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A couple of my readers contacted me about the OPPT, the One People’s Public Trust that seems to be getting some attention in the alternative press recently, brought forward by OPPT author-lawyer Heather Tucci-Jarraf and a couple of other founders. The OPPT is basically a lawful declaration of freedom and independence for every individual on the planet and a “foreclosure” on the world’s corporations, legal entities that in some cases seem to have enjoyed more rights than human individuals. (As a side note, grass roots organizations and environmental groups have been educating the public for decades about the crimes against the environment and humanity that corporations were legally getting away with.)

I have paid little attention to the OPPT thus far. However, from the little I have heard I can understand the part of the OPPT that declares that each and every individual on this planet is free, because in fact every individual’s higher self / soul is sovereign and free. But I do not at this point resonate with the part of the trust that suggests that large monetary payouts will be made to each individual on the planet.

Ron Van Dyke has been paying attention to what’s been happening with the OPPT, and I have relied on his short videos to summarize for me what’s been going on, while I tidied my kitchen in the morning. Yesterday morning, he stated that the OPPT is not clear on how the funds will be accessed in the physical world.

Well I am not surprised, and would like to offer my perspective on the funding. It’s not because I think there won’t be any willing benefactors to help fund the OPPT, but rather, I don’t think that’s how it’s going to work. Where would be the growth for the masses of humanity? How would you for example discover who you were and what you were capable of in the face of hardship and difficulty if your financial problems, or any other problems, were simply solved for you? This planet is a planet of intense learning, particularly right now when so much empowering information and so many resources are available to the public at the press of a computer button.

So how do I think the positive changes will occur on this planet? How do I think individuals that are on the path of their higher purpose will get funded? How will you get funded for your service towards humanity and the planet? It’s simple: by offering a product or a service that the public wants and / or has a need for and being recompensed for that product or service. Also, by each individual voting with their dollar for what they want to fund, for what they want to see more of in the world.

By the way, your CVAC  (“Creator’s Value Asset Center”), a term used in the OPPT, is you and your higher self. When you take the input of your higher self (your intuition, your higher guidance), the input of your surroundings, “marry” them together within you and then work on what you’re inspired from within to work on, this is your higher purpose.

An Example of How Positive Change Will Occur

Let me illustrate with an example of a huge vested interest that I feel operates without the people’s best interest at heart: the pharmaceutical industry (with annual sales at least in the hundreds of billions of dollars). How will this industry be transformed?

I don’t think the industry will voluntarily change its practices or transform itself, at least not in the beginning. Rather, the way I see change occurring on this planet is that individuals will connect in with their inner guidance as well as better educate themselves such that they make changes in their habits, lifestyle and nutrition. In other words they will vote with their dollars, they will empower themselves by taking greater responsibility towards their health and well being.

In this regard I consider myself a good example. I avoid xanax pharmaceuticals of all types and frequent the farmers markets for fresh fruits, vegetables, eggs and other items. I have taken charge of my health; I have read the alternative literature and listened to my body and my intuition.

Regarding my intuition, for example, whenever I would hear about someone’s cancer story, I would always wonder if the person with the cancer would have been better off if they hadn’t known, rather than going through all the trauma (and the expense of) treatment. It seemed, at least to me, that bankruptcy and / or death so often quickly followed diagnosis. Well, just last week I listened to a video lecture of Dr. Randy Tent. Dr. Tent in his lecture titled, Surprising Review of the Literature spoke of a Swedish breast cancer study published in the November 12, 2011 issue of the prestigious journal The Lancet that concluded that most breast tumors will spontaneously regress.

I posted this finding on my facebook wall and received some thoughtful comments. One reader commented that he had worked with AIDS patients, and that he had noticed how quickly their health went downhill–once they were diagnosed (read: treated).

There’s a lot to learn about illness and health and you can’t go wrong by listening to Dr. Tent’s lectures and subscribing to Dr. Joseph Mercola’s health newsletter, for example. After listening to a few of Dr. Tent’s lectures you will begin to notice a pattern (and you’ll learn how Dr. Tent fired his pediatrician when he was 15). Once you notice a pattern you will be able to make wiser healthcare choices–and help fund (“give energy to”) the CVACs that supply the goods and services and projects that create positive change in the world. We change the world by changing ourselves first.

By the way, it has been the pharmaceutical industry’s job to be part of the “dark,” to be an “obstacle.” But not because being an obstacle is their ultimate purpose, but because experiencing a variety of challenges and hardships is the fastest way to humanity’s learning and spiritual growth. Ultimately, it’s for the greater good of the Universe. (That’s why other civilizations are “watching” to see what will happen here.) I have discovered that when you get past the obstacles, you will realize that they were actually necessary for learning something valuable: to see something in a new light, to provide something that wasn’t possible before, to increase the scope and power of what you’re working on, and so on. In fact, obstacles are really stepping stones to humanity’s greatness, a greatness that will be shared with the rest of the Universe once we’ve achieved it. And achieving it is definitely part of the Divine Plan.


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I have been following nutritionist JJ Virgin for a few years now and ordered her latest book The Virgin Diet even before it was released (I got around to reading it this week). While the main “hook” for the book is “lose 7 pounds in 7 days by dropping 7 foods” (foods that are often touted by the mainstream media and even doctors as “health foods,” by the way), the book starts the reader on a (relatively easy) health and healing journey that can benefit the majority of the population in many ways. Let me explain.

Although I always considered myself a healthy person (I have avoided all prescription and over-the-counter pharmacy-no-rx.net medications, except for occasions such as when I got my wisdom teeth pulled), about 3 or 4 years ago (when I was in my late 40s) for the first time in my life I began to wake up with stiffness in my back. No, this isn’t just about age, I said to myself, and promised to look for a solution. Not long afterwards is when I first heard about JJ Virgin and enrolled in one of her online classes. I followed the diet recommendations she prescribed, and about a week later, the morning stiffness was gone!

So what are the 7 foods that she recommends you eliminate completely (100%) for a 3 week period?  Dairy, Gluten, Soy, Eggs, Peanuts, Corn and Sugar and Artificial Sweeteners. Any food that has any of these ingredients in any form are pulled from your diet, which means most processed foods are out the window. (You will later reintroduce some of these foods in a controlled manner, to see how your body reacts to them. Some foods, for example artificial sweeteners, are never recommended.)

Over 50% of the population has food challenges (food intolerances or sensitivities) to at least one of these foods. The foods listed above are known to be inflammatory, which means they cause disease as well as weight gain and aging. So what do you eat? Clean protein such as free-range chicken (in small amounts), healthy fats such as extra virgin olive oil and nuts, high fiber gluten free grains, fruits and lots of vegetables. (She has tips for vegetarians and vegans as well.)

In 3 weeks of following the JJ Virgin plan, it is highly likely you will lose 10 pounds and look and feel about 10 years younger. (Which will be very helpful in the new year as many of us “conscious folk” would like to have the energy and stamina to create a lot of wonderful things in the world…)

What I like about JJ’s approach is that it’s intuitive and allows for occasional treats. Once you reach maintenance stage, you can indulge in pizza (gluten, dairy) if that’s what you absolutely have to have, you’re allowed an indulgence for one meal a week. (One meal out of 21 meals a week is 5%, so 95% of the time you’re eating healthy. I like 95%. It feels industrious and energetic, yet doable.) Moreover, just knowing that you can have your favorite food occasionally will help you stick to your health plan. And as your healing journey continues over the weeks and months you will find that you might not enjoy that piece of pizza as much as you used too…

Three or four years later I am still free of my morning back stiffness, except when I have some wheat products for a few days in a row (like for example during the holidays)! JJ Virgin shares in her book that when she has gluten occasionally (such as a roll with her dinner), the next morning her fingers swell up and feel stiff.

I plan to live my life healthy and completely prescription-free and rather than supporting the international “health cartel” I choose to spend my money on clean, organic food grown locally as much as possible. In fact, while I was at my local farmer’s market in Saratoga, CA yesterday I overheard a middle-aged couple telling a farmer that they have switched almost all of their weekly grocery budget over to farmers markets. Supporting your local small farmers will help the economy of your community, and it will also help employ more people while at the same time raising the quality of life for the Whole.

Now that we have surpassed the December 21, 2012 date the projects and journeys we embark upon will be easier to manifest, if they are beneficial to the Whole. As Ron Van Dyke recently said, we light-workers have a lot of “boots on the ground” work to do. (While it is about coming from Creation mode, coming from the “Heart,” once you feel inspired you go off and actually work on the things you feel inspired to work on!)

To help with that journey, I would recommend reading The Virgin Diet cover to cover, and then implementing the plan in the book. The book contains the “how-to” details (details that cannot be adequately covered in an article) that are very helpful for the speedy success of your healing journey.

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This morning I listened to a Ron van Dyke video on overcoming the ego by integrating with your higher self. I agree with what Ron says about the Big Lies of both the Western religions (Judeo-Christian, Muslim) and the Eastern religions (Hinduism, Buddhism, etc.). All religions share some wonderful truths, but all are also full of lies.

Before you read on, I highly recommend you take a few minutes to listen to Ron’s entire video, regardless of your religious background or whether or not you consider yourself “new age.” When you view this video, you will know that Ron van Dyke is the real thing.

To access Ron’s video on overcoming the ego by integrating with your higher self, please click on the link below. Then come back to read the rest of this post for the how-to info.

Video:  Overcoming the Ego By Integrating With Your Higher Self

I agree with Ron that Eckhardt Tolle’s teachings on the ego (that we must deny the ego, we must bring it down a peg or two, we must become “ego-free”) are pure nonsense. Eckhardt Tolle’s teachings never resonated with me as I knew the key to enlightenment was not in denying a part of us but in integrating, becoming whole and understanding the bigger picture of life here. When I read his first book The Power of Now (because a relative had recommended it highly), I didn’t get what the big deal was. I did not hide my opinions abou this; I had shared my ideas about the ego and the importance of integration in my first book, What Everyone Believed: A Memoir of Intuition and Awakening and I wrote a couple of articles disagreeing with Tolle’s ideas back in 2008 and 2009. (Once I did that though, I concentrated my efforts on promoting the how-to of reconnecting and integrating with your higher self.)

Ron does not go into the how-to of connecting and integrating with your higher self. Sharing the “how-to” steps in plain English (including sharing real-life examples) is what I had concentrated my efforts on for the last ten years or so.

The How-To of Connecting and Integrating with your Higher Self

In a nutshell, the how-to involves reconnecting with your higher self with an effective meditation practice, learning to recognize and distinguish your inner guidance from your mental conditionings and your wants, gaining enough confidence and trust in your inner guidance such that you follow through with it promptly and consistently, even if doing so puts you in a (temporarily) uncomfortable situation, and then paying attention to what happens over time.

When you follow through with your inner guidance the “Universe” will bring you the results you need (new insights, “aha moments,” favorable  synchronicities) so that you gain more and more confidence in your connection until eventually you get to a point where you follow your own inner guidance rather than the advice of those whom you considered the experts in their field (e.g. the “Eckhardt Tolles of the world”). It’s not that you will disregard all expert advice, not at all. But having a bigger picture viewpoint will help put things in proper perspective.

Following through with your inner guidance and making changes consistent with the nudges of your higher self is how you integrate with your higher self. If you ignore your higher self, if you ignore your inner guidance and just do as you did before (by just following conventional wisdom or how others want you to behave), you can’t expect to integrate with your higher self and you can’t expect to activate the higher power within you!

The process of connecting and integrating with your higher self isn’t something that happens overnight and it isn’t just a good thing to do, it’s a requirement right now. It’s how you discover and fulfill your higher purpose and unique contribution toward the Great Shift. It’s how you fulfill your potential and create the success you always wanted, your own Golden Age. And it’s how you do your part, through your contribution, to create the Golden Age for all beings on the Earth.

Added July 18, 2012:

After reading all the comments and pondering it all, I woke up this morning (in that inbetween state of sleep and waking) being reminded again of the bigger picture. When you see the bigger picture you will realize that it’s the Higher Self (not the ego self) that created the Separation, the higher self created the Fall in Consciousness–for the very noble goal of spiritual growth through learning and experiencing firsthand many types of experiences, including difficult challenges. The ego self is just a vehicle the Higher Self uses for this experiencing / process. (Focusing on the ego is not the most direct way to transform your life.)

Furthermore, one can spend many years processing through one’s pain body and feelings of unworth and inadequacy, and actually not get very far. However, when you muster up the courage to follow through with your inner guidance, that’s the fastest way to discover who you truly are and what you’re capable of–which does absolute wonders for your feelings of worth and adequacy. I know this because this has been my experience, not just a theory.

Want to learn how to integrate with your higher self and activate the higher force within you? The eBook, Activating 2012: A Practical Guide for Navigating 2012 with Confidence and Clarity contains clear, easy to understand steps in plain English, including real-life examples. Just click the link below:

Activating 2012: A Practical Guide for Navigating 2012 with Confidence and Clarity

Thank you for reading my work!

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