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Do you trust that the Divine Plan will manifest a Golden Age for humanity? Do you trust yourself to keep your balance and stability even as the world’s institutions seem to spiral out of control? How does the Divine Plan for a Golden Age fit in with all the corruption that’s being exposed in the world right now?

I have just read an article by David Wilcock titled, The Great Revealing: US Marshals Expose Biggest Scandal in History that summarizes the extreme level of corruption the biggest banks in the world (including the Vatican Bank) are (and have been) involved in and the outrageous level of control a very small number of corporations exert on the world’s economy . According to David Wilcock, personnel at the financial investigation branch of the U.S. Department of Justice are responsible for exposing much of this incredible information and the U.S. federal Marshals are the personnel that will enforce the law on behalf of the Department of Justice. (If you have not read Wilcock’s article, I would recommend that you do so. It’s long, but worth it.)

As of this moment these scandals have not yet received much attention in the U.S. mainstream press (and I can imagine there’s much more to come) but how will you respond when the ramifications are actually felt? Do you trust yourself to keep your balance during times of extreme uncertainty and confusion? Will you trust that regardless of what it looks like on the outside, the Outcome will be a world that works for everyone–not just for the few?

A particularly confusing and chaotic time of my life several years ago caused me to “look within” for the answers and the uncomfortableness of my situation pushed me to follow through with the inner guidance I received. Following through in the moment (meaning, promptly and consistently) activated for me the “power of now,” such that shortly after I recognized my guidance and followed through, I experienced incredible, favorable synchronicities and eye-opening insights, one of which was that the Outcome is assured. In other words, when you connect with your higher self and follow through with your inner guidance in the moment (because windows of opportunities come and go), you will eventually come across an experience that will show you without a doubt that the Outcome is assured; that your Outcome is assured. This epiphany / understanding / moment of truth will then help you to keep going in your higher purpose and remain in balance, even when the world appears to fall apart. (In my memoir published early 2008 I wrote that “the outcome is assured,” and this personal epiphany has helped me deal with so much ever since…)

With so much misinformation and confusion out in the world, it’s really crucial to have a personal, firsthand, palpable experience that the Divine Plan is indeed working (regardless of what’s happening in your personal life and what you see in the news reports) and that you as an individual are on the right path. Connecting with the Divine Plan and fulfilling our role is something that’s required of all of us right now. Furthermore, it’s how the Golden Age is to come about.

In the following important message (channeled by Suzy Ward), Mathew says that learning to trust our inner guidance will help not only to reduce our fear, it’s a necessary step in our spiritual growth and evolution right now:

“Ask within and trust your intuition to tell you what is true and what is not. Developing discernment and learning to trust the messages from your soul to your consciousness not only will eliminate unnecessary feelings of fear, they are upward steps in soul evolvement.” Mathew’s message, channeled by Suzanne Ward, July 4, 2012.

Can you see how receiving personal, positive feedback from the Universe that the Divine is indeed working in your life can help to support you right now? Can you also see that a deeper understanding of the Divine Plan (one that’s clear and makes both intuitive and logical sense) will support you during these uncertain times? No one can give this experience to you (some things you just need to experience for yourself), but I can share with you what I learned in my process so that you can get to that important point faster and with greater ease.

To learn the how-to of receiving consistent feedback from the Universe and to attain a deeper understanding of the Divine Plan, please click on the link below:

Connecting with your Higher Self and Understanding the Divine Plan


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