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Last November I had a personal message and guidance channeled for me from the Counsel of Light (through Flo Aeveia Magdalena, who channels them). You might recall that I wrote an article on this guidance, on living from creation rather than survival, soon afterwards. Besides the advice to work on increasing the percentage of time I’m operating in “creation mode” from about 60% of the time to 70%, then 80%, then 90%, and so on, they asked me to begin two new blogs.

One of the blogs is to be for people who already know who they are and are ready to fulfill their higher purpose. The Counsel of Light said, “So the creative blog is for people who know who they are, and who want to bring that into the world.” The other blog is for “people who are finding themselves, who know nothing about their energy system. They don’t know about how their energy impacts the world around them. They don’t know what happens when they dry up, when they don’t know what to do, buy nolvadex online, when they’re at a loss for the next steps. They don’t know what direction to take, perhaps they’re indecisive. They’re not sure why they’re here in the first place. They’ve had a lot of things happen to them and they’re searching for their self; that self-searching is about finding one’s place,” the Counsel of Light advised me through channel Flo Aeveia Magdalena.

A Friend Inspires Me Early One Morning

Well, for a couple of months I wasn’t quite sure what the Counsel of Light wanted me to do. Nothing came to me. I felt uninspired. Then sometime early this year a friend of mine texted me, saying that she had just had another tiff with her teenage daughter and that we should write a book together on teenage girls, on the good and the bad of raising teenage girls. (She has heard many a story about my adventures in raising my two teenage daughters…)

It was around 6 a.m. and I was still half asleep when I texted her back, “Okay, let’s do it!” But then later when I had a chance to think about it, I realized I didn’t want to write any books at all right now. (No way! I really don’t want to.)  Rather, I wanted to support my friend in writing that book and I thought I could start a blog for parents of teenage girls (one that would, at the same time, help my friend sell her book when it was done). Then as I thought about these things a bit more, I realized I didn’t want to do a blog at all (I already have this blog), but to have an online magazine. An online magazine would be the next best step for me.

So I am developing a magazine for parents of teenage girls, where at least half the content would be written by experts. A magazine that would teach parents skills so they could raise girls to be independent thinkers and leaders rather than followers, girls who will “come from their heart” and be conscious of the bigger picture of humanity’s journey.

So, that’s how my ideas have evolved from the guidance I’ve been given from the Counsel of Light last November. That blog that the Counsel of Light suggested I begin, the one for people “who are trying to find themselves, who are searching for who they are,” will be an online magazine for parents of teenage girls. I will take a niche that’s considered “mainstream” and bring more awareness and spiritual principles into it. It’s one way how I will integrate the spiritual with the mundane, and it’s how I will help spread more wisdom and depth of being into the mainstream. (That many spiritual messages lately have been urging light-workers to integrate their higher self into their daily lives, to integrate spirituality into the mainstream is not lost on me…)

Higher Guidance Is Never Set In Stone

When you receive guidance from higher beings, in the form of channeled messages or nudges from your spirit guides, the guidance is not usually exact and it’s never set in stone, I have discovered. Things are flexible and there’s always room for your creativity and growth.

So what have you been up to lately that brings spirituality into the mainstream? What projects are you working on that inspire you?  It would be wonderful if you could share your insights and experiences with others in the comment section below. I know that many people have been disappointed that not very much has changed in the world since December 21, 2013, and sharing your ideas with others will help them see that things are in the process of transforming on this planet.

Are You An Expert On Raising Teenage Girls?

I would also love to hear from you if you or someone you know is an expert on raising teenage girls. I’m looking for expert contributors to my upcoming magazine (launching, hopefully, at the end of this month or the beginning of next month). Please send me a personal email if you’d like to contribute an article or if you would like to be a regular contributor (one article about once a month).

The Dalai Lama has said that, “The world will be saved by the Western Woman,” so I’m not waiting around for others to make it happen, I’m proactively playing a part in that future.

By the way, once I have the magazine started I will work on blogging more regularly (weekly) on this blog. Thank you for reading my articles, and for your support!


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I dropped off my teenagers at the San Francisco airport the other day. They are visiting their Dad (who is working in Germany for the next year) and their Oma and Opa for the Christmas holidays. After we checked their luggage and they got into the security line, we said goodbye and I left. The security line was as far as far as I could physically go, and they were big girls now, one would turn 15 at the end of March and the other 18 next month.

Five minutes from my house I got a phone call from the younger one, telling me that their flight was delayed by over two hours, which meant that they would not make their connecting flight from L.A. to Munich. I instructed her to go talk to an airline representative right away, to let them know that they would miss their flight. I assured her that the airline would get them to Munich; there were other flights flying out to L.A. all the time.

A few minutes later she let me know that she was talking with customer service. Some time later she called to let me know that they were told they could possibly get on a direct flight to Munich, if they got to the right gate fast (and it might already be too late), but that they were already given wrong directions twice, and what should they do? I said to go for it, get the right directions and get over to the right gate–fast. And most likely, the right gate was in the International terminal at the beginning of the airport.

“Is that all you have to say?” she asked in an annoyed tone (as if I had said something wrong).

“Congratulations on negotiating the problem well,” I said, but I’m not sure how much of that she heard, as she had hung up on me at that point. And then neither one answered any further texts or calls from me. How was I supposed to know what flight they were or were not getting on? I had to call the airline to find out that indeed, both of them were going to be on the direct flight to Munich. I could then let their Dad know the flight number and when to expect them.

In the end, they got to Munich five minutes before their original flight, even though they had been given “wrong directions” that made them “go through security four times.” The older one was so frustrated with the whole experience she was about to cry.

I’m not writing this blog post to share the crazy whims of teenagers (although that can be amusing at times), but because I was “urged from within” to share it, because it’s a good example of what is happening in the larger world at this time. (And if you re-read this blog post, you’ll get the deeper message within it, which has to do with the great shift in consciousness and the “tipping point” that occurred yesterday, December 21, 2012.)

I texted the following message to my teenage daughters: “If a problem occurs, it means there must be a solution already available, and all you have to do is CALMLY look for the solution.”

The message to light-workers and other adults is this: If a problem occurs, it means your higher self had planned it and also that your higher self has the answers–if you connect within and search for the answers.

Another relevant and important idea I wish to share here has to do with a blog post I had written a few weeks ago that urged the importance of coming from Creation mode rather than survival mode, more and more. The important concept to grasp here (that will bring the “New World” into being) is this: If you are feeling any sort of doubt or panic around some issue or some thing, that’s a clue that you are NOT coming from Creation. So get yourself back into creation mode!

Finally, I want to share a brilliant message from Geoffrey Hoppe’s latest “Shaumbra Monthly” newsletter.

“When you wake up on December 22 and realize that it’s just another day on planet Earth, take a deep breath instead of a deep sigh. Go inside yourself for a moment. Remember that you brought all of these energies of personal change into your life, and your life is in the process of making a huge shift into embodied, conscious spirit. Take a look at how far you’ve come these past 10 – 20 years, then thank yourself for making it (mostly) intact to the marker date of December 22. Put aside what’s going on in the outer world, and then get ready for a series of quantum transformations that begin to unfold in your life. You see, it never was about what was going to happen on December 21. It’s always been about what was going to happen AFTER this historic marker.”

Now that the famous December 21, 2012 solstice is behind us, we can let go of the “end of the world” distractions and get to work on the real things that matter, that need to be done, that require changing your life from the inside out.

To receive good directions for the “inner work” we’re being called to do, please click the following link and consider reading the two books I’ve written. The memoir (hardcover) is an account of my reconnecting experience, and the eBook contains how-to instructions, as well as other helpful information.

Connecting with your Higher Self and Living From Creation


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