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I had two interesting conversations on the topic of channeled messages this week. One person, with whom I conversed with online, had a negative view of channeling and was “filled to the gills with the false definition of ascension and the disinformation around it.” She had had enough of ETs, the Galactic Federation of Light, and other such topics as well. She seemed disappointed.

I can understand where she’s coming from. When she had heard channeled messages promising a better world for humanity, promising at times visits and help from our galactic brothers and sisters, she may have felt herself uplifted–at first. However, if she had understood from the get-go that the ascension process was about her lifting herself up and that ETs coming here to save us was never part of the plan, she would have disregarded most of those questionable promises, worked more committedly on her own personal growth instead, created some fantastic outcomes that she had not even expected as a result, and not have been disappointed when the promises made by extra-dimensional beings did not transpire.

In fact, she would have been thrilled that the ETs had not yet arrived–because she had been able to experience from within something truly liberating and empowering, to experience firsthand who she really was and what she was capable of when given the right opportunity.

While I was writing my first book, What Everyone Believed: A Memoir of Intuition and Awakening (published January 2008) I came across a few channelers online who were  spreading the information that our space brothers and sisters were going to visit us “soon.” Some even claimed that this would happen in 2008.

However, I have had several conversations with the Counsel of Light–who never once mentioned to me that they were going to visit the Earth anytime soon, and I never thought to ask them. The topic just never came up; the focus of our interaction was on my mission. (The Counsel of Light spoke to me through medium Flo Aeveia Magdalena.)

I remember hiking alone one day around 2008, talking out loud to the Counsel of Light (well, they had let me know that they were always around me …). I told them that if they were to actually visit the Earth anytime soon, that would screw things up big time for humanity. It would rob a lot of people of some incredible experiences, of discovering their true power within and discovering who they really are. (I threw in a swear word here and there as well.)

Ever since I considered the topic seriously, my feelings have been that our Galactic brothers and sisters would not reunite with the Earth until after we have entered our Golden Age. But of course one can never be 100 percent sure about such things, and also, so many mediums with large followings were channeling otherwise.

I do not channel, per se. I had gotten my information from what was channeled for me, and from what I had personally experienced and learned from following certain “guidelines” that were given me. Lately, more and more channeled messages have been emphasizing that we are the ones who will do the work and we are the ones who will create the Golden Age on Earth. But from what I have been sensing and seeing recently, many people don’t see this as a privilege and the incredible opportunity it is, but as an impossible burden that they have no idea how to make right.

The other conversation I had this week was with friend and spiritual advisor Pamela Leach. Pamela asked me some questions about my experiences with the channelings of the Counsel of Light and my opinion about the timelines I was given and what actually transpired.

I told Pamela that if the Counsel of Light had told me that it would take me 10 years to get to where I am now (2 books, a blog, finally getting more than just a few people interested in what I have to say, family finally coming back around, life getting more comfortable …), I would have felt an incredible burden placed on me that would have been too much for me to handle, given everything else that was happening in my life at the time. It was much more humane for the Counsel of Light to string me along, to tell me, as they did in 2002, that I was “close … so close” to getting it. That “the blinders would be off real soon.”  When in reality, I felt that I had experienced my blinders coming off a couple years later. And then would come the hard work of pulling it all together in a book. And then the work of getting the information out into the world ….

However, the daily synchronicities and insights I received regarding my work and the regular progress I made motivated me to keep going–for over 10 years now. So when I read the word “soon” in some channeled message, I have a good sense of what that really means.

Life on Earth isn’t going to transform overnight, even after December 21, 2012 comes and goes. But if you make a commitment to fulfill your potential (your higher purpose), the favorable synchronicities, new insights and regular progress you make will have you inspired, motivated and even sometimes completely enthralled.

To discover the incredible opportunity available to you at this time, please click the link below to learn about my eBook Activating 2012:

Activating 2012: A practical guide for navigating 2012 with confidence and clarity

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When it comes to finding your purpose, I have discovered that the Universe (God, Source) often intervenes, sometimes in very interesting ways, when you’re ready. In this blog post, I share how a chance encounter with a complete stranger helped me find (and fulfill) my purpose in life. But first, a little bit about my background.

Around the beginning of 2001 (and even before then), I began to feel increasingly anxious about my purpose in life. I had worked for several years as a materials engineer, received a master’s degree in environmental studies, and had two children. And whenever I thought about what I was going to do about my career after my children began school, I had a sinking feeling in the pit of my stomach.

That dilemma and a few painful, crazy events that occurred around the same time caused me to search for answers, which led me to a workshop on Soul Recognition with Flo Aeveia Magdalena, including a message she channeled from the Counsel of Light. I wanted to discover my higher purpose in life.

Through Flo, the Counsel of Light said that I would write books on how life works here and about what Love truly is, and they said that I would become quite a popular writer.

A popular writer. How nice. All that sounded fine and good, but the only problem was, I didn’t have any plans to write any books of any kind. I had no idea what I could even write about, I wasn’t sure that I had anything interesting to say about Love, and I didn’t consider myself competent as a writer. Regarding the channeling, I really didn’t know what to believe.

But increasingly, strange things began to happen in my life and one day, I met a woman at a “Music in the Park” concert that I attended with my children and my husband.

Make a commitment, and the divine intervenes in mysterious ways

The following describes the chance encounter at the concert and is an excerpt from my memoir, What Everyone Believed: A Memoir of Intuition and Awakening:

It was at one of the concerts where I experienced another interesting encounter. My children met a little girl and they danced and played together. Then the little girl’s mother came over and introduced herself as Jahde, “But you can call me Jed,” she said. Then she said something that caught my attention: “You’re an author, aren’t you?

“Well, not exactly. I just started thinking about it earlier this year when I did a spiritual course. The leader and a few participants recommended that I write, but I haven’t written anything yet.” I didn’t mention to her the Counsel of Light’s prophesy, which I thought might be viewed a bit too far out.

“Maybe we can support each other in writing our books. I need someone to organize my material,” she said. (It was true that if motivated, I could organize things quite well.)

I didn’t know how this woman could have known this. I asked her. She said that she just knew that she’d meet an author that day.

I don’t know about these things. People don’t just hop out of bed in the morning thinking they’ll meet an author that day… Anyway, I took Jahde’s perception of me as a mystical sign. I think sometimes you are shown the way by signs and symbols such as these. Her idea of me also boosted my unsure inner state and not long afterwards, I decided to go for it…

It turns out that the things I needed to write about were either happening in the moment, or else they hadn’t happened yet. And, once I became serious about my higher purpose, things began to get interesting enough consistently enough to warrant me writing a book about it. (In fact, I couldn’t shake the feeling that I had been “set up” by the Universe and by some people in my life to take this new path, even though if you had asked them, they would have denied this, and their personality selves didn’t really want me taking any new paths…)

In hindsight, I was very fortunate to be advised by the Counsel of Light beforehand to pay attention to what was happening in my life and to record it. Because this allowed me to create a fairly accurate account of the events as they occurred, including what I did to “activate” my inner guidance and what happened after I followed it.

Anyway … the Counsel of Light’s prophesy turned out to be true, because here I am several years later, the author of two books! (That many people have found helpful, as well as amazing, by the way.) But listen up: they didn’t hand me the books on a silver platter. Rather, I made the commitment to write the books, and they made sure, through synchronicities and other mysterious ways, that I would experience plenty of interesting things to write about.

So what can you learn from this article? A few things:

  1.  Most likely, you have no idea what your higher purpose in life is (so don’t pay too much attention to what your limited human consciousness thinks it is)
  2. The Universe will offer you signs that help you find your purpose. That is, if you’re ready to go for it and if you pay attention. (This can help you distinguish higher guidance from your desires)
  3. The guidance you receive will be on a moment-to-moment, need-to-know basis
  4. It takes courage to find your higher purpose and to fulfill it
  5. Get yourself a journal and write your thoughts. As you search for your higher purpose, your life will become more and more interesting and significant

To learn the steps I took to find my purpose, you may wish to get my how-to eBook, Activating 2012: A Practical Guide for Navigating 2012 with Confidence and Clarity. I distilled the important information I learned in my process in this easy-to-understand eBook. Just click below:

Activating 2012: A Practical Guide for Navigating 2012 with Confidence and Clarity

The next few months leading up to December 2012 will be challenging, but increasing your understanding about what’s going on and what to expect will help make things much easier.

And if you would like to read the memoir of my process, What Everyone Believed: A Memoir of Intuition and Awakening (available through Amazon), please click the link below, then click on the Amazon button.

What Everyone Believed: A Memoir of Intuition and Awakening

Thank you and bless you for reading my work!

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I listened to a couple interviews of “Drake” over the weekend where he explained how freedom will be returned to the people of the United States (and the world), with the cooperation of the country’s military, Native American organizations, as well as other freedom-inspired groups. The events that are being planned over the next couple of months (which include the arrests of certain elite who have committed crimes against the population) will no doubt be a shock to many, he explained. However, the changes in society and in the economy that will be implemented will be, in the longer term, for the greater good of all. (Googling Drake + Deatra as well as Drake + David Wilcock is a good place to start for learning more about this development.)

I’ve also read blog posts from light-workers who are not on the same page with Drake. One reason for this may be that the Drake plan does not resemble the possible scenarios proposed by certain Channels (which often include Disclosure, reunion with our space brothers and sisters, as well as getting their cool technology). It seems–at least to me–that if things don’t go according to some predicted scenario, certain lightworkers won’t be happy.

There’s also evidence that many lightworkers are perplexed right now. Just today I read a blog post of Visionkeeper, who was wondering whether lightworkers are even going in the right direction. From the comments and emails she has been getting on her blog, people are “very discouraged right now, they feel let down and manipulated yet again.” She acknowledges that many people want proof that things are going in the right direction, but asks them to continue to believe with love in their hearts, without proof. She also concludes that we are seriously being tested.

Well, I’m certain that the changes will not happen according to anyone’s predicted scenario. No one knows how this time of change will play out, not even Jesus himself. I think it’s best to let go of the addiction to having to know beforehand how it will all manifest and keep trusting in yourself and in the Divine Plan.

I understand that many people, including many lightworkers, are perplexed about who to listen to, who to believe these days but I must say this is exactly the right place to be. Because a big part of the problem here has to do with looking to others for what to do or believe.

Your Pain: The Big Test

The Big Test is not about believing in some channeling or some “Ascension scenario.” It’s all about believing in yourself. It’s about being deeply connected with your higher self and this deep connection with yourself is what will get you through these challenging times. It’s about you being sovereign and whole. Because when you connect deeply with your higher self and follow through with your guidance you get to a point where you trust in yourself and in the divine plan–not in some Channel or some proposed scenario. Trusting yourself rather than some Channel or predicted scenario is part of the Big Test.

The problem as I see it is this: 1. Relying on others (Channels, gurus, and others) for what to believe and 2. There were (and still are) too many people channeling prophesies that never happened–which has disappointed many. (Well, if you had done your inner and outer work you would have understood why the predictions that have been channeled could not have possibly been a part of Divine Plan. I understand from some compelling firsthand experiences that any scenario that even hinted of rescue would not be a part of Divine Plan.)

Your Proof: Feedback From the Universe

The manual for how to successfully get through this difficult time of change is within you, but this means reconnecting with your higher self and developing enough confidence in that connection so that you follow through with your inner guidance even if it’s inconvenient or uncomfortable…because this is when you will receive feedback from the Universe (that will motivate you to go on).

You need to reconnect with your higher self and follow through with your individual inner guidance promptly and consistently, because this is when you will receive regular feedback–in the form of favorable synchronicities, new insights, more flow, and greater universal cooperation in your life–which will help you recognize that you’re definitely on the right track. (Re: this reconnecting process, there are a couple of things that usually trip people up, and I go into these issues in my 2 books and on my blog).

It is best not have any expectations about 2012 prophesies or “scenarios.” The divine plan will not go according to some person’s channeling or understanding. There will no doubt be surprises. I would caution even lightworkers to let go of their preconceived notions of how this “ascension” is to play out. Everyone is to connect within and follow their own inner guidance. Connect within and become a sovereign being (with direct access to Source) and you will fulfill your part in the divine plan.

It is interesting that although the Drake plan may appear to be highly organized, Drake says there is no parent organization or leader behind it. (I can definitely get that…)

I propose that the following is the missing piece right now: Reconnecting with your higher self and developing enough confidence in that connection so that you follow through with your inner guidance promptly and consistently even when it’s inconvenient or places you outside your comfort zone. By doing this, you will experience the synchronicities and insights and gain the bigger picture understanding and confidence in your inner self that will have you stop listening to others for guidance on what to do–even your most cherished guru or “sacred” book–because you will have proven to yourself that you have direct connection to Source. (Which is, as I have already mentioned, the Big Test.)
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More and more people are beginning to realize that the next step in their process of spiritual growth and evolution (and the “Ascension” of their consciousness) is to connect to their higher self and seek within for their own guidance, rather than to look to other people or to channeled messages for guidance…regardless of which “ascended master” the message is coming from.

In fact, I received an email from a subscriber earlier this week in response to my last blog post titled, “Is Channeling On the Decline?”  Pat-Anjali Kennedy let me know that she and all the Channels she knows have recently been guided from within to pull back and stop enabling the people who are not yet seeking for themselves…because it’s urgent that each individual seeks his or her own guidance from within. (This may explain why medium Geoffrey Hoppe–who channels Adamus St. Germaine–did not channel during his “annual predictions” event earlier this year. Instead, he and his wife Linda gave listeners practical advice for the year.)

Pat-Anjali Kennedy was guided through her Source-Being: “It is time for humanity to begin seeking now to find it for themselves …It is urgent everyone does so, as they will not seek it as long as there are posted messages that serve to distract, delay, and enable them to become co-dependent upon Channeled messages….They must find it for themselves now. This now time is crucial.”

But at the same time, we hear that we are already connected to our higher self and are already receiving guidance. So then, what is the difference between someone who is in the later stages of their awakening and ascension and someone who feels they’re just a beginner? What is it exactly that we are to do in order to advance, since it’s true that we are already connected to our higher self/soul? What is going to make a real difference?

It’s All About Confidence

In a nutshell, the difference has to do with 1. the level of confidence you have in your ability to distinguish your inner guidance from your wants and mental conditionings and 2. your level of confidence in the guidance itself, which helps you to promptly and consistently follow through with your guidance, even if it’s inconvenient for you to do so. Following your inner guidance is particularly challenging when your intuition is prompting you to follow through with something that’s outside your comfort zone (or that challenges your beliefs).

When you’re a beginner, or experiencing a personal crisis, or really long for something to happen, or just unsure of things, it’s not that easy to distinguish your inner guidance from your mental conditionings or personal desires and move forward on your path. I’ve been there and I know what that’s like. It can be a personal hell, and I’m not surprised that some people, even those who consider themselves light-workers, are procrastinating, waiting for something, even though they know they ought to be taking action now.

In the beginning stages of my process, when I wasn’t sure that I was correctly interpreting my guidance, I’ve had to resort to trying different things, to creative problem solving. I even asked the Universe to give me blatant signs. I figured that given that a lot was being asked of me, the least the Universe could do is provide me with real signs that I could not ignore. Well, the Universe promptly delivered. I shared several of these “signs that I could not ignore” and how I asked for them in my memoir. (Which must have annoyed my first book editor to no end…because she crossed out all of that content with ink. So then I was forced to look for other editors that were not so closed-minded.)

And Confidence Comes from Creating Results

You start from where you are, and you take baby steps. And when you follow through with your guidance and something amazing happens as a result, you learn to have even more confidence in yourself the next time. This is the gist of it.

Here’s an example that’s short, sweet and simple to understand. About two and a half years ago, I was hiking in the Los Gatos foothills when all of a sudden I received guidance to call an acquaintance. I had promised to help with a project, and I wanted to let him know I could be counted on.

I realized I didn’t have his number in my cell phone contact list, but as I was hiking up the hill, I remembered I had called him recently. So I looked through my call history for a (650) area code number and dialed the first (650) number I came across.

An unfamiliar man’s voice answered, “This is KZSU and you’re the winner. “Can you hold?”

“Yes, I can hold,” I said, blown away, realizing I had just “by accident” called the radio station where my friend hosted a weekly radio show, wondering if the current host was going to ask me questions I couldn’t answer, or how I was going to explain that I wasn’t listening to this guy’s show at the moment.

Well, it turns out I won a pair of tickets to the Monterey Jazz Festival (and he did not ask me any questions I couldn’t answer). Even though I had been very confident in my ability to discern and follow through with my guidance by then, this amazing result amplified my confidence even more. (It’s nice to receive such positive feedback from the Universe.)

Notice that I did not hesitate to follow through with my guidance. Even though I knew I didn’t have my friend’s number, I looked for another way to call him. Notice also that there was a very small “window of opportunity” for getting this particular result. If you wait too long to follow through with your intuition, your window of opportunity will pass you by. This window also holds true for your ability to experience the Great Shift in consciousness occurring now on this planet.

We often learn by example. Some people don’t know that certain things are possible…until they learn about it from others (the “copy-cat” approach). In my next blog post, I will share what happened to a friend of mine within a month of just reading my memoir.


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Some channeled messages that have promised events that did not not transpire have caused some channels to abandon channeling as well as some readers to stop reading and/or believing in channeled messages. A good recent example: Steve Beckow’s failed tryst with “Grener, the President of the Intergalactic Council.”

Does this mean that channeling is on the decline? I’ll do my best to try to explain why it’s actually a good thing that channeling is on the decline, even though channeling isn’t completely done with yet and messages will still be channeled that will be truly helpful to many.

One reason why channeling is on the decline is that we are to reconnect with our higher selves and receive our guidance directly. Ultimately, we are to receive our guidance directly from Source. We are not supposed to follow this channel or that channel, but to get our guidance and our insights from within–as much as is possible.

Another reason is that enough has been channeled already to transform this whole corner of the galaxy many times over. And yet not much has actually transformed in people’s personal lives and in the larger world.

That’s because channeling isn’t the cause of transformation. Channeling only works when people put into practice the helpful information that was channeled.

A third reason is that in some cases, the spirit guides of highest consciousness are transmitting fewer messages, or are simply leaving, because of the low quality of the questions being asked. This is true when spirit guides are being asked questions of a lower (e.g. victim) consciousness such as: When will Disclosure happen? When will First Contact occur? Why didn’t Steve Beckow’s journey to the stars take place? When will my soul mate show up?

In other words, instead of people asking really important questions such as: How do I transform myself? How do I connect to my higher self for guidance? How do I assist humanity during these very difficult times? How do I discover my gift that I am to contribute to the world? people are asking dumb questions about sightings or disclosure, or else they want to be given dates or “divine deadlines.”  In such cases, the medium may find herself having to “wing it” on her own.

I guess I must have asked the right questions because the Counsel of Light transmitted to me a lot of helpful information that I still don’t see being channeled 10 years later. The Counsel of Light never discussed Disclosure or sightings of spaceships with me. I (mostly) kept to the topics they considered of extreme importance, topics I knew were most important–meaning personal transformation and understanding what’s going on here.

Channeling does have its purpose. For example,  the Counsel of Light said that it’s important for people to receive a daily spiritual message. I found this to be true. During the time I was writing my books, I found it helpful to read Russ Michael’s daily spiritual newsletter (most of which was channeled). Reading the newsletter helped me to keep going on my book projects at a time when I wasn’t getting a whole lot of support from the outer world. In fact, I looked forward to the daily readings even though parts of the messages did not ring true for me at all. (However, I had no problem with that because I knew that the information transmitted must to some extent filter through the medium’s mind. And I had confidence in my ability to discern truth from fiction.)

Many of the channeled messages I have read over the years spoke about how important it was for light-workers to keep going, to keep on with their work. These messages helped me by encouraging me. Also, there were many hidden messages, some written “between the lines,” that affirmed my new understandings–and this further motivated me.

There will still be mediums who channel some good stuff, but really, isn’t it time you learned how to follow your own inner guidance? Because it’s time for you to take the next step in your own growth and evolution.

The light does not increase on this planet, or in your personal life, because of channeling. It increases when you connect with your Higher Self and become confident enough in your connection to follow through with your guidance promptly and consistently. Channeling is on the decline because it is Divine Plan that this be so. It’s time for the next step (to reconnect with your inner guidance), and it’s time for human beings to step up…and become spiritual adults.

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