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I have been following nutritionist JJ Virgin for a few years now and ordered her latest book The Virgin Diet even before it was released (I got around to reading it this week). While the main “hook” for the book is “lose 7 pounds in 7 days by dropping 7 foods” (foods that are often touted by the mainstream media and even doctors as “health foods,” by the way), the book starts the reader on a (relatively easy) health and healing journey that can benefit the majority of the population in many ways. Let me explain.

Although I always considered myself a healthy person (I have avoided all prescription and over-the-counter pharmacy-no-rx.net medications, except for occasions such as when I got my wisdom teeth pulled), about 3 or 4 years ago (when I was in my late 40s) for the first time in my life I began to wake up with stiffness in my back. No, this isn’t just about age, I said to myself, and promised to look for a solution. Not long afterwards is when I first heard about JJ Virgin and enrolled in one of her online classes. I followed the diet recommendations she prescribed, and about a week later, the morning stiffness was gone!

So what are the 7 foods that she recommends you eliminate completely (100%) for a 3 week period?  Dairy, Gluten, Soy, Eggs, Peanuts, Corn and Sugar and Artificial Sweeteners. Any food that has any of these ingredients in any form are pulled from your diet, which means most processed foods are out the window. (You will later reintroduce some of these foods in a controlled manner, to see how your body reacts to them. Some foods, for example artificial sweeteners, are never recommended.)

Over 50% of the population has food challenges (food intolerances or sensitivities) to at least one of these foods. The foods listed above are known to be inflammatory, which means they cause disease as well as weight gain and aging. So what do you eat? Clean protein such as free-range chicken (in small amounts), healthy fats such as extra virgin olive oil and nuts, high fiber gluten free grains, fruits and lots of vegetables. (She has tips for vegetarians and vegans as well.)

In 3 weeks of following the JJ Virgin plan, it is highly likely you will lose 10 pounds and look and feel about 10 years younger. (Which will be very helpful in the new year as many of us “conscious folk” would like to have the energy and stamina to create a lot of wonderful things in the world…)

What I like about JJ’s approach is that it’s intuitive and allows for occasional treats. Once you reach maintenance stage, you can indulge in pizza (gluten, dairy) if that’s what you absolutely have to have, you’re allowed an indulgence for one meal a week. (One meal out of 21 meals a week is 5%, so 95% of the time you’re eating healthy. I like 95%. It feels industrious and energetic, yet doable.) Moreover, just knowing that you can have your favorite food occasionally will help you stick to your health plan. And as your healing journey continues over the weeks and months you will find that you might not enjoy that piece of pizza as much as you used too…

Three or four years later I am still free of my morning back stiffness, except when I have some wheat products for a few days in a row (like for example during the holidays)! JJ Virgin shares in her book that when she has gluten occasionally (such as a roll with her dinner), the next morning her fingers swell up and feel stiff.

I plan to live my life healthy and completely prescription-free and rather than supporting the international “health cartel” I choose to spend my money on clean, organic food grown locally as much as possible. In fact, while I was at my local farmer’s market in Saratoga, CA yesterday I overheard a middle-aged couple telling a farmer that they have switched almost all of their weekly grocery budget over to farmers markets. Supporting your local small farmers will help the economy of your community, and it will also help employ more people while at the same time raising the quality of life for the Whole.

Now that we have surpassed the December 21, 2012 date the projects and journeys we embark upon will be easier to manifest, if they are beneficial to the Whole. As Ron Van Dyke recently said, we light-workers have a lot of “boots on the ground” work to do. (While it is about coming from Creation mode, coming from the “Heart,” once you feel inspired you go off and actually work on the things you feel inspired to work on!)

To help with that journey, I would recommend reading The Virgin Diet cover to cover, and then implementing the plan in the book. The book contains the “how-to” details (details that cannot be adequately covered in an article) that are very helpful for the speedy success of your healing journey.

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This week’s topic is food and what good nutrition has to do with fulfilling your higher purpose. It is inspired by a reader who commented on last week’s blog post (on the topic of living from creation rather than from survival). Christopher shared that for him, good nutrition is a must for living from creation rather than survival. (What a great topic for this week of Thanksgiving!) Christopher writes,

“Hi Christine, I am having to resort to diet changes to get more connected to higher self/ earth/ love. Certain foods greatly aid my success. When I eat less food and eat slowly and mindfully and eat cruciferous veggies, raw chocolate (with stevia for sweetener), green tea, then I do much better.

If I eat sugar, refined carbs, meat, or if I eat too much (more than 80% full) this hinders my ability to connect with Spirit. In fact last night I did not eat anything after 3 pm and just had a green drink for dinner.

This is a sacrifice but for me well worth it.”

I have to agree with what Christopher writes. He has discovered the habits and foods that can drag him down, and he avoids them as a result. (It’s about practicing Self Love.)

In general, it is harder to connect with the energy of creation, fulfill your higher purpose, and keep consistently “on track” and enjoy life to the fullest when you have extra pounds to carry, when you have poor energy, or when you experience pain or other unpleasant symptoms in your body. (Sometimes, we experience these things so that we can learn specific lessons and then teach what we’ve learned so that it will become easier for others to take care of themselves better.)

I have found that for myself, it is easier to connect within and follow through with my inner guidance when my health is good. This often requires that I be very conscious of what I put into my mouth. For me, this means avoiding processed foods of all kinds, wheat, dairy, eggs, sugar, soy, processed vegetable oils, artificial sweeteners and genetically modified foods.

The most common genetically modified foods are soy, canola oil, corn and, I recently heard, sugar from sugar beets. Avoiding genetically modified foods is critical as tests have shown that they damage the organs in the body (particularly the liver and kidney, the organs that detox your body). Artificial sweeteners are known to damage nerve endings in the brain. When the synapses in the brain become impaired, this will–no doubt–affect your ability to connect with higher consciousness. As a general rule of thumb, any “food” that is not found in nature is considered a toxin by your body.

I have been changing my diet over the last couple of years and have conducted some food experiments on myself. Although I have never been one to eat lots of junk food (I grew up on homemade food and I love to cook), I have found that by eliminating certain foods I was “sensitive” to, I lost some bloat and felt a lot better.

I have also noticed that when I get off of my healthy regimen for a few days or a week or longer (during the holidays, or because of some other excuse), not only do I regain the few pounds of bloat, I also experience fatigue, weird muscle soreness in my body and even small fever blisters on my lips.

That’s right. Ever since I was a kid I have been susceptible to fever blisters (sometimes called cold sores) after a bad cold or flu. But the slight fever / flush I feel in my face after “testing” myself by reintroducing gluten and dairy into my diet for a few days has resulted in tiny, “low grade” cold sores showing up on my lips a few days later. This happened four times already in the last year or so, after I went off of my “clean” diet. (The barely noticeable flush I feel in my face seems to be my body signaling an inflammatory response.)

I have found that how I feel in my body does affect all other areas of my life. I know that I’m not as “on target” when I’m feeling bad as when I’m feeling good. I tend to put things off when I’m feeling bad, and I’m not living in the moment as much. So how can you live in creation when when you’re struggling in the area of health, when you put life off because of your health, when you’re not living in the moment?

Wherever you are in your diet and health phentermine regimen, I recommend smaller amounts of nourishing, whole foods that are chewed well–organic, free range, grass fed, and raw when possible. Smaller amounts of nourishing foods will satisfy you more and make sure your body has the energy it needs for productive, satisfying activities such as fulfilling your potential, your higher purpose. (Overeating on the other hand results in much of the body’s energy being used in digestion and the processing and storing of toxins.)

According to nutritionist and fitness expert JJ Virgin, more than half of all Americans are sensitive to foods such as wheat, dairy, eggs and sugar.  To learn more about good nutrition (and the easy way to reduce food cravings), I wholeheartedly recommend JJ Virgin (she has a new book coming out next month titled, The Virgin Diet) as well as Matt Monarch and Angela Stokes-Monarch. Matt Monarch has a great list of the foods that are okay to eat on his “Whole Foods List,” available on his RawFoodWorld.com website. Since Matt’s list is not easy to find, I am including a link to it here:

Matt Monarch’s Whole Foods List

I wish You and Yours a wonderful and joyful Thanksgiving, and please remember to chew each morsel of good food well!

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