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I listened to a couple interviews of “Drake” over the weekend where he explained how freedom will be returned to the people of the United States (and the world), with the cooperation of the country’s military, Native American organizations, as well as other freedom-inspired groups. The events that are being planned over the next couple of months (which include the arrests of certain elite who have committed crimes against the population) will no doubt be a shock to many, he explained. However, the changes in society and in the economy that will be implemented will be, in the longer term, for the greater good of all. (Googling Drake + Deatra as well as Drake + David Wilcock is a good place to start for learning more about this development.)

I’ve also read blog posts from light-workers who are not on the same page with Drake. One reason for this may be that the Drake plan does not resemble the possible scenarios proposed by certain Channels (which often include Disclosure, reunion with our space brothers and sisters, as well as getting their cool technology). It seems–at least to me–that if things don’t go according to some predicted scenario, certain lightworkers won’t be happy.

There’s also evidence that many lightworkers are perplexed right now. Just today I read a blog post of Visionkeeper, who was wondering whether lightworkers are even going in the right direction. From the comments and emails she has been getting on her blog, people are “very discouraged right now, they feel let down and manipulated yet again.” She acknowledges that many people want proof that things are going in the right direction, but asks them to continue to believe with love in their hearts, without proof. She also concludes that we are seriously being tested.

Well, I’m certain that the changes will not happen according to anyone’s predicted scenario. No one knows how this time of change will play out, not even Jesus himself. I think it’s best to let go of the addiction to having to know beforehand how it will all manifest and keep trusting in yourself and in the Divine Plan.

I understand that many people, including many lightworkers, are perplexed about who to listen to, who to believe these days but I must say this is exactly the right place to be. Because a big part of the problem here has to do with looking to others for what to do or believe.

Your Pain: The Big Test

The Big Test is not about believing in some channeling or some “Ascension scenario.” It’s all about believing in yourself. It’s about being deeply connected with your higher self and this deep connection with yourself is what will get you through these challenging times. It’s about you being sovereign and whole. Because when you connect deeply with your higher self and follow through with your guidance you get to a point where you trust in yourself and in the divine plan–not in some Channel or some proposed scenario. Trusting yourself rather than some Channel or predicted scenario is part of the Big Test.

The problem as I see it is this: 1. Relying on others (Channels, gurus, and others) for what to believe and 2. There were (and still are) too many people channeling prophesies that never happened–which has disappointed many. (Well, if you had done your inner and outer work you would have understood why the predictions that have been channeled could not have possibly been a part of Divine Plan. I understand from some compelling firsthand experiences that any scenario that even hinted of rescue would not be a part of Divine Plan.)

Your Proof: Feedback From the Universe

The manual for how to successfully get through this difficult time of change is within you, but this means reconnecting with your higher self and developing enough confidence in that connection so that you follow through with your inner guidance even if it’s inconvenient or uncomfortable…because this is when you will receive feedback from the Universe (that will motivate you to go on).

You need to reconnect with your higher self and follow through with your individual inner guidance promptly and consistently, because this is when you will receive regular feedback–in the form of favorable synchronicities, new insights, more flow, and greater universal cooperation in your life–which will help you recognize that you’re definitely on the right track. (Re: this reconnecting process, there are a couple of things that usually trip people up, and I go into these issues in my 2 books and on my blog).

It is best not have any expectations about 2012 prophesies or “scenarios.” The divine plan will not go according to some person’s channeling or understanding. There will no doubt be surprises. I would caution even lightworkers to let go of their preconceived notions of how this “ascension” is to play out. Everyone is to connect within and follow their own inner guidance. Connect within and become a sovereign being (with direct access to Source) and you will fulfill your part in the divine plan.

It is interesting that although the Drake plan may appear to be highly organized, Drake says there is no parent organization or leader behind it. (I can definitely get that…)

I propose that the following is the missing piece right now: Reconnecting with your higher self and developing enough confidence in that connection so that you follow through with your inner guidance promptly and consistently even when it’s inconvenient or places you outside your comfort zone. By doing this, you will experience the synchronicities and insights and gain the bigger picture understanding and confidence in your inner self that will have you stop listening to others for guidance on what to do–even your most cherished guru or “sacred” book–because you will have proven to yourself that you have direct connection to Source. (Which is, as I have already mentioned, the Big Test.)
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This past week or so there’s been a big to-do in some online spiritual circles around the possibility of lightworkers expediting the process of Disclosure by visiting a spaceship. If you were online on some spiritual site recently, there’s a good chance you’ve heard about Steve Beckow (www.the2012scenario.com) and his planned trip to a mothership named “Neptune” (captained by a guy named “Grener”), along with roughly a couple hundred other lightworkers as witnesses.  By having the chosen lightworkers experience life onboard the spaceship and bring back photos and findings freely shared with the world (including during an official press conference upon their return after 10 days), Disclosure would be forced to happen. Takeoff was planned for Saturday, February the 4th.

As the event came closer and closer Steve’s list of space volunteers grew larger and larger…but February 4th came and went and the intergalactics never showed up.  I knew this trip wasn’t going to happen, and a couple days before the event was to transpire, I posted on a facebook group that the result of this “non-event” would ultimately be positive. Steve was going to teach a lot of people that it’s time to follow their own inner guidance.

This isn’t the last time that some great event is predicted or promised. There will be more predictions and promises that result in some people being disappointed and disillusioned. Despite people seeming to understand that humanity will not be saved by outside forces, that we are to “save” ourselves through connecting to the divine within and fulfilling our individual, unique contribution to the Golden Age, like “spider-webs in our closets,” variations and permutations of this “being saved” belief still remain in the mind-set of the public, even in supposed “outside-the-box” spiritual thinkers such as Steve Beckow.

Why didn’t the intergalactics give Steve the “proof” he wanted, so he could show the world that they (intergalactics in spaceships) exist? Does Steve really need this proof to go on with his work?

During my research for my eBook on 2012, I discovered the proof I needed in a careful examination of the astronomy, ancient calendars, the “coincidences” occurring when you correlate the astronomy with the Mayan calendar, and the technology required to measure invisible lines in space that predict alignments that are not even visible from this planet.

Although the “proof” I discovered in the examination of the above was more convincing to my mind than some channeled messages or other sources, I knew that simply discovering that we are not alone in the Universe is not the point of this Earth Experiment. There is a Divine Plan at work that is propeling everyone’s growth and evolution. Furthermore, we have a mess here on this planet and we need to clean it up–not our space brothers and sisters. This is about your own personal growth, and about discovering what you’re capable of when pushed. (I promise that you will be completely astonished at the brilliance of the divine plan, and be grateful and feel gloriously blessed that you were a part of it, even though at this moment you may wish to just end it all.)

Connecting to the Divine Plan requires connecting to your higher self and following through with your inner guidance. I don’t channel and I’m not psychic, but after years and years of following my inner guidance and receiving new insights piece by piece, I have a pretty good understanding of the divine plan and about how things work here. This understanding is not only possible for you, but it’s actually part of the Ascension process.

The raising of our individual consciousness (the learning we do), and the resolving of our issues through that learning process, is of utmost importance. It’s much more important in the larger scheme of things than some formal announcement or Disclosure.

The challenge is that following through with your inner guidance is not that easy to do. If it were, more people would be doing it, instead of waiting for Disclosure to happen (or pushing it to happen). Disclosure is not the main event here, and besides…what a waste of ages of human aspiration and striving if it all came down to being rescued by outside forces. Source would never go for it–and your higher self would not allow it.


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