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Discover Your Life PurposeI was inspired to write this article by reading Tommie’s Spiritual Elevation Blog, namely his first blog post titled, “What on Earth Am I Here For?” It’s about his experience trying to discover his deeper life purpose by reading the second best-selling nonfiction book of all time, The Purpose Driven Life: What on Earth Am I Here For? It reminded me of my own similar, experience.

The first time I considered the idea that each of us is born with an individual, specific life purpose was in the mid-eighties, at an electronics company on Long Island. I had just graduated from college with an engineering degree, and a new friend from work named Dave suggested I check out his church, so that I could discover God’s “will for my life.”

This suggested that everyone has their own unique and specific plan, and I wanted to know mine. (Up until then, I had assumed the generic Catholic view that it’s the priests and nuns who get to have special vocations, everyone else just has a job. And that God wasn’t giving out any special assignments in this day and age.)

Before Dave revealed this new idea to me, I wasn’t aware that God had specific, detailed plans for individual people’s lives. The idea intrigued and startled me. I thought perhaps if I knew my true life plan, I’d make fewer mistakes and avoid the disasters that seemed to haunt my life.

For example, I was disillusioned with my job as a process engineer. And I was trying to let go of a bad college relationship. And the old, used Datsun I purchased for my move to Long Island had begun to break down. Plus, it had also been broken into twice, when I left it at the Huntington train station on my way to New York City. The second time the thief shattered the auxiliary window on the driver’s side and made off with my main source of entertainment then—my knitting project. (The radio had already been stolen.) Then, as if that weren’t enough, during a heavy snowstorm driving home from work my car’s windshield wipers stopped working. So I pulled over to the side, and drove my car straight into a three-foot ditch. Luckily for me, I hadn’t managed to get too far from work so I could walk there to get help. Besides all that, I didn’t have close friends or family nearby, and I wasn’t comfortable where I lived. I seriously thought it was high time to do something about my sorry car and the sorry state of my life—get a brand-new car and a brand-new life, perhaps one with a greater purpose.

But, I thought back then, just because all this bad stuff was happening didn’t mean I was going to promise to follow God’s plan precisely. I didn’t know what God had in store for me. But I was curious and open, and I thought that simply knowing this plan would make life easier and more rewarding.

Some months later, Dave shared another astonishing thing—that he was intuitive and knew I would help a lot of people someday by doing something new. The idea intrigued me—helping others seemed so admirable—but I wondered how that was going to happen given the current state of my life. Well, I had a new car by then, but other things were the same.

Besides, I didn’t know anything about this new thing I would supposedly do, so how could he, who barely knew me? Also, it’s a little disturbing when others claim to know things about you that you yourself don’t know. You wonder how and why this information has been kept from you, and if it is real. You become afraid to hear more, in case of bad news, though ultimately you know it can’t be true. But Dave seemed so sure, so smug about his prophecy.

Anyway, I developed a passion to learn more about myself and why my life was such a struggle. So out of sincere motivation to discover my true life plan I attended a few evangelic Protestant services that Dave recommended. But after a few services, after rereading the Bible with new interest and studying a couple booklets offered to me on the topic of God’s plan for individuals’ lives, my enthusiasm fizzled.

For one thing, I didn’t seem to be any closer to discovering my life plan. Also, the experience didn’t lift up my heart, and I wasn’t moved. I must sound like an awful stickler, but I remember thinking that some passages in the Bible seemed to be confused, as if something were missing. Having lived through eight years of Catholic grade school with its daily mass and religious classes, I just had expected more. After all, as people learn and grow, they’re ready for more truth and more wisdom.

The other thing was, where was the sense of humor? Biblical characters—including Jesus himself—must have had a huge sense of humor to keep themselves from going mad, and this sense of humor was completely missing.

Anyway, after not learning anything about my life purpose through Dave’s suggestions I kind of gave up on trying to discover it through the Bible, or through religious books or services. Instead, I started to attend a few personal development courses. I also quit my job on Long Island and found a job in Munich, Germany for a while. And for the first time in my life I began to feel more free, more adventurous and open. And I put the idea of discovering the “life purpose that’s sanctioned by heaven” out of my mind.

That idea remained dormant until about 15 years later, when, in 2001, I again began to experience some major challenges in my life. This time I had a family, too: a husband and two small children. And this time I could not afford to be casual in my search. Too much was at stake. I demanded real answers from heaven. I expected signs from the Universe that could not be misinterpreted. And crazy, amazing things began to happen, and consistently, when I actually followed through with my inner guidance.

I wrote two books about what I learned once I began to connect to the divine and follow through with my inner guidance. My first book came out in early 2008 and it’s a memoir of my reconnecting experience. My second book came out late in 2009, and was a “how-to” ebook on the spiritual awakening process, including how to fulfill your higher life purpose. I updated the “how-to” book recently and put it up on Amazon earlier this year. I’m sure that’s what the Divine had planned for me to do (and what Dave somehow knew, even though he didn’t know the details about it).

The following are several things I learned about our purpose, in a nutshell:

  1. Humanity has a generic higher purpose and each one of us also has our own individual, specific purpose.
  2. Our generic higher purpose on this planet was to have a fall in consciousness so that we would experience huge challenges and then, by rising above those challenges by connecting with our dormant higher consciousness and learning spiritual and life lessons through firsthand experiences we’d become true masters of our lives. This Earth experiment / experience was designed to have a noble purpose: so that we would become as compassionate, as appreciative of life and each other, and as creative (in addition to other good qualities) as is humanly possible, as quickly as possible.
  3. Our soul plans our individual higher purpose before we are born (I agree with Robert Schwartz’ work, Your Soul’s Plan) but this plan is not set in stone. It is a fluid plan, and depends on the generic divine plan and humanity’s progress with it.
  4. Most likely, we have little to no idea what our individual higher purpose is, not until we spend some time connecting with our higher self and following through with our inner guidance promptly and consistently. For example, with a degree in materials science & engineering and a master’s in environmental studies, I did not consciously plan to write books on spiritual awakening. That came later, after I experienced some huge life challenges, began to seek answers from my higher self, and had some amazing things begin to happen regularly as a result of this connection with the Divine.
  5. The Universe will offer you signs that help you find your higher purpose. That is, if you ask for them and you pay attention. (Doing this can help you distinguish your higher guidance from your ego’s desires.)
  6. Much of the guidance you receive will be on a moment-to-moment, need-to-know basis.
  7. It takes courage to find your higher purpose and fulfill it. It’s easier to simply be a cog in the wheel of the economy and just go along with things as they are. It takes courage to make changes, even those that will put humanity on the right path. But that’s what it takes for us to become true masters, such as the master that Jesus Christ was.
  8. Keeping a journal and recording your thoughts, dreams and the things that happens when you follow through with your inner guidance will help you discover your higher life purpose. And as you search for your higher purpose, your life will become more and more interesting and significant.

After going through my spiritual awakening process and viewing personal as well as world events in a new light, I am happier, more optimistic, much more at peace, and have much more compassion and understanding toward my fellow humans, as well as myself. And I definitely feel better prepared to face new challenges.

I encourage readers to begin their journey today by strengthening the relationship with their higher self and gaining confidence in that connection. The rewards are immeasurable.

Please share your experience with trying to discover your higher life purpose in the comments below.

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In my blog posts I keep coming back to the importance of fulfilling one’s higher purpose (one’s soul mission and unique contribution) as a prerequisite for understanding the bigger picture of humanity’s journey on this planet. That’s because I keep coming across other blog posts and articles that imply that Disclosure and information about the extent of control the “powers that be” have had on this planet is the Bigger Picture. The belief is that recorded history and hidden documents and other hidden information accurately portray the Divine Plan / the Bigger Picture and spreading this knowledge is how we will finally transform our world. But this view is extremely short-sighted and couldn’t be further from the truth.

No amount of reading or absorbing of information, no matter how seemingly monumental or how revealing, will help you understand the bigger picture of your life (and consequently, the bigger picture of our collective journey here on this planet) if you personally do not apply what you’ve been reading and learning during this great shift in consciousness towards actually fulfilling your own higher purpose.

You do not fulfill your higher purpose or understand the bigger picture by having access to the vast assemblage of hidden or classified information about humanity’s history. You do not have to have special security clearance or spend years studying this information to know what the heck is going on. Viewing hours and hours of “re-education material” on the true history of the world on your television or computer screen will not finally help you understand the Divine Plan / Bigger Picture. Rather, you will discover what the heck is going on on a deeper, visceral, and experiential level when you’re well on your way to fulfilling your soul’s higher purpose.

So how do you discover your higher purpose? How do you learn what that is? I maintain that you do not know what your higher purpose is, and neither does anyone else know what your higher purpose is, no matter how psychic they are. Do you really think that you know what your higher purpose is?

Your ego mind (normal consciousness mind / socially conditioned mind / only-10%-of-the-brain accessing mind) does not know what your higher purpose is. How can it? Only your soul / higher self knows what your higher purpose is, and your conscious mind doesn’t have access to that, at least not all at once. Rather, the way it works is like this: you access your higher purpose one little teeny baby step at a time, by following through with your inner guidance and paying attention to what happens as a result. (Your higher self will not reveal your higher purpose if you’re not ready to follow through, if you haven’t cultivated a deeper relationship with the Divine such that you trust the guidance you’re receiving, which means following through with it promptly and consistently.) So what happens when you follow your guidance one time, what will you have then? You will have one little baby clue, one little insight.

When you have aligned your life with your deepest being and followed through with that guidance promptly and consistently for weeks and months on end, what happens is that the little clues, synchronicities and insights you have experienced begin to come together in such a way that you now have a better idea of what your higher purpose may be. You feel as though the puzzles pieces are coming together. You’re experiencing new insights almost daily. You have some amazing results and you feel “in tune” with your higher self. During this time, you also notice that some of your beliefs have changed and that your mind feels like it’s being “rewired.” In fact your mind has felt confused at times and sometimes you didn’t know how much more of this you could take but you chose to keep going anyway because it’s actually been exciting and you’ve been learning to trust your higher self and the Divine Plan. (And you’ve stopped looking to the night sky or other places for “proof” or motivation to go on.)

So how do I know this? It’s not because someone told me this or because it was channeled. It’s what I actually experienced when I made a commitment to reconnect to my higher self and follow through with my inner guidance and it’s what I came to understand over months and years of following my inner guidance. My book, What Everyone Believed: A Memoir of Intuition and Awakening, is an account of my experiences, many of which were recorded pretty much as they happened. In fact, I was asked by “higher beings” to keep track of things as they happened, so that my account of the reconnecting process would be more accurate than if I had written it months or years after the fact.

Understanding the bigger picture is not about adding more information to your repertoire; rather, when you are well on your way to fulfilling your higher purpose (which will be very exciting and rewarding for you and result in long-term happiness and satisfaction) you will finally understand the bigger picture on the deepest level. Then and only then will you be able to appreciate fully what the “powers that be” have done in service to you, to this planet, and indeed to the Universe. (And only then will the Golden Age come about.)

It’s not special information that has the power to transform our world. It’s you who have the power to transform your world, and this–when added to the millions of others who are also transforming their world–will result in the transformation of the world.

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Last November I had a personal message and guidance channeled for me from the Counsel of Light (through Flo Aeveia Magdalena, who channels them). You might recall that I wrote an article on this guidance, on living from creation rather than survival, soon afterwards. Besides the advice to work on increasing the percentage of time I’m operating in “creation mode” from about 60% of the time to 70%, then 80%, then 90%, and so on, they asked me to begin two new blogs.

One of the blogs is to be for people who already know who they are and are ready to fulfill their higher purpose. The Counsel of Light said, “So the creative blog is for people who know who they are, and who want to bring that into the world.” The other blog is for “people who are finding themselves, who know nothing about their energy system. They don’t know about how their energy impacts the world around them. They don’t know what happens when they dry up, when they don’t know what to do, buy nolvadex online, when they’re at a loss for the next steps. They don’t know what direction to take, perhaps they’re indecisive. They’re not sure why they’re here in the first place. They’ve had a lot of things happen to them and they’re searching for their self; that self-searching is about finding one’s place,” the Counsel of Light advised me through channel Flo Aeveia Magdalena.

A Friend Inspires Me Early One Morning

Well, for a couple of months I wasn’t quite sure what the Counsel of Light wanted me to do. Nothing came to me. I felt uninspired. Then sometime early this year a friend of mine texted me, saying that she had just had another tiff with her teenage daughter and that we should write a book together on teenage girls, on the good and the bad of raising teenage girls. (She has heard many a story about my adventures in raising my two teenage daughters…)

It was around 6 a.m. and I was still half asleep when I texted her back, “Okay, let’s do it!” But then later when I had a chance to think about it, I realized I didn’t want to write any books at all right now. (No way! I really don’t want to.)  Rather, I wanted to support my friend in writing that book and I thought I could start a blog for parents of teenage girls (one that would, at the same time, help my friend sell her book when it was done). Then as I thought about these things a bit more, I realized I didn’t want to do a blog at all (I already have this blog), but to have an online magazine. An online magazine would be the next best step for me.

So I am developing a magazine for parents of teenage girls, where at least half the content would be written by experts. A magazine that would teach parents skills so they could raise girls to be independent thinkers and leaders rather than followers, girls who will “come from their heart” and be conscious of the bigger picture of humanity’s journey.

So, that’s how my ideas have evolved from the guidance I’ve been given from the Counsel of Light last November. That blog that the Counsel of Light suggested I begin, the one for people “who are trying to find themselves, who are searching for who they are,” will be an online magazine for parents of teenage girls. I will take a niche that’s considered “mainstream” and bring more awareness and spiritual principles into it. It’s one way how I will integrate the spiritual with the mundane, and it’s how I will help spread more wisdom and depth of being into the mainstream. (That many spiritual messages lately have been urging light-workers to integrate their higher self into their daily lives, to integrate spirituality into the mainstream is not lost on me…)

Higher Guidance Is Never Set In Stone

When you receive guidance from higher beings, in the form of channeled messages or nudges from your spirit guides, the guidance is not usually exact and it’s never set in stone, I have discovered. Things are flexible and there’s always room for your creativity and growth.

So what have you been up to lately that brings spirituality into the mainstream? What projects are you working on that inspire you?  It would be wonderful if you could share your insights and experiences with others in the comment section below. I know that many people have been disappointed that not very much has changed in the world since December 21, 2013, and sharing your ideas with others will help them see that things are in the process of transforming on this planet.

Are You An Expert On Raising Teenage Girls?

I would also love to hear from you if you or someone you know is an expert on raising teenage girls. I’m looking for expert contributors to my upcoming magazine (launching, hopefully, at the end of this month or the beginning of next month). Please send me a personal email if you’d like to contribute an article or if you would like to be a regular contributor (one article about once a month).

The Dalai Lama has said that, “The world will be saved by the Western Woman,” so I’m not waiting around for others to make it happen, I’m proactively playing a part in that future.

By the way, once I have the magazine started I will work on blogging more regularly (weekly) on this blog. Thank you for reading my articles, and for your support!


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From the videos and blog posts I’ve been coming across it is apparent that many people (including many light-workers) are experiencing a lot of pain and suffering lately, both the emotional as well as the physical kind. How do you effectively reduce the pain and suffering you’re feeling? This article shows how to reduce your pain and suffering the “Divine Plan” way and is inspired (again) by my friend Joshua Tilghman.

In a recent “Spirit of the Scripture” blog post Joshua wrote, “What you once thought were the worst moments of your life can be the catalysts for your greatest triumph.” This is exactly the same conclusion I came to when I was going through a chaotic and intensely painful time in my life around a dozen or so years ago, before I began writing my book, What Everyone Believed.

What I find interesting are the words Joshua chooses here, namely “catalyst” and “triumph.” As soon as I connected with my higher self and asked for guidance, even when I hadn’t yet seen a glimpse of the light at the end of the tunnel, the words “catalyst” and “triumph” began to drop into my consciousness regularly. Kind of strange, don’t you think?

In fact, a blissful, triumphant feeling in my heart accompanied by the thought / word “triumph” would interrupt, quite regularly, my then prevalent state of confusion and pain, even when my problems were not yet resolved and my pain tramadol intense. Kind of baffling, huh? But this is when I knew I was onto something, and it’s what encouraged me to continue doing what I was doing (meaning, connecting with and following my inner guidance), even though I didn’t know the outcome of this path.

So how can what I wrote above help people reduce their pain and suffering? Well, I’ve realized that the solutions to our problems cannot be found simply by looking to what’s already available outside of ourselves. But that’s because we are being “pushed” by “higher powers” to look within ourselves, to discover something new, to create something new, to fulfill our “higher purpose.” Because of course it’s high time for that.

Our life plans are not conscious to us. If we were conscious of our soul’s plan, if we had been conscious of what was in store for us, we would not have gotten ourselves into the situations that promised us the most growth; we would have avoided them as much as possible. We would have avoided situations that demanded that we grow. And, like it or not, this world is all about growth.

So here’s a clue as to how to reduce the amount of pain and suffering you experience from now on–consciously connect with your higher self and follow through with your inner guidance. In other words, take the steps that your higher self is nudging you to take for your own growth. Don’t resist or ignore or prolong the situation. If you ignore your inner guidance, the same issues will come up for you over and over again. (And it will probably get more painful.)

Really hard times (with all the chaos and confusion) catalyze us to look within for the solutions, to develop a relationship with the Divine within us. Developing a real relationship with your higher self is how you will find solutions that are unprecedented, solutions that will not only help yourself but the larger world as well. Furthermore, this is how your deepest heart’s desires will be fulfilled. It’s how we will create the “Golden Age.”

In summary, understanding the following spiritual principles will help reduce your pain: 1. Your life situations are chosen by your soul for maximum soul growth, not because you’re bad or wrong or because there’s something wrong with you, and 2. Following through with your inner guidance will speed up your growth and things will get considerably easier for you. The Universe will cooperate more, and you’ll place yourself in favorable synchronicities that help you progress and assist you with fulfilling your higher life purpose. Why? Because by doing so you support the Divine Plan to finally create a lasting Golden Age for all of humanity.

Viewing your problems and challenges this way (instead of the “normal” way, such as, “there’s something wrong with me” or “there’s something wrong here”) can reduce considerably the fear and pain you’re feeling and can motivate you to make changes in your life that you know it’s high time you make. So, rather than having an attitude to your challenges as something bad, view them as freakin’ gifts bestowed upon you from the Divine–so that you can finally, with the help of Grace, realize your potential.

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The last several years there was a belief going around in the new age community that extraterrestrials are going to help humanity create a new age of peace, love and justice on this planet. This idea has now shifted and what’s going around presently is that most of the work of planetary transformation will be done by those individuals who happen to have a strong extraterrestrial connection–which is yet another distraction to fulfilling our higher purpose of creating a new world.

Everyone has a unique higher purpose

Everyone on this planet has a unique contribution that they are being led from within to fulfill. Some roles may be larger, others smaller, but there are no exceptions. You have a unique contribution, a higher purpose that only you can fulfill. Furthermore, everyone’s soul has had extraterrestrial experiences, meaning experiences outside of this planet. You do not get to discount the importance of your contribution just because you don’t consciously remember those experiences. (And by the way, no one does.) Basing your commitment to fulfilling your higher purpose on feelings of connection with extraterrestrials is short-sighted.

Extraterrestrials among us

I have received channeled messages from the Counsel of Light where I was told that I hadn’t lived many lifetimes on this planet; I was told that in fact I’ve had very few lifetimes here. The Counsel of Light also said that my soul origin was not from this galaxy. (Supposedly, most of the souls incarnated on this planet are from this Milky Way galaxy.) Another reader of my Akashic Records (the soul’s records) suggested that I am Arcturian, that my soul is known “throughout the galaxies,” and that I was commissioned to be here right now at this important time. But what was I supposed to DO with this information, other than relegating it into the category of interesting trivia that I stored on the back-burner of my mind?

I don’t see myself as anyone special; in school I happened to score high in left-brain topics such as logic but I was not born with any special psychic abilities and I’ve had to learn how to trust my inner guidance just the same as anyone else. In fact over a decade ago when I had learned of these extraterrestrial things and when it was time for me to begin my mission in earnest, I experienced a lot of chaos in my life, confusion and fear. If the Divine really wanted me to make changes in my life and take action towards this “mission,” I needed signs from heaven, I demanded. Like a child, I pleaded and I demanded signs from the Universe that couldn’t be misinterpreted. So how is this different than the difficult positions many individuals find themselves in today?

However, I did not dwell on my supposed extraterrestrial nature, I focused on connecting with the Universe by connecting with my higher self, by focusing within. Actually, what I really did was focus on my higher purpose by asking for guidance on what my next steps were, and then making sure to follow through with those steps as best as I could. (I wrote about what I did in detail in my memoir on reconnecting.)

The extraterrestrials (“angels”) help us through our higher guidance. They help guide us. They can’t inject courage into you, but if you take one baby step at a time following your inner guidance you will experience amazing synchronicities and create results and this will help grow your confidence and courage.

And here is a big tip: by taking steps to resolve the big issues that are slamming you right now you will learn and grow and then be able to share what you learned with others. When you experience amazing, fulfilling results because of following through with your inner guidance, you will learn to trust yourself. Your issues could be most anything: your https://ampills.com/mens-health/viagra-professional/ health, your relationships with family members, your financial situation, your involvement at work or in the community, and so on.

How are you to discover who you really are and what you’re capable of in the face of challenge and adversity if some savior on a white horse saves the day? How can we even have a Golden Age if the majority of people don’t yet know who they are, who see themselves as victims? We may want things to change on their own without our contribution but that’s not the Plan and it’s not going to happen that way.

The question of free will

We have heard that our ET friends cannot violate our free will, while the free will of the few who are perpetrating outrageous crimes against the many prevails. But it’s not so much about ETs “violating our free will” as it is about them keeping to the Divine Plan (the Divine Plan that all of our higher selves signed onto; meaning your higher self’s free will–as opposed to what our short-sighted human “egos” want at this moment). If they interfere by doing the work that we signed onto FOR US, they will cheat billions out of incredible, empowering, and amazing experiences that are right around the corner for those who follow through with their inner guidance (experiences that our human “egos” will also love and appreciate). This by the way is the remedy that is guaranteed to those who have played the role of victims. Our ET friends will not interfere, definitely not now when humanity has come so far and we’re so close. It is our soul’s free will to empower ourselves. They will not violate that promise to us.

Each of us here on this planet has a role in creating a new world of peace, love and justice (including loving ourselves; truly loving ourselves is how we begin). You learn what that role is by asking for guidance from your higher self and then following through promptly and consistently on that guidance. Focusing on discovering the degree of your “extraterrestrial connection” is just another distraction to fulfilling that higher purpose.

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Just last week I noticed a healing in relationship, an improved relationship that happened almost overnight with my older daughter (who just turned 18) after I connected with her on a soul / higher self level and I shared my experience with my friend Pamela Leach, who is a spiritual adviser. Pamela told me that she has not heard this healing process described so simply anywhere before, so she asked me to share it with my readers by writing it up in my blog.

First, some background: I’ve spoken with Pamela several times over the last few years about the challenges of raising teenagers, particularly when those teenagers are not in agreement with your life course (i.e. me taking an “alternative” path) and the success of that path hasn’t manifested yet. There was a lot of anger and resentment directed toward me (and to an extent, there still is).

The Counsel of Light had reminded me in November of last year (when Flo Aeveia Magdalena channeled their message to me) that connecting with my daughters soul to soul, seeing them in my mind’s eye sitting in a chair next to me, and speaking from my heart (as the Counsel of Light reminded me I had done with my husband years ago) would make a difference.

Anyway, about two weeks ago, I went to bed one night and remembered an “incident” I had with my older daughter when she was three years old. This is something that has weighed on my heart, and it has come up for me several times in the past (probably to have me clear it, but I didn’t know how to, not until recently).

My older daughter was three years and two months and my younger daughter was a few days old when the incident occurred. I had placed my newborn in the middle of my bed for a nap and then left the room. A little while later, I returned to the bedroom to discover my newborn on the floor next to the bed, my three year old eyeing her. And I got upset.

I remember I got afraid, had become overcome by the fear that I had one of “those” children who was jealous enough of their sibling, that they would hurt them. I yelled at my three-year old and grabbed her hand and pulled her out of the room and closed the door. You go to your room and stay there, screamed the scared mother.

I know now just how immature and inappropriate my reaction was, but back then I was impaired by my emotions and fear. And even though I had said I’m sorry to the three-year old in person soon after the incident occurred, I still felt something was incomplete.

So two weeks ago when I went to bed I connected with the soul / higher self of my older daughter (by focusing on my “sacred space” near my heart chakra and my soul seed and visualizing a connection with my daughter’s “sacred space”) and in my mind’s eye I visualized her sitting in a chair right next to me.

Then I spoke what was in my heart. I told her about what had happened when she was three years old, that I was afraid that she was one of those children who was jealous of her sibling, that I had screamed at her and pulled her out of the room and shut the door on her. I told her that I did not mean to do that, and that it must have been frightening to see her mother so mad. I told her I was so sorry about what had happened and that it was because I was overcome by my fear, not because she was bad. I told her that I love her, that I so wanted to have a better relationship with her, and I asked for her forgiveness.

After I said what all I wanted to say and I felt “clear,” in my mind’s eye I gave her a hug and told her goodnight. Then I fell asleep.

A few days later, I noticed a real shift in my relationship with my daughter. One evening I texted her, asking “Are you at work?” Rather than responding in her typical way, “WTF ya” she asked, “Ya why?” I texted back, “Just making sure you’re fine,” to which she responded “Thank you.” (That “Thank you” is a big deal to me.)

She also gave me a spontaneous hug on the stairs a day or two after that, and she is coming to me much more often than usual for advice regarding colleges and boy issues. (And since her perception of me is that I have wasted my Ivy League engineering degree on an endeavor that will get us nowhere, this is indeed a big deal.)

Sometimes you just can’t clear things with people in the physical. They may not be available, or talking to you, or even alive. Ideally, it’s good to clear things up on both levels, to clear the incident spiritually or “etherically” first, and then physically. (When you clear it on the spiritual level first, it will not have as much of a sting in the physical.)

I think it’s important also to share that I’ve noticed that I had incredible results like this happen much more often when I was inspired from within to work on a specific issue and I followed through promptly, right then and there–as I had done that evening about two weeks ago. And I noticed it worked less often in the case where I wanted something and going through the technique was a way to get what I wanted. This distinction is extremely subtle, but it’s very important to understand. (If you have been following my articles for years, you know that I have placed a lot of importance on “following through promptly and consistently with your inner guidance.”)

So I would recommend you familiarize yourself with the process first, then when you are guided to it, to go through the process promptly, and from your heart. I wish you and yours many, many blessings!

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This past Wednesday I had a message from the Counsel of Light channeled for me through Flo Aeveia Magdalena. The gist of their message, if I could put it in a single nutshell, is: Live from creation and not from survival and struggle. In other words, if we want to manifest a Golden Age, it is high time to begin living from creation, consistently.

As some of you may know, it’s been quite some time since I had Flo Aeveia channel a personal message for me. It’s been several years, in fact, the last time during the Summer of 2005. But I felt, with my move back to the house I lived over nine years ago, that this move was significant and an opportunity for a new focus for me–and also that the moment was urgent. And indeed, I received the message that it is time to much more consistently live from the creative mode and less from survival.

Oh yes, I admit to not being so consistent. Even though I write these blog posts on reconnecting with your higher self and following through with divine guidance in the moment (meaning, promptly and consistently), I have made many choices that I would consider a reaction to the world around me rather than living from the creative potential. (Particularly in certain areas of my life, such as family relationships and personal economics.) In other words, rather than operating from the creative realm consistently (the vertical connection, the connection with Source), I was reacting to the struggle around me from the normal human operating mode, making choices from fear and outer circumstances and the manipulations of the outer world.

In the channeling the Counsel of Light advised me to be more consistent, to increase the time I’m living in creation compared to living in survival from a ratio that right now approaches 50:50, to 60:40, then to 75:25, and to keep increasing that ratio. This means being in the creative mode in all areas of my life more and more consistently, until that’s the only mode I’m operating from.

They advised me to get that vertical connection really strong first (the connection with Source, with Origin actually) so that the “horizontal begins to spin.” What they mean is, I am feeling that excitation and that strong excitation I’m feeling in my heart is what drives my horizontal connection, is what drives me, is what drives my choices and actions in the outer world. Because that is how one attracts whatever one needs, whatever resources one needs to fulfill one’s purpose.

I have to agree with them. While I was writing my 2 books, I felt that excitation really strongly. I was in creation mode consistently, the resources were flowing, and I experienced many amazing synchronicities daily that furthered my book projects along. Universal cooperation and flow happened consistently on a daily basis.

I experienced flow and amazing synchronicities while writing many articles and blog posts, and when I moved my place of residence near the end of September. (To see a recent example of what is possible when living from the creative potential, please read my blog post from a few weeks ago titled, Following Your Intuition in the Moment Makes Overwhelming Projects Manageable). But at the same time, I see that I have been operating from fear and struggle in other areas of my life (which I am sure caused a damper in what I was able to create and/or manifest around me).

I am reminded of what the Counsel of Light told me several years ago, something like, “Don’t worry about what you need to do next week, don’t worry about tomorrow, even. Just take care of what you’re being called to take care of today.”

Regarding the moving example, I am reminded of another amazing thing that happened that illustrates the above beautifully: I had been trying to sell a heavy, solid wood entertainment center for a few weeks on Craigslist. A few people came in to look, but no one bought. On the last day of my move around 5 pm, after I okayed with the landlady that the new tenants could begin moving in their things, I got an email from a woman who told me that she wanted the entertainment center and could come over in 20 minutes. The buyers and the new tenants arrived around the same time, and the guys moving their furniture in helped the people who bought the entertainment center load it onto their truck. (It was very heavy, too heavy for only two guys to lift up onto a truck.)

I know some of us get glimpses of the magic of living from that sacred space and the creative energies that are possible, but do we actually dwell in that place for any length of time? Do we live from that place consistently? Look around you, look at the state of the world, and you will have your answer. Does it look to you like we’re on the brink of a Golden Age?

Yes, I understand that I have not been as consistent as I could have been. And yes, I am ready to live from that place consistently, I’m ready to live from that vertical connection consistently, from that connection with Source, with Origin, that’s accessed through the higher self, consistently. I will be sharing what I experience as well as parts of the Counsel of Light’s message in future blog posts because I feel many will benefit from their message. Will you join me in this endeavor?

In the meantime, I invite you to strengthen your relationship with your higher self, and if you haven’t already, please take a look at the resources on my Connecting with Your Higher Self website. The Golden Age (including your own personal “golden age”) will not created by the wave of someone’s magic wand or just by meditating in our retreats, but by our living from creation rather than survival in the outer world consistently.


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My last blog post of October 1st focused on how when you trust and follow through with your inner guidance, projects become easier to successfully complete. In that posting, I had also mentioned how my inner guidance had changed over the years, becoming less conspicuous and more subtle.

I understand why the guidance I receive now is more subtle. It’s because of over several years of recognizing, trusting and following through with my inner guidance in the moment (and the amazing and favorable synchronicities and new insights that occurred as a result) I no longer need “clear signs from the Universe” to point me in the right direction. I will explain in this article.

A decade ago, I was not clear on what “Ascension” or “spiritual evolution” was and I wasn’t very confident with recognizing (and following through with) my inner guidance and intuition. I had felt myself guided to begin my higher purpose at that time (and had received messages about my purpose from a lady who channeled the Counsel of Light), but I wasn’t clear on what steps to take. To make things more challenging, there was a lot of resistance in my family regarding that different path. Even though I had felt myself guided about 9 and a half years ago to move out of my house to a new place, I knew it would be a very difficult move and path, both for myself and for my family. If I were to go ahead with this plan, I knew I needed some real support, not just talk. So I talked to God: “If You, God, want me to begin my path and write my books, I will need some very clear signs about the steps I need to take. I need signs that I cannot misinterpret.” I wanted “signs from Heaven.”

The following example (an excerpt from my book, What Everyone Believed: A Memoir of Intuition and Awakening) is one of several signs I had received from the “Universe” at that time regarding moving. It was a sign that pointed me to move out of my house 9 years ago, and where:

Late one evening on July of 2003, my children and I had come home from a friend’s house. After I got my children off to bed I was exhausted, but as I passed my computer on my way to bed, my inner voice told me to turn it on and look at the rentals listed on Craigslist. (“Turn on your computer and look at the rentals on Craigslist,” is what my inner voice clearly said, as if I had “heard” the words spoken in my head.)

Do I have to right now? I thought to myself. I mean it can wait until morning, can’t it? I just wanted to go to sleep, not to power up my laptop, which took several minutes to boot. But as I had already mentioned, I was getting good at hearing my inner voice and following through immediately. Well, if I were in the shower and got a hunch to call someone, it would have to wait until I was done–you use your common sense with such things. But being tired didn’t count as an emergency or a major inconvenience. “Okay Christine, just do it, just so you could say you did.” (By this time I was talking to myself fairly regularly.)

I logged onto Craigslist and immediately found a new ad for a small house with a very reasonable rent only one and a half miles away. It seemed like the perfect place, and as I scrutinized the ad details, in that same moment I received an email from the owner of this same house, asking whether I was still in need of a rental. (I had placed a “rental wanted” ad on Craigslist earlier that day.)

My kids and I looked at the house later that week and when I expressed my interest to the Vietnamese landlady, she said, “You’re the first person we show this house to. It’s not in move-in condition yet, buy us clomid, but if you like it so much you can have it. I won’t show it to anyone else. I’ll tell them it’s taken.” I almost started crying as I had been looking for a reasonable place for months. We made an appointment to sign a month-to-month lease about 2 weeks later.”

When you’re not that confident in recognizing your inner guidance, you might want to ask the Universe for clear guidance that you cannot misinterpret–as I had done when I asked for “clear signs” about what to do. But after you’ve become confident in your ability to recognize and trust your inner guidance such that you follow through with it promptly and consistently, even when making difficult choices, a subtle hunch will do.

I wrote about the subtle, “flash of awareness” hunches I received in last week’s blog post–which was about my moving back to my old house with my family at the end of last month. You might want to say I am coming full circle here, just as we are coming full circle with regard to the 26,000 year cycle of the Precession of the Equinoxes.

So, anyway, here I am a decade later. I understand what spiritual evolution is and what Ascension is about. I know that each one of us has a similar path–in that we are here to learn and grow spiritually and to fulfill our higher purpose. It’s just that the details of that purpose will be unique for each individual. And I know I can help by sharing my experiences and story, even though the details of your experiences and your contribution to the “New Way” will be unique to you.

To learn more about my story (and my 2 books), please click on the link below:




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This blog post shows how following my intuition in the moment made a project that was overwhelming to me into something very manageable, even satisfying. I feel that the information in this article will be helpful to many who are feeling overwhelmed at the moment, regardless of the type of project they’re involved in (including projects related to shifting the world’s consciousness).

Some of you know that I have been moving out of my house this last month. I had given my 30-day notice and committed to being completely moved out by the 30th of September. Since I was moving into a place that was completely furnished about a mile away, I had planned on selling or giving away many of my things. There was a lot of stuff I needed to go through – nine years worth of accumulations.

Furthermore, I was attending a 3-day seminar in Chicago around the 20th and needed to prepare for that trip. There were also additional challenges placed upon me mid-month: my landlady wanted to partially remodel the kitchen and the bathroom and have the rental painted by the 30th. She asked me to accommodate her and in exchange, she would return some rent money to me. I told her that I would do my best.

If I were not well-versed with “going with the flow,” I would have been completely overwhelmed with the changes and I probably would have resisted. Instead, I followed my intuition for how to handle the moving project and in what order to do it. I also asked the “Universe” to let me know what to do in the moment – which kept me in action, prevented me from going into overwhelm, and allowed me to tap into the magic of Interconnectedness and Flow.

For example, I found out a day ahead of time that the contractor wanted to begin by tearing out the part of the bathroom that was going to be remodeled. So the day before, rather than procrastinating or being inefficient, I got everything that was mine out of the bathroom and into the new place. Then I began on the kitchen, including the food in the refrigerator.

During the process I received many “flashes of awareness” that I followed in the moment. For example, the next morning I was driving to my new place with a carload of personal items when a block away from my rental, I had remembered the contractor would need a key to get in and I had forgotten to put one under the doormat. It was not the kind of guidance I had received years earlier, almost audible, as if I had “heard” the inner guidance telling me what to do in my mind. Rather, this guidance was very subtle, almost like a flash of awareness.

I turned the car around immediately and returned just in time to see the contractor’s truck pulling up in front of the house. If I had not followed my intuition in the moment, the project would have been delayed and I would have had to deal with an annoyed contractor (and an unhappy landlady).

The following day, I had posted photos of living room furniture I wanted to sell on Craigslist. Then I went to see my friend Lisa at the end of the long exhausting day. While I was visiting my friend, I had a flash of awareness to check my email. I asked Lisa to use her laptop and sure enough, someone had just emailed, asking about the furniture.

Two days before I was supposed to be moved out, I still didn’t know what to do with my bedroom set–which was hanging over my head. (I had asked the Universe earlier to help me sell it or give it to the right person, and nothing came up. I even said to another friend, “Who is supposed to have my bedroom set?”) However, since things have been happening smoothly thus far, I had faith the Universe would continue to let me know what to do when. Anyway, two days before my moving deadline, I had an intuition (of the flash of awareness kind) to take photos of it and put it up for sale on Craigslist.

I uploaded the photos to Craigslist around 9:30 pm that night. About a half hour later, I received an email from a lady in San Francisco, letting me know that she was adopting a young adult and can I please hold the bedroom set for her because it was perfect for her new girl.

The next day she emailed again, confirming her interest, asking if I needed a deposit because she could only pick it up the next day, the morning of the 30th. She was ready to drive down one hour with the money, just to show she was serious. I took her word for it.

On the morning of the last day, she showed up with a rental truck and a friend and everything went smoothly. On the way out, she asked about an onyx mood lamp I still, “for some reason,” had sitting around.

“If you like it, it’s yours, ” I said. I guess that was the reason.

I had even left a ziplock bag lying around “for some reason,” which turned out to be perfect for holding the screws for the bedroom set.

If I were to write about all the synchronicities that happened during my move, this article would become way too long. But I’m amazed at how perfectly everything went because I stayed out of overwhelm … by having faith in the Universe, in people, and by following through consistently with those very subtle flashes of insight in the moment. I am pleased to say that I was moved out by the early evening of the 30th, the place was remodeled, painted and cleaned, and the new tenants were even able to begin moving in that evening.

I believe this is how we can operate right now. I believe this “energy” of synchronicity and cooperation is available to humanity right now – if we have faith enough to follow through with our inner guidance in the moment.

To learn more about the power of your inner guidance, please click the link to my eBook below:

Activating 2012: A Practical Guide for Navigating 2012 with confidence and clarity



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Thursday morning I awakened from a strange dream. In the dream I was upset because I had realized that my daughter had parked my car in the ocean. I stood on the shore looking at my car; it wasn’t that far away, maybe a hundred meters or so, and it was not the only car out there: there were about a half dozen other vehicles parked in one neat row off the shore.

A storm was brewing and the cars were getting a beating from the waves but that is not why I was upset. I was upset because my car being out in the ocean was a weird, unexpected oddity and also, I didn’t have access to my vehicle and didn’t have any idea how to get it back! So I looked for my daughter and demanded that she get my car right back.

After hearing my complaint she left to see someone, perhaps the “ocean valet,” and a few moments later, my car was being delivered to me on some kind of mechanical platform that delivered cars, one by one. Before awakening from the dream, I remember thinking that all I had to do was ask, and it was delivered.

I believe the storm is a sign of the tumultuous times we’re living in right now, and the ocean signifies our spiritual world (our inner world). I’ve been feeling a bit of anxiety lately in my “body vehicle,” and my other “vehicles”–my car and my computer–have had their issues as well. My car’s problem (the ignition lock) has been recently fixed, and my laptop (still under warranty) most likely has a hard drive failure that ought to get fixed shortly. (I asked a friend for his assessment and was relieved to hear that it most likely is a simple hard drive failure having nothing to do with me.)

One of the lessons here is to ask for what you need. Many “lightworkers / warriors” are used to plowing through on their own and forget to ask others to help them. Sometimes reaching out and asking those who can help can take a bit of courage, but it’s the next step in your personal growth. Sometimes you need to ask the “ocean valet” (God, the Divine, our spirit guides) for help and guidance.

There’s another dream that has been on my mind quite a lot lately. I had the dream in 2005, but am being guided to share it here, to help change the direction of the path humanity is on. The following dream is excerpted from my memoir What Everyone Believed:

“At the end of January 2005, I awakened from a dream where I was scrambling across a craggy landscape that looked like the aftermath of a mountain  explosion. Large boulders and slabs lay all around in disarray, as though they had fallen from the sky. Crevices wide enough to fall through stymied your path; you had to watch your every move. I was stepping through the wreckage,  hopping from boulder to boulder, headed towards a city that looked like ancient  Rome. When I entered the city through the front gates, I saw lions living among the people. Lions loitered in the courtyards, on the piazzas and the verandas.  The people hummed about the city guardedly–quite understandable, given that you could never be sure what a lion might do. I too walked around feeling guarded, and slipped away to a safe place while still going about my normal business. I  was with a Hispanic woman. She had been stopped for questioning at one of the  city’s checkpoints–a common thing. And as I was waiting for her, I awakened  from my dream.

After I recorded my dream into a journal, it had occurred to me that the people had learned to live with the lions; the two had coexisted. And perhaps after a few generations, it became the only way they knew how to live. They had learned how to walk, what to do, what to feed the lions. They went about their daily business taking certain precautions and thus, remained relatively safe. And then, the lions did not seem so much like lions anymore. They mostly lazed around, swishing their tails.”–End of excerpt.

Back at the time of my dream (which was for me … divine guidance), I had interpreted it to mean that I was to keep going with my mission while coexisting with my fears. Furthermore, I saw the fears being tamed, and the “lions” out in the world could also be tamed.

What about you? Is your fear still blocking you from doing what you’re here to do? Perhaps you’ll discover that your fears and anxieties (if you examine them and move through them) are the catalysts that allow you to discover your unique contribution at this important time in humanity’s history. Dreams are a form of divine guidance and a way your higher self uses to get through to you. And when you connect and integrate with your higher self, you will have clearer dreams that guide.

To learn the how-to steps for connecting and integrating with your higher self (including how to release your fears), click on “eBook on 2012” in the main menu.

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