyone Believed: A memoir of intuition and awakening, not because I make a little bit of money when I sell a copy (although it helps put food on the table)–but because a detailed account of someone’s personal, real life experiences of the process (and the incredible, amazing synchronicities and learning experiences I went through) does offer the seeker much more (in terms of real and tangible support) than someone’s theoretical information, or their promises / predictions, or channelings. Through sharing my personal experiences I offer hope and faith and an understanding that helps others go through their own process with much less pain and more grace and ease.

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I listened to a few people (astrologers, channelers, bloggers) make predictions for 2013 and I’m sharing in this blog post my “take” on 2013 predictions and what I feel are the most important themes to consider regarding this year.

Basically, what I’ve seen is that there aren’t a whole lot of wonderful, lovey-dovey, fluffy predictions for this year. One person (Mike Adams of NaturalNews.com) predicted a number of unpleasant events happening in the U.S. over the next three years, that have to do with our rights being eroded here. Another person, a channeler, is spreading the message that it will take about “two and a half generations to fully integrate the New Paradigm.” (How does she know? Well, actually she doesn’t know for sure; she’s just guessing.)

From what I understand of this time period (meaning, after December 21, 2012), we are more oriented towards the Light than not right now. In my eBook, Activating 2012: A Practical Guide I explain that the astronomy shows that the planet’s “GPS” is now oriented towards galactic light, which is good news. Of course this does not mean that life on this planet will now all of a sudden become hunky-dory, but that the guidance system of this planet is now oriented towards the Light (whereas before, it was actually oriented away from the light, toward the dark).

I understand that there will be many challenging events still to come on this planet, but the good news is that these events are actually helping to activate positive change; they are helping to awaken the people, even if sometimes it seems like one individual at a time. For example, my awakening process did not happen because I had heard about the wonderful “New Age” that was upon us. Rather, it kicked in because of some painful, confusing events that happened in my life over 10 years ago, that I couldn’t explain with the framework I had at the time. The other good news is, the scales are finally tipped in favor of the light. (Whereas before, if you look at the collective experience, one could say that the “dark” has had the “upper hand,” has been “winning” for quite a long time.)

All this is good news, but what does this mean for the individual? It means that now, more than ever, we need to follow our inner guidance system, the “internal compass” that’s oriented toward the light–which is our higher self. The individual must follow his or her own inner guidance to fulfill his or her potential.

This is indeed the message of a couple of the astrologers I have listened to earlier this month: In 2013 it is extremely important that we seek the light and have our actions be guided by the light. If you seek the light (by “light” I mean your higher self, your soul, your higher consciousness, higher awareness, greater connection with Source and truth) and muster up the courage to align your life with that light, you will be supported by the Universe, you will receive guidance when you need it, you will get clearer and it will get easier for you. It will be easier to fulfill your potential. In other words, those who seek the higher path will receive more support from the Universe than those who just go along with the status quo or societal pressure.

The following is an example of a very simple but empowering change one can make–thanks to a former client of mine that I ran into at Trader Joe’s just yesterday. Mitchell is a local businessman, about 60 years old, who has completely changed how he eats: no more gluten, the dairy is gone, no processed junk, and no hormone beef. He’s been juicing vegetables and eating “natural” and in a few months, he lost 35 pounds. His goal is to get off all medication, including blood pressure medication. He’s off of cholesterol medication, as his cholesterol went down enough, and he’s been testing himself to see what’s responsible for reducing his cholesterol. (He’s not just blindly following doctor’s orders, he’s experimenting and testing himself, he said.)

What motivated him to change his habits is personal pain (the ultimate motivator). He had realized that he and his friends who are his age all had the same complaints: an extended belly, an extra 30 to 40 pounds or more, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, gout and other unpleasant symptoms and he decided to “cross that bridge” and do something about it. He’s not particularly “spiritual” or a light-worker, but this is how we create a new world, by beginning to change the things we can change; we begin where we are. When we do this we become more empowered, and we are closer to reaching our potential.

If you are a light-worker, if you consider yourself more aware than the average person, the following message is for you: one of the astrologers I listened to advises that we take our higher work seriously this year. 2013 is the year of great potential, it’s the year to take your higher purpose seriously–by setting your goals for this year by the end of January and then making agreements with yourself and others that will help you manifest your goals. (If you don’t know how to make your goals happen, ask the Universe for guidance on the how-to and you will receive the right guidance so that you achieve the results and receive the rewards.)

When we as individuals follow our inner guidance, eventually we will have greater light manifest in the larger world. When you are fully doing your higher purpose, you won’t worry so much about what’s going on in the outer collective. (You will have the inner understanding that what’s happening in the world is for the greatest growth and learning and transformation of all.)

So yes, it will take some time to transform every corner of this planet, but when you’re on your path fully and the amazing synchronicities and favorable events begin to occur, it will become obvious to you that you have crossed over the threshold into the age of light–and it will become that much easier to help others around you as well.

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I have been following nutritionist JJ Virgin for a few years now and ordered her latest book The Virgin Diet even before it was released (I got around to reading it this week). While the main “hook” for the book is “lose 7 pounds in 7 days by dropping 7 foods” (foods that are often touted by the mainstream media and even doctors as “health foods,” by the way), the book starts the reader on a (relatively easy) health and healing journey that can benefit the majority of the population in many ways. Let me explain.

Although I always considered myself a healthy person (I have avoided all prescription and over-the-counter pharmacy-no-rx.net medications, except for occasions such as when I got my wisdom teeth pulled), about 3 or 4 years ago (when I was in my late 40s) for the first time in my life I began to wake up with stiffness in my back. No, this isn’t just about age, I said to myself, and promised to look for a solution. Not long afterwards is when I first heard about JJ Virgin and enrolled in one of her online classes. I followed the diet recommendations she prescribed, and about a week later, the morning stiffness was gone!

So what are the 7 foods that she recommends you eliminate completely (100%) for a 3 week period?  Dairy, Gluten, Soy, Eggs, Peanuts, Corn and Sugar and Artificial Sweeteners. Any food that has any of these ingredients in any form are pulled from your diet, which means most processed foods are out the window. (You will later reintroduce some of these foods in a controlled manner, to see how your body reacts to them. Some foods, for example artificial sweeteners, are never recommended.)

Over 50% of the population has food challenges (food intolerances or sensitivities) to at least one of these foods. The foods listed above are known to be inflammatory, which means they cause disease as well as weight gain and aging. So what do you eat? Clean protein such as free-range chicken (in small amounts), healthy fats such as extra virgin olive oil and nuts, high fiber gluten free grains, fruits and lots of vegetables. (She has tips for vegetarians and vegans as well.)

In 3 weeks of following the JJ Virgin plan, it is highly likely you will lose 10 pounds and look and feel about 10 years younger. (Which will be very helpful in the new year as many of us “conscious folk” would like to have the energy and stamina to create a lot of wonderful things in the world…)

What I like about JJ’s approach is that it’s intuitive and allows for occasional treats. Once you reach maintenance stage, you can indulge in pizza (gluten, dairy) if that’s what you absolutely have to have, you’re allowed an indulgence for one meal a week. (One meal out of 21 meals a week is 5%, so 95% of the time you’re eating healthy. I like 95%. It feels industrious and energetic, yet doable.) Moreover, just knowing that you can have your favorite food occasionally will help you stick to your health plan. And as your healing journey continues over the weeks and months you will find that you might not enjoy that piece of pizza as much as you used too…

Three or four years later I am still free of my morning back stiffness, except when I have some wheat products for a few days in a row (like for example during the holidays)! JJ Virgin shares in her book that when she has gluten occasionally (such as a roll with her dinner), the next morning her fingers swell up and feel stiff.

I plan to live my life healthy and completely prescription-free and rather than supporting the international “health cartel” I choose to spend my money on clean, organic food grown locally as much as possible. In fact, while I was at my local farmer’s market in Saratoga, CA yesterday I overheard a middle-aged couple telling a farmer that they have switched almost all of their weekly grocery budget over to farmers markets. Supporting your local small farmers will help the economy of your community, and it will also help employ more people while at the same time raising the quality of life for the Whole.

Now that we have surpassed the December 21, 2012 date the projects and journeys we embark upon will be easier to manifest, if they are beneficial to the Whole. As Ron Van Dyke recently said, we light-workers have a lot of “boots on the ground” work to do. (While it is about coming from Creation mode, coming from the “Heart,” once you feel inspired you go off and actually work on the things you feel inspired to work on!)

To help with that journey, I would recommend reading The Virgin Diet cover to cover, and then implementing the plan in the book. The book contains the “how-to” details (details that cannot be adequately covered in an article) that are very helpful for the speedy success of your healing journey.

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I dropped off my teenagers at the San Francisco airport the other day. They are visiting their Dad (who is working in Germany for the next year) and their Oma and Opa for the Christmas holidays. After we checked their luggage and they got into the security line, we said goodbye and I left. The security line was as far as far as I could physically go, and they were big girls now, one would turn 15 at the end of March and the other 18 next month.

Five minutes from my house I got a phone call from the younger one, telling me that their flight was delayed by over two hours, which meant that they would not make their connecting flight from L.A. to Munich. I instructed her to go talk to an airline representative right away, to let them know that they would miss their flight. I assured her that the airline would get them to Munich; there were other flights flying out to L.A. all the time.

A few minutes later she let me know that she was talking with customer service. Some time later she called to let me know that they were told they could possibly get on a direct flight to Munich, if they got to the right gate fast (and it might already be too late), but that they were already given wrong directions twice, and what should they do? I said to go for it, get the right directions and get over to the right gate–fast. And most likely, the right gate was in the International terminal at the beginning of the airport.

“Is that all you have to say?” she asked in an annoyed tone (as if I had said something wrong).

“Congratulations on negotiating the problem well,” I said, but I’m not sure how much of that she heard, as she had hung up on me at that point. And then neither one answered any further texts or calls from me. How was I supposed to know what flight they were or were not getting on? I had to call the airline to find out that indeed, both of them were going to be on the direct flight to Munich. I could then let their Dad know the flight number and when to expect them.

In the end, they got to Munich five minutes before their original flight, even though they had been given “wrong directions” that made them “go through security four times.” The older one was so frustrated with the whole experience she was about to cry.

I’m not writing this blog post to share the crazy whims of teenagers (although that can be amusing at times), but because I was “urged from within” to share it, because it’s a good example of what is happening in the larger world at this time. (And if you re-read this blog post, you’ll get the deeper message within it, which has to do with the great shift in consciousness and the “tipping point” that occurred yesterday, December 21, 2012.)

I texted the following message to my teenage daughters: “If a problem occurs, it means there must be a solution already available, and all you have to do is CALMLY look for the solution.”

The message to light-workers and other adults is this: If a problem occurs, it means your higher self had planned it and also that your higher self has the answers–if you connect within and search for the answers.

Another relevant and important idea I wish to share here has to do with a blog post I had written a few weeks ago that urged the importance of coming from Creation mode rather than survival mode, more and more. The important concept to grasp here (that will bring the “New World” into being) is this: If you are feeling any sort of doubt or panic around some issue or some thing, that’s a clue that you are NOT coming from Creation. So get yourself back into creation mode!

Finally, I want to share a brilliant message from Geoffrey Hoppe’s latest “Shaumbra Monthly” newsletter.

“When you wake up on December 22 and realize that it’s just another day on planet Earth, take a deep breath instead of a deep sigh. Go inside yourself for a moment. Remember that you brought all of these energies of personal change into your life, and your life is in the process of making a huge shift into embodied, conscious spirit. Take a look at how far you’ve come these past 10 – 20 years, then thank yourself for making it (mostly) intact to the marker date of December 22. Put aside what’s going on in the outer world, and then get ready for a series of quantum transformations that begin to unfold in your life. You see, it never was about what was going to happen on December 21. It’s always been about what was going to happen AFTER this historic marker.”

Now that the famous December 21, 2012 solstice is behind us, we can let go of the “end of the world” distractions and get to work on the real things that matter, that need to be done, that require changing your life from the inside out.

To receive good directions for the “inner work” we’re being called to do, please click the following link and consider reading the two books I’ve written. The memoir (hardcover) is an account of my reconnecting experience, and the eBook contains how-to instructions, as well as other helpful information.

Connecting with your Higher Self and Living From Creation


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Are strange events happening in your life that you can’t quite explain? Can they be somehow related to the 2012 shift that many are talking about? My understanding is that the “tipping point” of this shift in consciousness is to occur on December 21, 2012 (according to the astronomy, anyway), even though all of us have been in different stages of the awakening process for a good number of years now.

The way I see it, there’s a purpose to these strange events. I believe that having strange things happen in your life that you cannot quite explain opens you up to searching for answers and to being more open to considering alternative viewpoints–viewpoints that are alternative to the mainstream doctrines that have been pushed on us by the media, government, religion, industry and society.

For example, I had something strange happen in my life back in 1988 that I still to this day cannot explain. I spoke to barely a handful of people about it, engineers and scientists mainly, just to make sure there was no gaping hole in my scientific understanding.

I didn’t get any definitive answers, but the strange happening had an impact on my life, in that it made me more open to searching for answers outside of conventional or known explanations. I wrote about what happened in my memoir, What Everyone Believed: A memoir of intuition and awakening, but will briefly describe it below.

In 1988 I was working in Munich, Germany in the Experimental Physics Department at the Ludwig Maximilian University. I had been hired as a materials engineer and my job was to work with a physics professor and his graduate students, analyzing ceramic superconductors using various materials analysis techniques.

My vacation that year consisted of a car trip to Turkey with my boyfriend (who later became my husband) and my sister, who was visiting from New York. At one of Turkey’s tourist attractions (that looked like the limestone terraces in Yellowstone National Park), something strange happened. We had just parked my boyfriend’s VW Bug in the parking lot and were walking to see the terraces when I realized I had forgotten my camera. I asked my boyfriend and my sister to go along without me, that I would catch up with them after I got my camera.

I got to the car, leaned my left arm over the passenger side headrest (the front passenger side is where I normally sat), and reached for the camera that was on the back seat. As I was reaching for the camera, the two stainless steel rods that attached the headrest to the passenger seat had bent back in parallel motion. In my “inner hearing” I heard them “click into place” at an angle of about 45 degrees from vertical.

What the hell? That wasn’t supposed to happen! I tried to return the headrest to its original position (vertical) but it wouldn’t bend. After trying to bend it back into place for a minute or two I ran over to tell my boyfriend that something strange had happened to his car, and the three of us rushed back to look.

I had half expected the headrest to be back in its original position, perhaps one chance in a million I had somehow imagined this event, but nooooo, it was still bent. (I didn’t do drugs, nothing like this had ever happened to me or anyone else before–that I knew about, anyway.) I was really puzzled.

My boyfriend, six foot three and athletic, tried to bend the rods back into place but no matter what he did, he couldn’t make them budge. And boy was he upset with me! We took it to an auto shop to have it fixed, the three of us standing around waiting for it at the shop like strangers at a train station. The people at the auto shop were able to bend it back, and the headrest was as good as new for the rest of the time my boyfriend owned the car.

A couple of days later, still in Turkey, I got sick with some kind of virus or some other strange thing that left me very weak for about 24 hours. Years later, while I was writing my memoir and pondering upon this and other strange events in my life, I “got” that supernatural forces were tampering with the relationships in my life. I wanted to know why…which helped further lead me down my path of discovery.

So…what is happening in your life that cannot be explained using conventional wisdom? If you’re willing, please share your experiences in the comment section of this blog. A couple of other strange things are happening in my life at the moment, that I might share in future postings.

I believe that strange events are happening more frequently on this planet in order to help us question our current reality…which supports us in making the shift in consciousness that will bring about a new age for humanity, one that works for everyone (particularly now that we’re so close to the December 21, 2012 tipping point). It is this shift in consciousness and inner shift that will be the foundation for the positive changes that we make, including the shift from living from survival (struggle, fear, societal and peer pressure) to living from Creation (trusting in the divine, connection with one’s higher self, one’s true self).

As we learn the truth about what 2012 is really about, we will be able to live more and more from creation and joy. And as we learn to align with and follow through with our inner guidance, we will be well on our way to creating a world that’s supported by the heavenly realms.

To learn more about the exact nature of the December 2012 alignment and the positive implications for humanity’s future (and how you can make a difference in your own life and help others at the same time), please click on the link below.

Thank you for reading!
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In a recent blog post, I have written about the importance of increasing the ratio of time that you live from Creation (higher consciousness, Source), rather than from survival or struggle. I understand that to mean connecting with Source (which you access through connecting with your higher self) and responding to and following through with higher guidance / inner guidance / inner excitation–rather than continuing on the well-beaten path that is the normal human struggle mode…meaning, being worried and stressed, trying to force things to happen, living from your mental conditionings, fears and societal pressure, coming from doubt and pounding the pavement to try to create the results you need in order to feel somewhat comfortable in the world. (Don’t we all know this path well…)

A few days ago, I listened to a Ron Van Dyke video where he also mentioned how important it is, particularly now, to listen to one’s higher self, rather than to just go along with “group think / group pressure / societal pressure / ego-based pressure,” he said. I would add mass conditionings, mental conditionings, limited thinking, societal and institutional programming, societal expectations, lower mind, surface-level perception, “3-D” thinking, the Illusion, mainstream consciousness, ordinary consciousness, what the establishment / institutions have taught us, lower-level understanding, etc. (I’m sure there’s still other ways to describe this.)

In numerous articles, particularly back in my Ezinearticles.com days before I started this blog, I had emphasized the importance of learning to distinguish your inner guidance / higher guidance from your mental conditionings and societal pressures. I had avoided using the word “ego” because I felt that word was often used in a confusing way–and I didn’t want to confuse my readers any further. In this post, I’d like to take a closer look at the word “ego.” I hope to clear up some dis-empowering ideas around it, and I also encourage a discussion with my readers.

But first, into which category would you place the word “ego”: Higher self, or mass consciousness?

I see the ego a bit differently than most. The way I see ego is that it is neutral, sort of how a chair would be neutral, neither positive nor negative necessarily. For me, the ego is a vehicle that records your experience of life. Without an ego, you would not have an awareness of physical life on Earth.

The way I see it, the ego (conscious mind, conscious awareness, you) now has a choice–and a chance. You can either choose higher consciousness, you can choose to be your authentic self (that you can access through meditation, through connecting with your higher self, the divine aspect of you that’s connected with Source), or you can simply go along with what you have been programmed (by various institutions, vested interests, as well as your peers) to believe.

Your ego has a choice: connect with your authentic self and access higher consciousness, or continue on with the pretense, peer pressure and doubt. Which do you choose?

Isn’t it interesting, though, that when you follow your own inner guidance (as opposed to going along with your peers, with the crowd, with what was conditioned into you), to some people it might look like you’re full of “ego”? Why is this so?

I am bringing this topic up because I’m clear that I’m here to help people who read my writings to live from that higher space all of the time, to not get veered off the track because of confusion, particularly confusion around the word “ego.” Because when you’re not living from Creation, you’re living from doubt–and you and others around you are suffering.

By the way, I’d like to remind readers that in reality, it’s the higher self that chose to live through certain challenging experiences, for the lessons that were available in them. It’s the higher self that created / engineered the Fall in Consciousness, for some highly noble reasons–for the spiritual growth and evolution that was possible, including the immense amount of satisfaction and appreciation to be experienced as one now digs oneself out from under one’s self-imposed limitations.

The following is an excerpt written by Geoffrey Hoppe, who talks about living from creation rather than living from survival (living from higher consciousness, rather than from the programming and lies):

“Enlightenment comes in degrees. We are now living in both worlds, some days a little more in our sovereign consciousness, some days more in the old mass consciousness. It’s no wonder that we get confused, disoriented and exhausted! …

If you’re wondering what’s going on and why you’re feeling the way you do, there’s a good chance that you’re in between the two worlds. Take a good deep breath and give thanks to your Living Ascension.”

It is time to take the plunge and to live from Creation more and more until you’re living from that sacred space all of the time. It’s time to have your ego stay in that higher consciousness, in your authentic self, and it’s time to be more consistent. How do we be more consistent?–this is one of the topics this blog will focus on from here on out. I invite you to share your thoughts in the comment section below.

To connect with and strengthen your relationship with your higher self, please check out the resources on my Connecting with Your Higher Self website. The Golden Age (including your own personal “golden age”) will be created by individuals such as yourself living from creation rather than survival in the outer world consistently. (And just a couple of days ago, astrologer Carl Boudreau emphasized the immense importance of individual effort and responsibility in his special “Astrology of December 2012, Winter Solstice, Mayan Calendar” analysis–which I thought was quite affirming.) It’s not hard to see that we are now at the tipping point which is the Great Shift in consciousness; the beginning of living from Creation, rather than from survival and struggle.

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For some time now, there has been much speculation and misinformation regarding the events that may transpire around 2012 and particularly, around December 2012. Some refer to this time as the Ascension, “The Great Shift in consciousness,” or the beginning of the “Golden Age.” I see it as a shift from humanity having a surface-level understanding of reality to seeing what’s behind it and what supports it. I also see the “2012 shift” as a transition period, a shift from a time when humanity learns through suffering, to one of learning through joy. This sounds like good news, yet many are anxious about the process and about what’s around the corner.

A few years ago Dr. Eric Pearl (known for his work “The Reconnection”) said the following about December 21, 2012, “We will wake up that morning and still be able to see ourselves in a mirror.” I agree. Although it’s true that we’re living through a most challenging time in the evolution of this planet, one reason it’s challenging is that we’re called to let go of things (which of course will cause disruption), even though what we’re supported by the Universe to let go of are the things that don’t work, the habits, practices, structures and systems that are unwanted and unsustainable.

Just the other night I was lying in bed, thinking about a good example of this, and factory farming came to mind. Is factory farming sustainable? Is it a practice that humanity might want to transform, for a number of valid reasons? Absolutely. Might changes at first cause some disruption? No doubt they will.

In fact, 2012 is about raising our consciousness. We are in the process of raising our consciousness about our entire human experience. We are becoming clearer about the big picture “human story,” our history on this planet. We are gaining clarity about who we are, from where we originally came, and what our purpose and intent for being on this planet in a state of “lowered consciousness” was. We are also striving to successfully complete our higher purpose and our soul agreements each with other. All of these will transform our understanding of our journey, and then it will transform our outer reality.

Before we incarnated into this lifetime, our souls reflected on the awesome opportunity and the privilege it would be to be alive on this planet at this time of great transition. We were chosen out of many souls because we possessed the wisdom, the inner skills and the will to create a new world. We were the ones that were most likely to succeed and least likely to run away.

So how do you begin? You begin by connecting and integrating with your higher self, by connecting and listening to that deeper part of you. (One of my blog posts details a meditation designed especially for connecting with your higher self.)

By connecting with your higher self, you will access your higher self’s wisdom (your wisdom from all your incarnations). By following through with your inner guidance over time, you will gain clarity about your journey, you will discover why you chose what you chose (including your challenges and hardships), and you will discover why you’re here on this planet at this particular time (your unique role that only you can fulfill).

Although the reconnecting process is simple, it’s not very easy and it doesn’t get into full swing overnight. Reconnecting consists of 1. learning to distinguish your inner guidance from mental conditionings, societal programmings and others’ expectations (meaning, your higher-level consciousness from your human-level awareness) and 2. learning to trust that connection enough to promptly and consistently follow through and to make the changes you know you need to make.

Following through is of utmost importance. There’s nothing more effective for trusting in your connection with your higher self than experiencing the favorable and sometimes amazing results that come from actually following through.

You can reconnect to your higher self and even learn to trust it in a relatively short time period, but it takes time to put all the pieces of the puzzle of your life together and integrate the wisdom and the understanding. Jesus Christ possessed this higher-level consciousness. Through his higher self he was able to access his wisdom from all time. He understood who he was; he understood his mission and his purpose. He understood how he fit into the Divine Plan. This is why he taught, “The kingdom of heaven is within.” (The “God spark,” the “God aspect” of yourself is within; your higher self is within.)

Each one of us is contributing to the Great Shift of 2012 by “activating” our consciousness. You raise your consciousness by reconnecting to that higher aspect of yourself. By reconnecting to your higher self and gaining a higher-level perspective, you will be able to put the pieces together of your life and make sense of it so you understand your place in the Divine Plan. You will gain knowledge of your place in the universe, your higher purpose, and you will fulfill your purpose by following the step-by-step guidance you receive from your higher self. The key to all this is reconnecting and integrating with your higher self. It’s what 2012 is all about.

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There are many good reasons to connect with your higher self. The top nine reasons (in no particular order of importance) are described in this blog post.

1. Your higher self (also known as your soul, your true self, your authentic self, your inner being, your bridge to the Divine) is your access point to your higher life purpose.

Everyone has a higher life purpose that we are to fulfill during this time of awakening and transformation. The way you access your higher purpose is by developing a deeper and clearer relationship with your higher self. The “map” or “blueprint” to your higher life purpose is within you.

2. Your higher self is the “place” from where you access (and activate) your intuition.

Nothing activates your intuition better than connecting with and paying attention to your higher self. Your intuition and inner knowing are important elements that help guide you on your daily path so that there’s a sense of greater cooperation in the Universe.

Want to gain confidence in your intuition? Cultivate a real relationship with your higher self. Want to activate your consciousness? Cultivate a relationship with your higher self. Want to see glimpses of your higher life purpose? Cultivate a relationship with your higher self. Want to gain confidence in yourself? … You get the picture.

3. Your higher self is your access point to your wisdom from all time.

Your soul is infinite–meaning it’s been around forever. You probably have had many, many lifetimes. You can gain access to that wisdom by reconnecting within and paying attention to that part of you.

4. Your higher self is the place from where you clear your karma and make sense of your life and your “Soul Contracts” with others.

By understanding your life and your soul agreements from the perspective of the higher self, you will heal and transform your life. You will then be truly, authentically grateful for having gone through your process (your life path and how it had helped you grow). Almost nothing feels better than gratitude when it’s authentic.

5. Your higher self is the place from where you restore inner balance, wholeness and peace.

Your soul is the place from where you restore right- and left-brain balance and wholeness (“lower level” human consciousness comes together with “higher level” or “divine” consciousness). After you integrate with your higher self, you will notice that the constant chattering in your head will diminish greatly (if not completely) and the battle going on in your mind will settle down.

6. Your higher self is your access point to your potential, your gifts and unique contribution that will be key to creating your own “Golden Age.”

The energy of your soul is the energy of your potential (your unique gifts and abilities).  Reconnecting within and following through with your inner guidance promptly and consistently is the best way to create a life that you’ll actually love to live.

7. Integrating with your higher self is how you will help create the Golden Age for all beings on the Earth.

Your Higher Self is connected to the larger Divine Plan. By fulfilling your role in the Divine Plan, you will help bring about the Golden Age for humanity.

8. Your higher self is your bridge to Interconnectedness and all its gifts.

When you follow through with your higher self’s guidance, you will benefit in the form of more flow in your life, favorable and sometimes amazing synchronicities, a sense of perfect timing, greater cooperation with the people in your life, as well as new insights. These are considered the gifts of Interconnectedness and following through. And when you benefit in some way, so will everyone and everything else around you–as everyone and everything is also connected to you through the Interconnectedness.

9. Your higher self is how you activate your Ascension.

There are many misconceptions about the ascension process. Ascension refers to the expansion of your consciousness (the raising of your consciousness, the Great Shift in your consciousness) that occurs when you begin to see the world as if you had the perspective of God. (After all, your higher self is a fragment of God.) When you begin to see the world from such a high perspective, your behaviors and habits will change, even those habits you’ve had a hard time changing up until this point.

These are the top 9 reasons why it is worth your while to connect and integrate with your higher self.

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