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In my blog posts I keep coming back to the importance of fulfilling one’s higher purpose (one’s soul mission and unique contribution) as a prerequisite for understanding the bigger picture of humanity’s journey on this planet. That’s because I keep coming across other blog posts and articles that imply that Disclosure and information about the extent of control the “powers that be” have had on this planet is the Bigger Picture. The belief is that recorded history and hidden documents and other hidden information accurately portray the Divine Plan / the Bigger Picture and spreading this knowledge is how we will finally transform our world. But this view is extremely short-sighted and couldn’t be further from the truth.

No amount of reading or absorbing of information, no matter how seemingly monumental or how revealing, will help you understand the bigger picture of your life (and consequently, the bigger picture of our collective journey here on this planet) if you personally do not apply what you’ve been reading and learning during this great shift in consciousness towards actually fulfilling your own higher purpose.

You do not fulfill your higher purpose or understand the bigger picture by having access to the vast assemblage of hidden or classified information about humanity’s history. You do not have to have special security clearance or spend years studying this information to know what the heck is going on. Viewing hours and hours of “re-education material” on the true history of the world on your television or computer screen will not finally help you understand the Divine Plan / Bigger Picture. Rather, you will discover what the heck is going on on a deeper, visceral, and experiential level when you’re well on your way to fulfilling your soul’s higher purpose.

So how do you discover your higher purpose? How do you learn what that is? I maintain that you do not know what your higher purpose is, and neither does anyone else know what your higher purpose is, no matter how psychic they are. Do you really think that you know what your higher purpose is?

Your ego mind (normal consciousness mind / socially conditioned mind / only-10%-of-the-brain accessing mind) does not know what your higher purpose is. How can it? Only your soul / higher self knows what your higher purpose is, and your conscious mind doesn’t have access to that, at least not all at once. Rather, the way it works is like this: you access your higher purpose one little teeny baby step at a time, by following through with your inner guidance and paying attention to what happens as a result. (Your higher self will not reveal your higher purpose if you’re not ready to follow through, if you haven’t cultivated a deeper relationship with the Divine such that you trust the guidance you’re receiving, which means following through with it promptly and consistently.) So what happens when you follow your guidance one time, what will you have then? You will have one little baby clue, one little insight.

When you have aligned your life with your deepest being and followed through with that guidance promptly and consistently for weeks and months on end, what happens is that the little clues, synchronicities and insights you have experienced begin to come together in such a way that you now have a better idea of what your higher purpose may be. You feel as though the puzzles pieces are coming together. You’re experiencing new insights almost daily. You have some amazing results and you feel “in tune” with your higher self. During this time, you also notice that some of your beliefs have changed and that your mind feels like it’s being “rewired.” In fact your mind has felt confused at times and sometimes you didn’t know how much more of this you could take but you chose to keep going anyway because it’s actually been exciting and you’ve been learning to trust your higher self and the Divine Plan. (And you’ve stopped looking to the night sky or other places for “proof” or motivation to go on.)

So how do I know this? It’s not because someone told me this or because it was channeled. It’s what I actually experienced when I made a commitment to reconnect to my higher self and follow through with my inner guidance and it’s what I came to understand over months and years of following my inner guidance. My book, What Everyone Believed: A Memoir of Intuition and Awakening, is an account of my experiences, many of which were recorded pretty much as they happened. In fact, I was asked by “higher beings” to keep track of things as they happened, so that my account of the reconnecting process would be more accurate than if I had written it months or years after the fact.

Understanding the bigger picture is not about adding more information to your repertoire; rather, when you are well on your way to fulfilling your higher purpose (which will be very exciting and rewarding for you and result in long-term happiness and satisfaction) you will finally understand the bigger picture on the deepest level. Then and only then will you be able to appreciate fully what the “powers that be” have done in service to you, to this planet, and indeed to the Universe. (And only then will the Golden Age come about.)

It’s not special information that has the power to transform our world. It’s you who have the power to transform your world, and this–when added to the millions of others who are also transforming their world–will result in the transformation of the world.

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Recently I read an article on, in a nutshell, how to be happy. In that article, the spiritual teacher states that she has found that many people in her circle who have been following the “path” have been in fact experiencing a lot of the opposite; for example, serious health problems or incidents of what they’ve determined they do NOT want in their life–even though they’ve done a lot of spiritual practice, intending and positive visualization.

The teacher then states that this negativity usually means that you’re very close to manifesting what you DO want. It’s just that you need to “claim this change,” to “return what you did not order” and to demand what you have “ordered on your plate.” She goes on to say that you just need to be certain of what you want and get back to imagining what you desire and “prepare yourself to receive.” I left out the name of the teacher because it really doesn’t matter; almost all of them are saying the same thing.

I am so tired of this regurgitated nonsense. I thought we have learned some things since the book, The Secret, came out several years ago. Apparently, not a whole lot.

Do you get happy by lying in bed and visualizing your happiness? Do you get what you want by visualizing in your mind and “returning to the Universe what you do not want?” Haven’t lightworkers been trying these techniques for years now, without a whole lot of success?

I’ll tell you how to get happy. It’s really not that complicated. You will get happy when you connect with your higher self / soul / true self (sometimes referred to as your “heart”) and follow through with your “heart’s” guidance. You will get happy when you align with your higher self. In other words, you will get happy when you stop betraying yourself. How can you be happy when you’re constantly going against your heart? Every time you ignore your inner guidance, your subtle inner feelings, you’re betraying yourself. No wonder you’re not getting what you want and you’re not happy about it.

You can try to fill the holes in your “heart” by worldly things such as going shopping or going to fancy lunches with your girlfriends or going drinking with your buddies. But you’ll find the hole only gets bigger the more you try to fill it with those empty distractions.

I remember feeling this hole in my heart about a decade ago. I tried to fill it by going shopping or by going to lunch with fun girlfriends. But my higher self wasn’t easily fooled. I felt the hole got bigger the more I did those “outer world” things. So I stopped doing them and embarked on a different path. I connected with my higher self and worked on fulfilling my higher purpose. (Well, I got pushed in that direction by other means, too.)

I wrote about this experience in my memoir, What Everyone Believed: A Memoir of Intuition and Awakening. I wrote about how once I got into doing my higher purpose (following my heart, which means following through with the inner guidance I receive), I turned down lunch offers with girlfriends and spent the time alone, writing. (For me to do this was amazing, since what I was writing about at that point was actually quite painful. But I was truly having a blast.)

In fact, a friend of mine got a bit insulted when she read that part of my manuscript. I explained to her that it wasn’t that I wasn’t valuing her or her time, for I truly love and value her. It’s just that what I needed to do at that time was write–while the creativity and writing was flowing.

The steps for how to be happy or how to get what you want are really the same: reconnect with your higher self and integrate (align) with your higher self by following through with your inner guidance so that you fulfill what you came here for: your higher purpose, your unique contribution to the Golden Age. It really is that simple. (It’s just not that easy, but most everything worth having takes some effort, no?)

To discover the steps for reconnecting and integrating with your higher self, check out my how-to eBook by clicking on the link below:

Activating 2012:  A Practical Guide for Navigating 2012 with Confidence and Clarity


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