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In David Wilcock’s latest post of October 22 on his website DivineCosmos.com Wilcock asserts that something big is coming that involves the highest level of the U.S. government, the Mueller investigation as well as Julian Assange of Wikileaks. Wilcock writes that “full disclosure” about the true nature of our government as well as world events is coming and if Mueller isn’t going to reveal what he knows, Wikileaks will, and it will be soon … like probably this week soon. David asks his readers to share this article with others, and also to meditate more and sever ties with those in our lives who have psychopathic and narcissistic tendencies, so that we can more easily release the ties the powerful elite have over our lives and the world.

That’s all fine and good, but I doubt that full disclosure, the announcement, will happen anytime soon, simply because I don’t see changes in the world that show that a great many people have awakened spiritually. You just have to look at the world around you and people’s behavior to see that most have not yet awakened … yet. Which to me means that full disclosure, the announcement, will continue to be stalled. I will now explain why, and define what I mean by “spiritual awakening.”

You do not “awaken spiritually” by reading about humanity’s origins, history, or the truth about religion, although reading can definitely be a step in the right direction.  You do not awaken spiritually by reading spiritual books, articles or blog posts, no matter how enlightened or how true they may be. Quite simply, you do not awaken spiritually by reading.

The only way to awaken spiritually and accomplish what it is that is required of all of us at this point in humanity’s evolution is to strengthen the relationship with your higher self, your direct connection with the divine. By strengthening the relationship with your higher self, you will awaken your inner power, your soul’s power.

In other words, spiritual awakening means awakening the power in you that’s been dormant and ignored for a long, long time. And by strengthening the relationship with your higher self, you will, over time, contribute to the unfolding of a new world.

When you strengthen the relationship with your higher self, you’ll discover that your life will not go along the same trajectory that it’s been on; you will make changes. Your higher self will guide you to take certain actions and when you take those actions, you’ll discover things about yourself and others that are truly eye-opening.

You’ll have profound firsthand insights that will change your view about yourself, about others, and about life on Earth. And when you change your views, it will help change your behavior. This is the same path to becoming the master of your life, and a necessary ingredient to experiencing “full disclosure.”

By strengthening the relationship with your higher self, you’ll discover who you are and what you’re truly capable of. You’ll fulfill your life purpose, and feel like you’ve finally arrived. And you’ll also discover the role the powerful elite have had in this Earth drama and in your spiritual evolution and you’ll be grateful to them for this, too.

I can’t emphasize enough how super important this is. And the divine will not cheat you out of this profound experience.

This is really good news. The Earth drama is not just some “good guys vs. bad guys,” the-good-guys-defeat-the-bad-guys-and-save-the-Earth drama that’s been around for millennia. Who is the hero anyway?

In fact, by taking this path and strengthening the relationship with your higher self you will become like the master Jesus. Jesus had a different attitude toward his enemies even 2000 years ago because he had a different view of life on Earth, a view informed by his deep insights that came from actually following his inner guidance, his connection to God. I know that even his close disciples had difficulty understanding his views.

That’s because rather than just listening and following him as if he were some sort of religious leader, or was unique in some way, or had all the answers, he had instructed them to discover their own inner power and connection with God. (This is why it’s true that Christianity has yet to be practiced.)

So how do you strengthen the relationship with your higher self? Quite simply, you pay attention to your heart and soul and you respond to the promptings of your heart / soul. The following are the five steps I’ve outlined for you that I discovered over years of connecting, responding to my soul’s higher guidance, and observing what happened as a result.

Five Steps for Strengthening the Relationship with Your Higher Self

  1. Ask your higher self to help you reconnect

Your higher self will respond to your intention and willingness to reconnect. Your higher self also knows what works best for you and how to get your attention. So … ask your higher self to help you connect.

  1. Meditate and pay attention to your Sacred Space

Next, pay attention to your “sacred space.” Your sacred space is your center, the area in the center of your body near your heart, “soul seed,” and solar plexus. Then you will do the following: you meditate with your attention on this area, asking for guidance, and you “check in” to this area several times a day. (Take a few seconds, several times a day, and place your attention on this area. Is your heart telling you something? What are you feeling?)

  1. Follow through on your inner guidance promptly and consistently

Make the commitment and build up the courage to follow through with your inner guidance promptly and consistently. In the beginning, your higher self may have you take little steps that will help build your trust. For example, your intuition might tell you to call an old friend, write down an insight, or do something that might not be your usual behavior. Follow through with your inner guidance as soon as possible and notice what happens as a result. And when something favorable happens to you because you followed through, what happens is your trust in your inner guidance, your ability to “read” it, and in your connection with your higher self will grow.

  1. Ask your higher self for clear guidance when you feel stuck

What do you do when you need guidance but don’t trust yourself to interpret it correctly because you’re feeling too anxious or stressed? Try to relax and ask your higher self to send you guidance so clear it can’t be misinterpreted.

I’ve received such “signs from the universe” on numerous occasions. And these signs came rather quickly after I asked for them, too.

  1. Be willing to let go of old beliefs and societal / mental conditionings

Sometimes, old beliefs and mental conditionings (about yourself, about others, and about the world) will get in the way of your progress and you’ll need to let go of them. (Note: This is especially true for the beliefs you have about yourself, and what you think you’re capable of!)

The good news is that as you strengthen your relationship with your higher self, your new experiences will simply override those false beliefs and mental conditionings. In the meantime, your greater trust in your inner guidance, the new insights and wisdom you’ll receive, and your new habits, capacities, and confidence will help you gently change your mindset. After all, when’s the last time you changed your mind about something that’s dear to you just because someone told you to?

The five steps above will help you cultivate a deeper, stronger and clearer relationship with your higher self … as well as bring more and more of your soul’s expression into the world. It’s also how you’ll know firsthand that you’re doing it, you’re on the right path.

If you feel comfortable and are ready to practice the five steps above, I urge you to begin today. I can say without a doubt that many blessings are in store for you.

But maybe you’re not quite sure about the steps above and would like to have the full details about each of them. Maybe you’d benefit from having simple, real-life examples? And maybe you’d like to know how to distinguish your gut instincts (which are influenced by your past experiences, your fears, and societal conditionings) from your higher self’s guidance? Then I suggest you get a copy of the book, The Spiritual Awakening Process: Coming Out of the Darkness and Into the Light.  The steps detailed in this book will help you find your Self again and become the master of your life.

In summary, David Wilcock does a good job of summarizing some of the planet’s hehind-the-scenes happenings. I recommend you read his latest post, even though I don’t agree with some of his assertions. However, much more emphasis must be placed on spiritual awakening, specifically the awakening of individual inner power. Because it’s time to have access to all your resources, to your deepest wisdom, and to become the master of your life. It’s time to experience “full disclosure” and help fulfill the Earth’s full potential.

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Do you trust that the Divine Plan will manifest a Golden Age for humanity? Do you trust yourself to keep your balance and stability even as the world’s institutions seem to spiral out of control? How does the Divine Plan for a Golden Age fit in with all the corruption that’s being exposed in the world right now?

I have just read an article by David Wilcock titled, The Great Revealing: US Marshals Expose Biggest Scandal in History that summarizes the extreme level of corruption the biggest banks in the world (including the Vatican Bank) are (and have been) involved in and the outrageous level of control a very small number of corporations exert on the world’s economy . According to David Wilcock, personnel at the financial investigation branch of the U.S. Department of Justice are responsible for exposing much of this incredible information and the U.S. federal Marshals are the personnel that will enforce the law on behalf of the Department of Justice. (If you have not read Wilcock’s article, I would recommend that you do so. It’s long, but worth it.)

As of this moment these scandals have not yet received much attention in the U.S. mainstream press (and I can imagine there’s much more to come) but how will you respond when the ramifications are actually felt? Do you trust yourself to keep your balance during times of extreme uncertainty and confusion? Will you trust that regardless of what it looks like on the outside, the Outcome will be a world that works for everyone–not just for the few?

A particularly confusing and chaotic time of my life several years ago caused me to “look within” for the answers and the uncomfortableness of my situation pushed me to follow through with the inner guidance I received. Following through in the moment (meaning, promptly and consistently) activated for me the “power of now,” such that shortly after I recognized my guidance and followed through, I experienced incredible, favorable synchronicities and eye-opening insights, one of which was that the Outcome is assured. In other words, when you connect with your higher self and follow through with your inner guidance in the moment (because windows of opportunities come and go), you will eventually come across an experience that will show you without a doubt that the Outcome is assured; that your Outcome is assured. This epiphany / understanding / moment of truth will then help you to keep going in your higher purpose and remain in balance, even when the world appears to fall apart. (In my memoir published early 2008 I wrote that “the outcome is assured,” and this personal epiphany has helped me deal with so much ever since…)

With so much misinformation and confusion out in the world, it’s really crucial to have a personal, firsthand, palpable experience that the Divine Plan is indeed working (regardless of what’s happening in your personal life and what you see in the news reports) and that you as an individual are on the right path. Connecting with the Divine Plan and fulfilling our role is something that’s required of all of us right now. Furthermore, it’s how the Golden Age is to come about.

In the following important message (channeled by Suzy Ward), Mathew says that learning to trust our inner guidance will help not only to reduce our fear, it’s a necessary step in our spiritual growth and evolution right now:

“Ask within and trust your intuition to tell you what is true and what is not. Developing discernment and learning to trust the messages from your soul to your consciousness not only will eliminate unnecessary feelings of fear, they are upward steps in soul evolvement.” Mathew’s message, channeled by Suzanne Ward, July 4, 2012.

Can you see how receiving personal, positive feedback from the Universe that the Divine is indeed working in your life can help to support you right now? Can you also see that a deeper understanding of the Divine Plan (one that’s clear and makes both intuitive and logical sense) will support you during these uncertain times? No one can give this experience to you (some things you just need to experience for yourself), but I can share with you what I learned in my process so that you can get to that important point faster and with greater ease.

To learn the how-to of receiving consistent feedback from the Universe and to attain a deeper understanding of the Divine Plan, please click on the link below:

Connecting with your Higher Self and Understanding the Divine Plan


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