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Recently I came across a five minute video of Catherine Austin Fitts talking about her experience of speaking at a spiritual conference to which she was invited. For those not familiar with Catherine Fitts, she has served as managing director and member of the Board of Directors of a major Wall Street investment bank and as Assistant Secretary of Housing and Federal Housing Commissioner at the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development in the first Bush Administration. Ms. Fitts has been extensively interviewed on KPFA radio, an alternative media outlet, and is currently the publisher of The Solari Report. (Access the video here.)

I found what she shared in the video (uploaded May 30, 2013) about her experience interacting with participants at the spiritual conference extremely compelling, enough to make it the focus of at least a couple of articles on my blog. Ms. Fitts stated,

“I have been asked by a friend to speak to a group called Spiritual Frontiers Foundation. They have a conference once a year where they explore how they can help our society evolve spiritually. They’re very committed to a higher spiritual life. And I have been asked to give a speech called “How The Money Works In Organized Crime” which later became a very funny, a famous article, “Narco-Dollars for Beginners.”

So I’m in the middle of the speech talking about how the U.S. Congress had had hearings about allegations of narcotics trafficking by the intelligence agencies into South Central L.A. It’s called the so called “Dark Alliance Allegations.” At that time the Department of Justice had told a reporter who I was working with that the U.S. Economy launders five hundred billion to a trillion dollars a year in illegal money. That’s not just narcotics trafficking, it’s financial fraud, illegal gambling, everything. So I said to this wonderful group of spiritually evolved committed people, “What would happen if we stop being the global leader in money laundering?”

They said, “Well, you know, it would be a problem because that money would not go to the New York Stock Exchange. If we stopped, you know, the money would leave and go to Hong Kong or Zurich and we’d have trouble refinancing the government deficit.”

So I said, “Well, let’s pretend there’s a big red button up here on the lectern. And if you push that button, you can stop all hard narcotics trafficking in your county, your community, your neighborhood, your state, your country, tomorrow, thus offending the people who control not only a half a trillion to a trillion dollars a year of dirty money but the accumulated capital thereon. Who here will push the button?” And out of a hundred people dedicated to evolving our society spiritually only one would push the button.

I wouldn’t let him answer so I said to the other ninety-nine, “Why would you not push the button?” And they said, “We don’t want our IRA and 401(k) to go down in value. We don’t want our mutual funds to decline and we don’t want our government checks to stop because we don’t, you know, if you had trouble financing the government deficit, our government checks would stop or our taxes would go up.”

And so I said, “So you want the powers to continue to market drugs to your neighbor’s children to keep your taxes low and your 401(k) up.”

And they said, “Yes, that’s right.”

And what was interesting, the epiphany I had that day was that everyone was so afraid to face that, or talk about that, that we couldn’t get to a point where we could do what I call, “turn the red button green.” Because the right question is not, “How do we push the red button? The right question is how do we make money pushing the red button? How do we turn the red button green?” Because if you can make money pushing the red button, then you can push the red button. And no one feels safe enough or comfortable enough to talk about this.

It’s a little bit like…when you take methadone. Methadone or drugs makes your body weaker and weaker and weaker so it can’t possibly be profitable. It’s the same with an economy. The more the economy depends on criminal enterprise the more you’re making money at things that make you economically stupid. Okay? Because you’re doing, you’re getting good at criminal enterprise. You’re getting good at financial fraud instead of getting good at things that really are useful and have some real economic productivity to them. So you’re making your body politic weaker and weaker the more dependent you get on this money. So it can’t lead to anyplace good.

So there is a way to turn the red button green but it starts by being honest with each other. And one of the reasons I wrote the article “Coming Clean Beyond the Fiscal Cliff” is, we’ve got to face this. We’ve got to look at that if we’re going to turn the red button green. In that sense we have all been complicit because we’ve been letting the leadership draw us in a more and more perverted and criminal way and as we’ve done it we’ve made the body politic weaker and weaker and weaker because we’re all spending our time doing things that are making us stupider instead of spending our time making things that make us healthier and stronger.”

Ms. Fitts posed those questions to the audience in the spiritual conference during the Summer of 2000, and it is my hope that in the Summer of 2013 (13 years later, and after 9/11) that there are more than just one in 100 “spiritually conscious” people that are not only willing to talk about how to “turn the red button green,” but are actively pursuing ways in which to do so.

Is it actually true that for our economy to prosper, we need to turn a blind eye to the illegal drug trade, we need to hook the neighbors’ kids on drugs? No way! It’s like saying we need to keep selling land mines otherwise our way of life and our economy will collapse, we need to sell more weapons. The truth is, selling land mines is extremely profitable for the manufacturer of land mines and those directly involved in land mine sales, but certainly not for the average Joe Public.

It is my hope that 13 years later, more and more people are acknowledging the lies, more and more people are realizing that the fears that were keeping them aligned to the old systems and the old ways of being are based on false assumptions, propaganda and downright lies.

And it’s not just the illegal drug industry that is full of lies, many other industries are as well: the pharmaceutical industry, the cancer industry, the defense industry, the energy industry, the processed food industry, among many, many others.

It is my assertion that “spirituality” is about becoming socially and spiritually aware, becoming conscious to the lies we bought into, and taking the steps necessary to fulfill our higher purpose. In fact, fulfilling our higher purpose is how we “turn the red button green.” Everything else is just fluff. (Find my latest article on fulfilling your higher purpose here.)

No matter what happens around you it is not the end of the world, it is just a transition and each one of us has a unique contribution to creating a world that works for everyone, a “Golden Age.” Getting that message out and sharing helpful real-life experiences and insights via my books and my blog has been my main focus for the last several years, and it seems to have made some difference. Thirteen years ago, when Ms. Fitts was speaking at that spiritual conference, the possibility of turning the red button green was not even in the conversation, not even on the radar, but now it is. And that is indeed progress.

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From the videos and blog posts I’ve been coming across it is apparent that many people (including many light-workers) are experiencing a lot of pain and suffering lately, both the emotional as well as the physical kind. How do you effectively reduce the pain and suffering you’re feeling? This article shows how to reduce your pain and suffering the “Divine Plan” way and is inspired (again) by my friend Joshua Tilghman.

In a recent “Spirit of the Scripture” blog post Joshua wrote, “What you once thought were the worst moments of your life can be the catalysts for your greatest triumph.” This is exactly the same conclusion I came to when I was going through a chaotic and intensely painful time in my life around a dozen or so years ago, before I began writing my book, What Everyone Believed.

What I find interesting are the words Joshua chooses here, namely “catalyst” and “triumph.” As soon as I connected with my higher self and asked for guidance, even when I hadn’t yet seen a glimpse of the light at the end of the tunnel, the words “catalyst” and “triumph” began to drop into my consciousness regularly. Kind of strange, don’t you think?

In fact, a blissful, triumphant feeling in my heart accompanied by the thought / word “triumph” would interrupt, quite regularly, my then prevalent state of confusion and pain, even when my problems were not yet resolved and my pain tramadol intense. Kind of baffling, huh? But this is when I knew I was onto something, and it’s what encouraged me to continue doing what I was doing (meaning, connecting with and following my inner guidance), even though I didn’t know the outcome of this path.

So how can what I wrote above help people reduce their pain and suffering? Well, I’ve realized that the solutions to our problems cannot be found simply by looking to what’s already available outside of ourselves. But that’s because we are being “pushed” by “higher powers” to look within ourselves, to discover something new, to create something new, to fulfill our “higher purpose.” Because of course it’s high time for that.

Our life plans are not conscious to us. If we were conscious of our soul’s plan, if we had been conscious of what was in store for us, we would not have gotten ourselves into the situations that promised us the most growth; we would have avoided them as much as possible. We would have avoided situations that demanded that we grow. And, like it or not, this world is all about growth.

So here’s a clue as to how to reduce the amount of pain and suffering you experience from now on–consciously connect with your higher self and follow through with your inner guidance. In other words, take the steps that your higher self is nudging you to take for your own growth. Don’t resist or ignore or prolong the situation. If you ignore your inner guidance, the same issues will come up for you over and over again. (And it will probably get more painful.)

Really hard times (with all the chaos and confusion) catalyze us to look within for the solutions, to develop a relationship with the Divine within us. Developing a real relationship with your higher self is how you will find solutions that are unprecedented, solutions that will not only help yourself but the larger world as well. Furthermore, this is how your deepest heart’s desires will be fulfilled. It’s how we will create the “Golden Age.”

In summary, understanding the following spiritual principles will help reduce your pain: 1. Your life situations are chosen by your soul for maximum soul growth, not because you’re bad or wrong or because there’s something wrong with you, and 2. Following through with your inner guidance will speed up your growth and things will get considerably easier for you. The Universe will cooperate more, and you’ll place yourself in favorable synchronicities that help you progress and assist you with fulfilling your higher life purpose. Why? Because by doing so you support the Divine Plan to finally create a lasting Golden Age for all of humanity.

Viewing your problems and challenges this way (instead of the “normal” way, such as, “there’s something wrong with me” or “there’s something wrong here”) can reduce considerably the fear and pain you’re feeling and can motivate you to make changes in your life that you know it’s high time you make. So, rather than having an attitude to your challenges as something bad, view them as freakin’ gifts bestowed upon you from the Divine–so that you can finally, with the help of Grace, realize your potential.

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My friend Joshua Tilghman writes about the hidden truths found in the Bible and Jesus’ life in his “Spirit of the Scripture–Uncovering the Hidden Meanings of the Bible” blog. About a week ago, a reader of Joshua’s blog commented that she found it interesting that the Hebrew names of both Jesus Christ and of Satan / Lucifer mean “Messiah,” according to a particular ancient Hebrew interpretation. I found this interesting.

I have also linked the two together, but for different reasons. Specifically, I understand Jesus Christ to be the physical incarnation two thousand years ago of the ancient soul / higher self of Archangel Lucifer. This idea isn’t something I have come across or read in some book or article somewhere (frankly, I haven’t seen the two connected this way anywhere), but it’s what I have pieced together when I was writing my first book, “What Everyone Believed: A Memoir of Intuition and Awakening” (published January 2008, and based on some heart-rending personal experiences I’ve had and the insights resulting from those experiences). To this day, I still maintain these ideas.

I am not in any way a Bible scholar. My individual path has much more to do with the practical application of spiritual principles and wisdom, so I cannot back up my claims using Scripture. I have a basic, “Catholic” understanding of the Bible. However, I do understand that both Archangel Lucifer and Jesus Christ are “Bringers of the Light,” in fact the name Lucifer has been interpreted as, “bringer of the light.”

I also understand that Archangel Lucifer’s name was sacrificed on the “Cross of Duality,” the “ethereal” cross in the heavens related to the Precession of the Equinoxes, and it makes sense that Lucifer’s physical incarnation on Earth, Jesus Christ, would be sacrificed on the physical cross. (By the way, the Cross of Duality is the cross in the “heavens,” the cross in the Milky Way Galaxy that we have just intersected December 21, 2012).

Before the fall in consciousness, Archangel Lucifer agreed to “represent” everything that was not God, everything that was not Love–so that humanity could play the “game” of duality and grow spiritually as quickly as was possible, so that we could have the experiences we needed in order to grow the fastest spiritually and personally. He agreed to do this “as long as it took,” until the time that humanity ascended in consciousness and his name would again be cleared. Well, I’m writing this article to help clear his name.

Lucifer made all this possible, including humanity experiencing the gifts of duality that we have yet to discover, but that are “coming” soon. Jesus Christ his physical incarnation fulfilled it by showing his followers “The Way,” but back then Jesus’ messages were easily co-opted and deliberately misinterpreted by those in power. However, the time has come for real change to finally manifest. We have crossed the line where the internal compass of the planet points to the beginning of a Golden Age, and only a few vested interests–and simple inertia–are still maintaining the status quo.

So the one who made duality possible is now the “bringer of the light,” the one who shows “the way”–the way to ascension, “salvation,” your higher purpose–by showing you that the “Kingdom of God is within you.” By helping you connect with your higher self, your direct connection with the Divine / God so that your higher self drives and steers your life rather than your lower, “ego” self (that bought into all kinds of strange, false beliefs, and that’s sometimes referred to as “Satan”). Anyway, who else BUT Lucifer’s own could have fulfilled this extremely important task? Things HAVE to come full circle!

So what are you to do? What is your role? It’s simple. You are to connect with and integrate (merge) with your higher self so that your “lower nature” (physical self) “gets behind” the agenda / plan of your higher self. Exactly as Jesus had done in the Desert when he said “Get thee behind me, Satan.”

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A couple of my readers contacted me about the OPPT, the One People’s Public Trust that seems to be getting some attention in the alternative press recently, brought forward by OPPT author-lawyer Heather Tucci-Jarraf and a couple of other founders. The OPPT is basically a lawful declaration of freedom and independence for every individual on the planet and a “foreclosure” on the world’s corporations, legal entities that in some cases seem to have enjoyed more rights than human individuals. (As a side note, grass roots organizations and environmental groups have been educating the public for decades about the crimes against the environment and humanity that corporations were legally getting away with.)

I have paid little attention to the OPPT thus far. However, from the little I have heard I can understand the part of the OPPT that declares that each and every individual on this planet is free, because in fact every individual’s higher self / soul is sovereign and free. But I do not at this point resonate with the part of the trust that suggests that large monetary payouts will be made to each individual on the planet.

Ron Van Dyke has been paying attention to what’s been happening with the OPPT, and I have relied on his short videos to summarize for me what’s been going on, while I tidied my kitchen in the morning. Yesterday morning, he stated that the OPPT is not clear on how the funds will be accessed in the physical world.

Well I am not surprised, and would like to offer my perspective on the funding. It’s not because I think there won’t be any willing benefactors to help fund the OPPT, but rather, I don’t think that’s how it’s going to work. Where would be the growth for the masses of humanity? How would you for example discover who you were and what you were capable of in the face of hardship and difficulty if your financial problems, or any other problems, were simply solved for you? This planet is a planet of intense learning, particularly right now when so much empowering information and so many resources are available to the public at the press of a computer button.

So how do I think the positive changes will occur on this planet? How do I think individuals that are on the path of their higher purpose will get funded? How will you get funded for your service towards humanity and the planet? It’s simple: by offering a product or a service that the public wants and / or has a need for and being recompensed for that product or service. Also, by each individual voting with their dollar for what they want to fund, for what they want to see more of in the world.

By the way, your CVAC  (“Creator’s Value Asset Center”), a term used in the OPPT, is you and your higher self. When you take the input of your higher self (your intuition, your higher guidance), the input of your surroundings, “marry” them together within you and then work on what you’re inspired from within to work on, this is your higher purpose.

An Example of How Positive Change Will Occur

Let me illustrate with an example of a huge vested interest that I feel operates without the people’s best interest at heart: the pharmaceutical industry (with annual sales at least in the hundreds of billions of dollars). How will this industry be transformed?

I don’t think the industry will voluntarily change its practices or transform itself, at least not in the beginning. Rather, the way I see change occurring on this planet is that individuals will connect in with their inner guidance as well as better educate themselves such that they make changes in their habits, lifestyle and nutrition. In other words they will vote with their dollars, they will empower themselves by taking greater responsibility towards their health and well being.

In this regard I consider myself a good example. I avoid xanax pharmaceuticals of all types and frequent the farmers markets for fresh fruits, vegetables, eggs and other items. I have taken charge of my health; I have read the alternative literature and listened to my body and my intuition.

Regarding my intuition, for example, whenever I would hear about someone’s cancer story, I would always wonder if the person with the cancer would have been better off if they hadn’t known, rather than going through all the trauma (and the expense of) treatment. It seemed, at least to me, that bankruptcy and / or death so often quickly followed diagnosis. Well, just last week I listened to a video lecture of Dr. Randy Tent. Dr. Tent in his lecture titled, Surprising Review of the Literature spoke of a Swedish breast cancer study published in the November 12, 2011 issue of the prestigious journal The Lancet that concluded that most breast tumors will spontaneously regress.

I posted this finding on my facebook wall and received some thoughtful comments. One reader commented that he had worked with AIDS patients, and that he had noticed how quickly their health went downhill–once they were diagnosed (read: treated).

There’s a lot to learn about illness and health and you can’t go wrong by listening to Dr. Tent’s lectures and subscribing to Dr. Joseph Mercola’s health newsletter, for example. After listening to a few of Dr. Tent’s lectures you will begin to notice a pattern (and you’ll learn how Dr. Tent fired his pediatrician when he was 15). Once you notice a pattern you will be able to make wiser healthcare choices–and help fund (“give energy to”) the CVACs that supply the goods and services and projects that create positive change in the world. We change the world by changing ourselves first.

By the way, it has been the pharmaceutical industry’s job to be part of the “dark,” to be an “obstacle.” But not because being an obstacle is their ultimate purpose, but because experiencing a variety of challenges and hardships is the fastest way to humanity’s learning and spiritual growth. Ultimately, it’s for the greater good of the Universe. (That’s why other civilizations are “watching” to see what will happen here.) I have discovered that when you get past the obstacles, you will realize that they were actually necessary for learning something valuable: to see something in a new light, to provide something that wasn’t possible before, to increase the scope and power of what you’re working on, and so on. In fact, obstacles are really stepping stones to humanity’s greatness, a greatness that will be shared with the rest of the Universe once we’ve achieved it. And achieving it is definitely part of the Divine Plan.


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A recent email I received from a  reader showed her loss of faith and disappointment over the “non-event” that was December 21, 2012. The following is her email:

I have to say I feel like I’ve really lost faith in so many things but most of all I’ve lost my faith.  I feel so disrupted with everything that I’ve read and or learned and feel like nothing has changed.  Now to hear that it’s only to be worse before getting better and even more disheartening is to know it will be difficult through this lifetime never unveiling this so-called golden age.  I feel as if we were fooled.  December 21 2012 was yet another great public ploy.  Everything supposedly led up to this date…………… Nothing.   I feel angry and frankly let down.  I don’t know what to believe and what not to believe.  People may say, “all your guidance comes from with in and you must learn from that”.  To the contrary I went to school to be a nurse, I didn’t just listen from within during meditation and get a job the following day.  Is it not taught we must also learn from those teachers who inspire, who are more enlightened than others?  Are there not those who spread false information for nothing but financial or selfish gains strictly for themselves?  Who do you believe? This all seems so transparent right now.  I feel as if I simply no longer believe.

I can understand a side of those who believe in nothingness.  Life is nothing more than a game of luck and chance.  The cards you get cannot be changed.  And the only being looking out for you is you.  I suppose that would called atheism. And for the first time in my life, I feel this.

I don’t mean to be a Debbie downer but it all seems false at this moment.  I’m tired of being told stuff that is in hindsight is ridiculous. The world is getting worse, our pollution is horrible, this list goes on.  It seems to me that all verbiage is changed when an event does not occur.  A new date is set.  New “prophets” emerge.  All keeping us hooked until the next day of nothingness.  I’ve read the books.  I’ve done research in which so many conflicting points of view weaved nothing but a giant web of confusion leaving the student more dumbfounded and lost.

Truly a different tune for a different day.

Just my viewpoint and feelings on this. Read this with a grain of salt as life is subject to change :)–Cynthia

Dear Cynthia, I love your email and I’m sure there are many who feel the same. You have stated that there are many conflicting points of view and yes, this is a major source of the confusion right now. I have done my best to let my readers know that nothing particularly “magical” was going to happen on December 21, 2012, and that the “magic” occurs when the individual follows their inner guidance and experiences amazing, favorable synchronicities–as signs from the Divine that they’re on the right path, as well as real, tangible support for their path.

I used to be confused as well, even with a dozen long, channeled, personal messages from the Counsel of Light behind me (channeled from early 2001 through mid-2005). It was only after many months of consistently following my inner guidance (meaning, taking courageous action when I was so prompted) that the puzzle pieces finally began to be pieced together in my conscious mind. The taking of those courageous actions and the insights I received from doing so was necessary to develop the kind of understanding that would no longer be manipulated by others. (This is the major advantage of having a deep understanding that comes from deep engagement and profound personal experience–as compared to having superficial, “book” knowledge.)

Once I published my first book in 2008, I was ready to start writing articles about what I discovered. As part of this process, I read other people’s articles, blog posts and channeled information. I discovered then that much of the information, even information from the big gurus, did not resonate with me; it didn’t resonate with what I had experienced. But even before then, I already knew that I had a huge job (and burden) ahead of me, and that much of what I would share would not necessarily be liked.

I would also not be liked because I knew this “great shift in consciousness” would not be an easy process for anybody to go through, and I knew that no beings were coming to physically help us in any way. I knew that if they helped us by doing things for us, they would cheat us out of discovering for ourselves who we really were and what we were capable of–which was necessary for us to experience firsthand if we were to create a Golden Age. How could we even sustain a Golden Age when the population has not experienced self-actualization and true self-esteem? But of course very few people wanted to hear this.

None of these things made me very popular. Neither my books nor my articles made me popular with many bloggers, reviewers, or readers. I was the brunt of some nasty comments, even from “spiritual” book reviewers, and different forms of online sabotage. In fact I still am.  (My friend and personal psychic Pamela Leach says I couldn’t get a better confirmation that I’m on the right track. But that isn’t such a great consolation…) Not long ago another reader commented that she was surprised, considering the quality of my writing, why I wasn’t more popular. Well, there you have some reasons.

I am also disappointed in the non-event that was December 2012, but not because I expected great events to occur. I am disappointed because so few people had actually awakened to the truth, so few people had really “gotten it,” and it was my job to help people awaken, to help them fulfill their higher purpose.

We are indeed entering a Golden Age, but it’s us, as individuals, who are creating it–one step at a time, through our efforts and by following through with our inner guidance. (Which, by the way, helps us deepen the knowledge we have, including knowledge we received in the various schools and programs we attended. We just don’t throw out everything we’ve learned, rather, we gain a deeper understanding of things, including of the process of life.)

Even though it will take some time to transform the entire world, once you as an individual get “on your wave” (and that does not have to take too long), you will have faith in yourself and your life will be transformed. The feelings of despair will dissolve because your understanding of the process going on in your life and in the world has been transformed. (Which will help you have faith in others and the world as well.) All this will help keep you going even though you may still have a rough day now and then.

Of course, having personal experiences of the magic of this process is one thing, and believing it’s true just because someone says so is another. (People say all sorts of things, and much of the information out there is meant to confuse and distract.) This is why I promote my memoir, What Everyone Believed: A memoir of intuition and awakening, not because I make a little bit of money when I sell a copy (although it helps put food on the table)–but because a detailed account of someone’s personal, real life experiences of the process (and the incredible, amazing synchronicities and learning experiences I went through) does offer the seeker much more (in terms of real and tangible support) than someone’s theoretical information, or their promises / predictions, or channelings. Through sharing my personal experiences I offer hope and faith and an understanding that helps others go through their own process with much less pain and more grace and ease.

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In a recent blog post, I have written about the importance of increasing the ratio of time that you live from Creation (higher consciousness, Source), rather than from survival or struggle. I understand that to mean connecting with Source (which you access through connecting with your higher self) and responding to and following through with higher guidance / inner guidance / inner excitation–rather than continuing on the well-beaten path that is the normal human struggle mode…meaning, being worried and stressed, trying to force things to happen, living from your mental conditionings, fears and societal pressure, coming from doubt and pounding the pavement to try to create the results you need in order to feel somewhat comfortable in the world. (Don’t we all know this path well…)

A few days ago, I listened to a Ron Van Dyke video where he also mentioned how important it is, particularly now, to listen to one’s higher self, rather than to just go along with “group think / group pressure / societal pressure / ego-based pressure,” he said. I would add mass conditionings, mental conditionings, limited thinking, societal and institutional programming, societal expectations, lower mind, surface-level perception, “3-D” thinking, the Illusion, mainstream consciousness, ordinary consciousness, what the establishment / institutions have taught us, lower-level understanding, etc. (I’m sure there’s still other ways to describe this.)

In numerous articles, particularly back in my Ezinearticles.com days before I started this blog, I had emphasized the importance of learning to distinguish your inner guidance / higher guidance from your mental conditionings and societal pressures. I had avoided using the word “ego” because I felt that word was often used in a confusing way–and I didn’t want to confuse my readers any further. In this post, I’d like to take a closer look at the word “ego.” I hope to clear up some dis-empowering ideas around it, and I also encourage a discussion with my readers.

But first, into which category would you place the word “ego”: Higher self, or mass consciousness?

I see the ego a bit differently than most. The way I see ego is that it is neutral, sort of how a chair would be neutral, neither positive nor negative necessarily. For me, the ego is a vehicle that records your experience of life. Without an ego, you would not have an awareness of physical life on Earth.

The way I see it, the ego (conscious mind, conscious awareness, you) now has a choice–and a chance. You can either choose higher consciousness, you can choose to be your authentic self (that you can access through meditation, through connecting with your higher self, the divine aspect of you that’s connected with Source), or you can simply go along with what you have been programmed (by various institutions, vested interests, as well as your peers) to believe.

Your ego has a choice: connect with your authentic self and access higher consciousness, or continue on with the pretense, peer pressure and doubt. Which do you choose?

Isn’t it interesting, though, that when you follow your own inner guidance (as opposed to going along with your peers, with the crowd, with what was conditioned into you), to some people it might look like you’re full of “ego”? Why is this so?

I am bringing this topic up because I’m clear that I’m here to help people who read my writings to live from that higher space all of the time, to not get veered off the track because of confusion, particularly confusion around the word “ego.” Because when you’re not living from Creation, you’re living from doubt–and you and others around you are suffering.

By the way, I’d like to remind readers that in reality, it’s the higher self that chose to live through certain challenging experiences, for the lessons that were available in them. It’s the higher self that created / engineered the Fall in Consciousness, for some highly noble reasons–for the spiritual growth and evolution that was possible, including the immense amount of satisfaction and appreciation to be experienced as one now digs oneself out from under one’s self-imposed limitations.

The following is an excerpt written by Geoffrey Hoppe, who talks about living from creation rather than living from survival (living from higher consciousness, rather than from the programming and lies):

“Enlightenment comes in degrees. We are now living in both worlds, some days a little more in our sovereign consciousness, some days more in the old mass consciousness. It’s no wonder that we get confused, disoriented and exhausted! …

If you’re wondering what’s going on and why you’re feeling the way you do, there’s a good chance that you’re in between the two worlds. Take a good deep breath and give thanks to your Living Ascension.”

It is time to take the plunge and to live from Creation more and more until you’re living from that sacred space all of the time. It’s time to have your ego stay in that higher consciousness, in your authentic self, and it’s time to be more consistent. How do we be more consistent?–this is one of the topics this blog will focus on from here on out. I invite you to share your thoughts in the comment section below.

To connect with and strengthen your relationship with your higher self, please check out the resources on my Connecting with Your Higher Self website. The Golden Age (including your own personal “golden age”) will be created by individuals such as yourself living from creation rather than survival in the outer world consistently. (And just a couple of days ago, astrologer Carl Boudreau emphasized the immense importance of individual effort and responsibility in his special “Astrology of December 2012, Winter Solstice, Mayan Calendar” analysis–which I thought was quite affirming.) It’s not hard to see that we are now at the tipping point which is the Great Shift in consciousness; the beginning of living from Creation, rather than from survival and struggle.

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My last blog post of October 1st focused on how when you trust and follow through with your inner guidance, projects become easier to successfully complete. In that posting, I had also mentioned how my inner guidance had changed over the years, becoming less conspicuous and more subtle.

I understand why the guidance I receive now is more subtle. It’s because of over several years of recognizing, trusting and following through with my inner guidance in the moment (and the amazing and favorable synchronicities and new insights that occurred as a result) I no longer need “clear signs from the Universe” to point me in the right direction. I will explain in this article.

A decade ago, I was not clear on what “Ascension” or “spiritual evolution” was and I wasn’t very confident with recognizing (and following through with) my inner guidance and intuition. I had felt myself guided to begin my higher purpose at that time (and had received messages about my purpose from a lady who channeled the Counsel of Light), but I wasn’t clear on what steps to take. To make things more challenging, there was a lot of resistance in my family regarding that different path. Even though I had felt myself guided about 9 and a half years ago to move out of my house to a new place, I knew it would be a very difficult move and path, both for myself and for my family. If I were to go ahead with this plan, I knew I needed some real support, not just talk. So I talked to God: “If You, God, want me to begin my path and write my books, I will need some very clear signs about the steps I need to take. I need signs that I cannot misinterpret.” I wanted “signs from Heaven.”

The following example (an excerpt from my book, What Everyone Believed: A Memoir of Intuition and Awakening) is one of several signs I had received from the “Universe” at that time regarding moving. It was a sign that pointed me to move out of my house 9 years ago, and where:

Late one evening on July of 2003, my children and I had come home from a friend’s house. After I got my children off to bed I was exhausted, but as I passed my computer on my way to bed, my inner voice told me to turn it on and look at the rentals listed on Craigslist. (“Turn on your computer and look at the rentals on Craigslist,” is what my inner voice clearly said, as if I had “heard” the words spoken in my head.)

Do I have to right now? I thought to myself. I mean it can wait until morning, can’t it? I just wanted to go to sleep, not to power up my laptop, which took several minutes to boot. But as I had already mentioned, I was getting good at hearing my inner voice and following through immediately. Well, if I were in the shower and got a hunch to call someone, it would have to wait until I was done–you use your common sense with such things. But being tired didn’t count as an emergency or a major inconvenience. “Okay Christine, just do it, just so you could say you did.” (By this time I was talking to myself fairly regularly.)

I logged onto Craigslist and immediately found a new ad for a small house with a very reasonable rent only one and a half miles away. It seemed like the perfect place, and as I scrutinized the ad details, in that same moment I received an email from the owner of this same house, asking whether I was still in need of a rental. (I had placed a “rental wanted” ad on Craigslist earlier that day.)

My kids and I looked at the house later that week and when I expressed my interest to the Vietnamese landlady, she said, “You’re the first person we show this house to. It’s not in move-in condition yet, buy us clomid, but if you like it so much you can have it. I won’t show it to anyone else. I’ll tell them it’s taken.” I almost started crying as I had been looking for a reasonable place for months. We made an appointment to sign a month-to-month lease about 2 weeks later.”

When you’re not that confident in recognizing your inner guidance, you might want to ask the Universe for clear guidance that you cannot misinterpret–as I had done when I asked for “clear signs” about what to do. But after you’ve become confident in your ability to recognize and trust your inner guidance such that you follow through with it promptly and consistently, even when making difficult choices, a subtle hunch will do.

I wrote about the subtle, “flash of awareness” hunches I received in last week’s blog post–which was about my moving back to my old house with my family at the end of last month. You might want to say I am coming full circle here, just as we are coming full circle with regard to the 26,000 year cycle of the Precession of the Equinoxes.

So, anyway, here I am a decade later. I understand what spiritual evolution is and what Ascension is about. I know that each one of us has a similar path–in that we are here to learn and grow spiritually and to fulfill our higher purpose. It’s just that the details of that purpose will be unique for each individual. And I know I can help by sharing my experiences and story, even though the details of your experiences and your contribution to the “New Way” will be unique to you.

To learn more about my story (and my 2 books), please click on the link below:




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I had two interesting conversations on the topic of channeled messages this week. One person, with whom I conversed with online, had a negative view of channeling and was “filled to the gills with the false definition of ascension and the disinformation around it.” She had had enough of ETs, the Galactic Federation of Light, and other such topics as well. She seemed disappointed.

I can understand where she’s coming from. When she had heard channeled messages promising a better world for humanity, promising at times visits and help from our galactic brothers and sisters, she may have felt herself uplifted–at first. However, if she had understood from the get-go that the ascension process was about her lifting herself up and that ETs coming here to save us was never part of the plan, she would have disregarded most of those questionable promises, worked more committedly on her own personal growth instead, created some fantastic outcomes that she had not even expected as a result, and not have been disappointed when the promises made by extra-dimensional beings did not transpire.

In fact, she would have been thrilled that the ETs had not yet arrived–because she had been able to experience from within something truly liberating and empowering, to experience firsthand who she really was and what she was capable of when given the right opportunity.

While I was writing my first book, What Everyone Believed: A Memoir of Intuition and Awakening (published January 2008) I came across a few channelers online who were  spreading the information that our space brothers and sisters were going to visit us “soon.” Some even claimed that this would happen in 2008.

However, I have had several conversations with the Counsel of Light–who never once mentioned to me that they were going to visit the Earth anytime soon, and I never thought to ask them. The topic just never came up; the focus of our interaction was on my mission. (The Counsel of Light spoke to me through medium Flo Aeveia Magdalena.)

I remember hiking alone one day around 2008, talking out loud to the Counsel of Light (well, they had let me know that they were always around me …). I told them that if they were to actually visit the Earth anytime soon, that would screw things up big time for humanity. It would rob a lot of people of some incredible experiences, of discovering their true power within and discovering who they really are. (I threw in a swear word here and there as well.)

Ever since I considered the topic seriously, my feelings have been that our Galactic brothers and sisters would not reunite with the Earth until after we have entered our Golden Age. But of course one can never be 100 percent sure about such things, and also, so many mediums with large followings were channeling otherwise.

I do not channel, per se. I had gotten my information from what was channeled for me, and from what I had personally experienced and learned from following certain “guidelines” that were given me. Lately, more and more channeled messages have been emphasizing that we are the ones who will do the work and we are the ones who will create the Golden Age on Earth. But from what I have been sensing and seeing recently, many people don’t see this as a privilege and the incredible opportunity it is, but as an impossible burden that they have no idea how to make right.

The other conversation I had this week was with friend and spiritual advisor Pamela Leach. Pamela asked me some questions about my experiences with the channelings of the Counsel of Light and my opinion about the timelines I was given and what actually transpired.

I told Pamela that if the Counsel of Light had told me that it would take me 10 years to get to where I am now (2 books, a blog, finally getting more than just a few people interested in what I have to say, family finally coming back around, life getting more comfortable …), I would have felt an incredible burden placed on me that would have been too much for me to handle, given everything else that was happening in my life at the time. It was much more humane for the Counsel of Light to string me along, to tell me, as they did in 2002, that I was “close … so close” to getting it. That “the blinders would be off real soon.”  When in reality, I felt that I had experienced my blinders coming off a couple years later. And then would come the hard work of pulling it all together in a book. And then the work of getting the information out into the world ….

However, the daily synchronicities and insights I received regarding my work and the regular progress I made motivated me to keep going–for over 10 years now. So when I read the word “soon” in some channeled message, I have a good sense of what that really means.

Life on Earth isn’t going to transform overnight, even after December 21, 2012 comes and goes. But if you make a commitment to fulfill your potential (your higher purpose), the favorable synchronicities, new insights and regular progress you make will have you inspired, motivated and even sometimes completely enthralled.

To discover the incredible opportunity available to you at this time, please click the link below to learn about my eBook Activating 2012:

Activating 2012: A practical guide for navigating 2012 with confidence and clarity

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I am convinced that the fastest way to spiritual growth (and personal success) that’s available at this moment in time is to connect with the part of you known as your higher self and to follow through with your higher self’s guidance, consistently. I also assert that at this moment on planet Earth, it shouldn’t take longer than a few weeks to receive some positive feedback from the Universe so that you’re clear that you’re on the right path.

Why only aciclovir online? a few weeks? Why two to four weeks? Let me illustrate with an allegory.

I know an acupuncturist who teaches people how to lose weight and detox the body. I’ve conducted some research on nutrition for her and assisted with two series of 10 week classes we’ve put together this year.

We had the pleasure of having 8 participants in one class and about 20 in another and what we’ve found is this: those who stuck with the program we proposed (that eliminated / limited certain foods, not calories) not only lost weight within the first 2-3 weeks, a majority also lost pains in their bodies they’ve had for months, in some cases for years. (We have to admit we really didn’t expect that result.)

For example, one woman was used to getting up and stretching every 45 minutes because her back pain would get too intense to continue sitting. About two and a half weeks into the program, she found herself sitting at her job all morning, into lunchtime, before she realized that she had forgotten to stretch! (However, when she went on vacation and returned to her previous food habits, her back pain came back quickly, in about three days.)

The point being made here is this: if you follow some nutrition program, or if you follow the steps for connecting and integrating with your higher self (which is the fastest way to spiritual growth and your success), you should expect some positive results within a month, or less. Then you will know you’re on the right path; you have the results to prove it!

Of course it’s not all that easy to change your habits and follow the steps for connecting with your higher self consistently, just as it’s not that easy to give up bread or wheat products, for example. But if you’re sick of the way things are and you yearn for your life to be better and you make that last ditch effort, you will succeed.

Frankly, I am understating the results, as some people who followed the connecting and integrating process the Universe had “shown me” have communicated that they have received amazing feedback within the first week of following the program, in some cases just by reading about it. (But … I am conservative in some ways, an engineer-type, and I tend to understate results.)

A good friend of mine has recently found herself needing to make some changes in her life, one of which is to move out of her current apartment. About two weeks ago, she was about to sign a one-year lease for another apartment at her current complex when her inner guidance “told” her to go check out another apartment complex nearby. What she found was that the amenities at the new apartment complex not only excelled, her rent was $200 less a month for basically the same square footage.

I have another amazing example of an acquaintance who was blown away by several results he manifested within a month of just reading my story. (A vacation home in the Sierra foothills and everything he needed to furnish it–all at bargain prices.) If you’re new to this blog, you may want to read about G.’s story in an earlier post titled, An Inner Guidance Example: A Friend Follows Through With His Inner Guidance. (I have to admit I really didn’t expect that result.)

What kinds of results can you expect from following through with your higher self’s guidance? Anything from favorable synchronicities, new insights, “signs” from the universe that help show you the way (particularly helpful when you’re too tense to hear your inner guidance), a sense of greater connection and cooperation in life, more flow in your life, and more.

As you connect within, follow through with your higher self’s guidance and manifest the kinds of results listed above, your confidence and trust in your higher self will naturally grow. And it will continue to  grow until you begin to trust it more than anything or anyone outside of yourself. (Which is what it will take to “graduate” from this realm, by the way.)

Can you see that having this kind of trust in your higher self will help you make huge strides in your spiritual growth, personal development, accomplishments and inner confidence?

How long will it take to manifest your success? That depends on your higher self’s plan, your commitment and your level of consistency, of course. However, it should only takes a few weeks to achieve some results so that you know you’re on the right path.

Want to access an eBook that shows you all the steps for connecting and integrating with your higher self? Please click the link below:

How to Connect and Integrate with your Higher Self

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Do you trust that the Divine Plan will manifest a Golden Age for humanity? Do you trust yourself to keep your balance and stability even as the world’s institutions seem to spiral out of control? How does the Divine Plan for a Golden Age fit in with all the corruption that’s being exposed in the world right now?

I have just read an article by David Wilcock titled, The Great Revealing: US Marshals Expose Biggest Scandal in History that summarizes the extreme level of corruption the biggest banks in the world (including the Vatican Bank) are (and have been) involved in and the outrageous level of control a very small number of corporations exert on the world’s economy . According to David Wilcock, personnel at the financial investigation branch of the U.S. Department of Justice are responsible for exposing much of this incredible information and the U.S. federal Marshals are the personnel that will enforce the law on behalf of the Department of Justice. (If you have not read Wilcock’s article, I would recommend that you do so. It’s long, but worth it.)

As of this moment these scandals have not yet received much attention in the U.S. mainstream press (and I can imagine there’s much more to come) but how will you respond when the ramifications are actually felt? Do you trust yourself to keep your balance during times of extreme uncertainty and confusion? Will you trust that regardless of what it looks like on the outside, the Outcome will be a world that works for everyone–not just for the few?

A particularly confusing and chaotic time of my life several years ago caused me to “look within” for the answers and the uncomfortableness of my situation pushed me to follow through with the inner guidance I received. Following through in the moment (meaning, promptly and consistently) activated for me the “power of now,” such that shortly after I recognized my guidance and followed through, I experienced incredible, favorable synchronicities and eye-opening insights, one of which was that the Outcome is assured. In other words, when you connect with your higher self and follow through with your inner guidance in the moment (because windows of opportunities come and go), you will eventually come across an experience that will show you without a doubt that the Outcome is assured; that your Outcome is assured. This epiphany / understanding / moment of truth will then help you to keep going in your higher purpose and remain in balance, even when the world appears to fall apart. (In my memoir published early 2008 I wrote that “the outcome is assured,” and this personal epiphany has helped me deal with so much ever since…)

With so much misinformation and confusion out in the world, it’s really crucial to have a personal, firsthand, palpable experience that the Divine Plan is indeed working (regardless of what’s happening in your personal life and what you see in the news reports) and that you as an individual are on the right path. Connecting with the Divine Plan and fulfilling our role is something that’s required of all of us right now. Furthermore, it’s how the Golden Age is to come about.

In the following important message (channeled by Suzy Ward), Mathew says that learning to trust our inner guidance will help not only to reduce our fear, it’s a necessary step in our spiritual growth and evolution right now:

“Ask within and trust your intuition to tell you what is true and what is not. Developing discernment and learning to trust the messages from your soul to your consciousness not only will eliminate unnecessary feelings of fear, they are upward steps in soul evolvement.” Mathew’s message, channeled by Suzanne Ward, July 4, 2012.

Can you see how receiving personal, positive feedback from the Universe that the Divine is indeed working in your life can help to support you right now? Can you also see that a deeper understanding of the Divine Plan (one that’s clear and makes both intuitive and logical sense) will support you during these uncertain times? No one can give this experience to you (some things you just need to experience for yourself), but I can share with you what I learned in my process so that you can get to that important point faster and with greater ease.

To learn the how-to of receiving consistent feedback from the Universe and to attain a deeper understanding of the Divine Plan, please click on the link below:

Connecting with your Higher Self and Understanding the Divine Plan


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