Signs of Spiritual Awakening – Meaningful Dreams That Guide You

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In a previous article titled, Spiritual Awakening Symptoms – Essential Signs of Spiritual Awakening, I put together a list of 9 of the more common signs and symptoms of spiritual awakening that I consider essential to the awakening process. In this article, I discuss meaningful dreams (one of the 9 signs of spiritual awakening) in more detail.

Intense, vivid dreams that seem to point you in a certain direction are one way your higher self guides you, particularly when the dreams reflect a process you are currently undergoing in real life. Your dreams may also help confirm subtle feelings you have that you’re not yet sure about. (This used to be one of my issues–needing more than subtle feelings to be sure about something, needing signs from the Universe to confirm my hunches.)

In my experience with dream interpretation, the further along in the spiritual awakening process you are, the clearer your dreams will be and the more they will help guide you in your daily life. The dreams will be in metaphor form, often in metaphors that make sense to you.

An example of a meaningful dream that guided me

Before I get into an example of a meaningful dream that helped guide me, first a little background: Around the time of this dream (October of 2005), I had already been committed to following my inner guidance promptly and consistently and was well into my awakening process. I viewed the dream as a message from the divine, and as guidance meant to help get me to the next level in the Ascension process. The following is an excerpt from my memoir What Everyone Believed.

“With a pounce onto my chest, my kitten awakened me from a dream the day I  was revising this chapter. In my dream, I was on my way to Alaska as a passenger  in a new, comfortable, European-style city bus. I was aware  that I’ve never been to Alaska, only to Canada, and I was thinking that going to  Alaska would be just as easy as going to Canada.

“The bus traveled through a picturesque, green valley in between beautiful  snow-capped peaks, maybe ten miles from one side to the other. The valley  reminded me of Davos, Switzerland, still snowy in the higher elevations though  it was almost Summer. The bus meandered, switchbacking up an incline, went here  and there, stopping in many places for passengers, taking its time. Impatient, I  asked a passenger sitting next to me how long this trip to Alaska would take.  ‘It’ll be around four hours,’ she said.

Four hours? That was way too long for me! I wanted to get there sooner! I  explained that if I drove my own car, it would take me only two hours. So  I decided to get off of public transportation and drive my own vehicle. I pulled  the signal to stop and got off the bus. That’s when the cat woke me up.”–end of excerpt.

I had interpreted “driving my own vehicle to Alaska” as a sign of stepping up my awakening efforts and later, as a sign that I had broken away from the “public transportation” of awakening (the rhetoric, the public discourse, the language that’s long on flowery words but short on concrete, practical guidance)–and getting there sooner. (Well, one thing I know about my higher self, my soul, is that it’s been a spark-plug of individualism and breaking away ever since the beginning of time. But now my soul has come full circle and is assisting with unification.) I also got that the Ascension process this time around was different from all the other times.

So what did I do / change after this dream? I began a second type of meditation daily, one designed to increase my capacity to access wisdom and insights (“energy”) from the higher realms (from spirit / Source) and carry it over to my waking consciousness (mind / brain) as clearly as possible. And then I spent almost 2 more years revising my memoir, until I was clear about the bigger picture.

So why am I telling you to pay attention to your dreams? Because it’s one of the signs of spiritual awakening that also acts as a catalyst and as guidance for your life. Because as you’re probably aware, we’re living in extremely important times right now, times that call for prompt and right actions. A recent channeled message from Mathew stresses this:

“…There isn’t much time left for the masses to reach that level of consciousness about what is behind wars or religious dogmas or any other facet of life that is of dark origin and intent. The light [I read it as understanding] that would let individuals avoid severe psychic trauma is the same light [understanding] that would enable them to physically ascend with Earth.  Many will not be ready to accept that for millennia Earth’s population has been controlled by darkness through fear, deception and various forms of mind control.”–excerpt from Mathew Ward’s channeled message, June 3, 2012.

The further you are in your spiritual awakening process, the more your dreams will be meaningful to you and will help guide you, and the more you will continue to awaken to the truth as gently as possible. Connecting and integrating with your higher self (by following through with your inner guidance / divine guidance), as usual, is the key.

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