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In this blog post I share a bit about my Catholic background, how my views of Christ and Christianity have evolved over time, my insights about what it really means to follow Christ’s example, and how this fits with the Great Shift in Consciousness.

I am clear that humanity will save itself not by believing in Jesus Christ’s existence, but by following Christ’s example. What this means is that each individual will “save” him or herself (which includes clearing his or her karma) not by merely believing that Christ is our personal savior, but by personally following his example. (And because Christ is the one who’s showing you the way, I suppose you could view him as your savior. It’s just that you have to take action and follow his example, because prayer and meditation aren’t enough.)

I am also clear that you have within you the capacity to do what Jesus did 2000 years ago–to cultivate a strong, unbreakable connection with your higher self, which has a direct connection to Divine Guidance (to Source, God). Part of cultivating this connection requires that you not just connect with your higher self / higher consciousness through quiet time and meditation, but that you actually follow your inner guidance–even when it goes against the preachers and religious and cultural institutions of this time. (By the way, what a great example of this Jesus was…)

Some Christians may question people’s ability to connect with their higher consciousness, but this has nothing to do with truth and everything to do with what they were taught to believe. It’s certainly not my truth. I’m clear that I have cultivated a direct connection to God / Source and I know that others can do the same. Furthermore, I am clear that Jesus Christ was here to teach us, to be an example for all of us to follow. We are here to follow his example, not merely to believe in him. (As a child who was raised Catholic, my impression was that following in Jesus’s footsteps was the right path … which however some had interpreted as having a calling as a Priest if you were a man, or a Nun if you were a woman.)

Many misconceptions about Jesus, his life, and Christianity exist. Some of these I learned over a decade ago from a Father Charlie Moore, a former Catholic priest who was dismissed from the Church for teaching hidden truths about the origins of humanity and religions. From what I understand, Jesus was not at all fond of organizations, and he never founded the Christian Church. It was Constantine who founded the Christian Church – in the year 325 A.D. Constantine needed an army to invade other lands–so that he could acquire their wealth. (Does this remind you of anything still going on today? Is humanity finally waking up to all of this?)

Jesus taught his disciples how to attain direct access to God (to Divine Guidance, to higher consciousness, to Source). However, not all his disciples had a deep understanding of Jesus’s teachings. The level of their understanding was a reflection of the level of their courage in following through with their own inner guidance rather than what they were taught to believe. (Naturally, the easier, more common path was to deny their own connection with Source as they had been programmed to do and to place their trust in some Messiah to do it all for them. This path of course did not allow them to grasp Jesus’ true message, did not allow the shift in consciousness that Jesus was.) According to Father Charlie Moore’s findings, the books written by the disciples who had a deeper understanding of Christ’s teachings were excluded from the Bible. I am clear that the writings of those disciples who I understand were closest to Jesus and most involved with his mission were excluded from the Bible.

Around 2003 I received a message from the Counsel of Light (channeled through Flo Aeveia Magdalena) that I had “Christ consciousness.” But it wasn’t until I connected with my higher self and followed through with my inner guidance promptly and consistently (which, by the way, deepened my understanding of Jesus’ story) that I finally accepted their assertion.

Jesus was a rebel and a threat to the powers that be. He taught that there was no such thing as sin, according to Father Charlie Moore’s research. The idea of “sin” was introduced by the powerful elite so that the people would be obedient to their (man-made) laws.

Jesus didn’t believe in sin; he nurtured innocence. He pointed the way back to our original innocence when he said, “The kingdom of heaven is within.” By connecting with your higher self and following through with your inner guidance, you will receive favorable synchronicities and new insights that will help you understand the bigger picture of your life and how it fits in with Divine Plan. Furthermore, you will fulfill your part of the Divine Plan. And this is what will clear your karma.

Jesus taught how to use the power that you were given, to get in touch with higher consciousness, with your intuitive powers. Jesus taught how to get in touch with God through your higher self–the “holy spirit,” the higher consciousness within you.  Father Moore would say, “Instead of worshipping God, use the powers you were given. Be the glory of God. And help everyone else be the glory of God!”

Jesus was not meant to be an intermediary between the people and God. Rather, he was to be an example, someone who through tremendous struggle had found the way by finding Divine Guidance within. Through his example the people would be able to find God within.

Father Moore would also say that masters never tell you what to believe, or to believe in them. They only help you to figure it out for yourself by helping you to get in touch with the higher consciousness within you. Jesus was indeed a master.

The powerful elite took over Jesus’ teachings and perverted them. They turned Jesus into a mediator, in the tradition of the priest-gods of the Old Testament that went between the people and God. They co-opted Jesus’ teachings, twisted them to support their own agenda, so that they would continue to gain power over the people.

The true followers of Jesus were not called Christians; they were called  “followers of the way,” according to Father Moore. I understand the way; it’s the journey that reconnects and integrates you with your higher self, with your higher consciousness, with Christ consciousness. The journey of higher consciousness is a journey into truth. Are you ready for the truth?

If you would like to learn more about how to reconnect with your higher self from someone who’s been there, who gives detailed, concrete information in plain English, please check out my eBook, Activating 2012: A Practical Guide for Navigating 2012 with Confidence and Clarity by clicking the link below.

Activating 2012: A Practical Guide for Navigating 2012 with Confidence and Clarity

If you would like to further explore Scripture and the hidden meanings of the Bible, please check out The Spirit of the Scripture blog of Joshua Tilghman. (Joshua is very supportive of my work.)

Another resource I recommend for those ready to evolve their Christianity is Nancy B. Detweiler’s blog, The Way of Love Blog, and her website Pathway to Ascension. Nancy is a Minister (M. Div.) who helps bridge the gap between mainstream Christianity and the emerging spirituality that’s based on the revelation of a much fuller knowledge of Cosmic Truth.

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