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Some channeled messages that have promised events that did not not transpire have caused some channels to abandon channeling as well as some readers to stop reading and/or believing in channeled messages. A good recent example: Steve Beckow’s failed tryst with “Grener, the President of the Intergalactic Council.”

Does this mean that channeling is on the decline? I’ll do my best to try to explain why it’s actually a good thing that channeling is on the decline, even though channeling isn’t completely done with yet and messages will still be channeled that will be truly helpful to many.

One reason why channeling is on the decline is that we are to reconnect with our higher selves and receive our guidance directly. Ultimately, we are to receive our guidance directly from Source. We are not supposed to follow this channel or that channel, but to get our guidance and our insights from within–as much as is possible.

Another reason is that enough has been channeled already to transform this whole corner of the galaxy many times over. And yet not much has actually transformed in people’s personal lives and in the larger world.

That’s because channeling isn’t the cause of transformation. Channeling only works when people put into practice the helpful information that was channeled.

A third reason is that in some cases, the spirit guides of highest consciousness are transmitting fewer messages, or are simply leaving, because of the low quality of the questions being asked. This is true when spirit guides are being asked questions of a lower (e.g. victim) consciousness such as: When will Disclosure happen? When will First Contact occur? Why didn’t Steve Beckow’s journey to the stars take place? When will my soul mate show up?

In other words, instead of people asking really important questions such as: How do I transform myself? How do I connect to my higher self for guidance? How do I assist humanity during these very difficult times? How do I discover my gift that I am to contribute to the world? people are asking dumb questions about sightings or disclosure, or else they want to be given dates or “divine deadlines.”  In such cases, the medium may find herself having to “wing it” on her own.

I guess I must have asked the right questions because the Counsel of Light transmitted to me a lot of helpful information that I still don’t see being channeled 10 years later. The Counsel of Light never discussed Disclosure or sightings of spaceships with me. I (mostly) kept to the topics they considered of extreme importance, topics I knew were most important–meaning personal transformation and understanding what’s going on here.

Channeling does have its purpose. For example,  the Counsel of Light said that it’s important for people to receive a daily spiritual message. I found this to be true. During the time I was writing my books, I found it helpful to read Russ Michael’s daily spiritual newsletter (most of which was channeled). Reading the newsletter helped me to keep going on my book projects at a time when I wasn’t getting a whole lot of support from the outer world. In fact, I looked forward to the daily readings even though parts of the messages did not ring true for me at all. (However, I had no problem with that because I knew that the information transmitted must to some extent filter through the medium’s mind. And I had confidence in my ability to discern truth from fiction.)

Many of the channeled messages I have read over the years spoke about how important it was for light-workers to keep going, to keep on with their work. These messages helped me by encouraging me. Also, there were many hidden messages, some written “between the lines,” that affirmed my new understandings–and this further motivated me.

There will still be mediums who channel some good stuff, but really, isn’t it time you learned how to follow your own inner guidance? Because it’s time for you to take the next step in your own growth and evolution.

The light does not increase on this planet, or in your personal life, because of channeling. It increases when you connect with your Higher Self and become confident enough in your connection to follow through with your guidance promptly and consistently. Channeling is on the decline because it is Divine Plan that this be so. It’s time for the next step (to reconnect with your inner guidance), and it’s time for human beings to step up…and become spiritual adults.

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This past week or so there’s been a big to-do in some online spiritual circles around the possibility of lightworkers expediting the process of Disclosure by visiting a spaceship. If you were online on some spiritual site recently, there’s a good chance you’ve heard about Steve Beckow (www.the2012scenario.com) and his planned trip to a mothership named “Neptune” (captained by a guy named “Grener”), along with roughly a couple hundred other lightworkers as witnesses.  By having the chosen lightworkers experience life onboard the spaceship and bring back photos and findings freely shared with the world (including during an official press conference upon their return after 10 days), Disclosure would be forced to happen. Takeoff was planned for Saturday, February the 4th.

As the event came closer and closer Steve’s list of space volunteers grew larger and larger…but February 4th came and went and the intergalactics never showed up.  I knew this trip wasn’t going to happen, and a couple days before the event was to transpire, I posted on a facebook group that the result of this “non-event” would ultimately be positive. Steve was going to teach a lot of people that it’s time to follow their own inner guidance.

This isn’t the last time that some great event is predicted or promised. There will be more predictions and promises that result in some people being disappointed and disillusioned. Despite people seeming to understand that humanity will not be saved by outside forces, that we are to “save” ourselves through connecting to the divine within and fulfilling our individual, unique contribution to the Golden Age, like “spider-webs in our closets,” variations and permutations of this “being saved” belief still remain in the mind-set of the public, even in supposed “outside-the-box” spiritual thinkers such as Steve Beckow.

Why didn’t the intergalactics give Steve the “proof” he wanted, so he could show the world that they (intergalactics in spaceships) exist? Does Steve really need this proof to go on with his work?

During my research for my eBook on 2012, I discovered the proof I needed in a careful examination of the astronomy, ancient calendars, the “coincidences” occurring when you correlate the astronomy with the Mayan calendar, and the technology required to measure invisible lines in space that predict alignments that are not even visible from this planet.

Although the “proof” I discovered in the examination of the above was more convincing to my mind than some channeled messages or other sources, I knew that simply discovering that we are not alone in the Universe is not the point of this Earth Experiment. There is a Divine Plan at work that is propeling everyone’s growth and evolution. Furthermore, we have a mess here on this planet and we need to clean it up–not our space brothers and sisters. This is about your own personal growth, and about discovering what you’re capable of when pushed. (I promise that you will be completely astonished at the brilliance of the divine plan, and be grateful and feel gloriously blessed that you were a part of it, even though at this moment you may wish to just end it all.)

Connecting to the Divine Plan requires connecting to your higher self and following through with your inner guidance. I don’t channel and I’m not psychic, but after years and years of following my inner guidance and receiving new insights piece by piece, I have a pretty good understanding of the divine plan and about how things work here. This understanding is not only possible for you, but it’s actually part of the Ascension process.

The raising of our individual consciousness (the learning we do), and the resolving of our issues through that learning process, is of utmost importance. It’s much more important in the larger scheme of things than some formal announcement or Disclosure.

The challenge is that following through with your inner guidance is not that easy to do. If it were, more people would be doing it, instead of waiting for Disclosure to happen (or pushing it to happen). Disclosure is not the main event here, and besides…what a waste of ages of human aspiration and striving if it all came down to being rescued by outside forces. Source would never go for it–and your higher self would not allow it.


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I have shared the most important channeled messages I received from the Counsel of Light (channeled through medium and spiritual teacher Flo Aeveia Magdalena) in my memoir. I have also shown how I took the often esoteric and abstract messages and turned them into practical advice and guidance, including how the guidance affected my own life.

I have received a total of about 12 hour-long channeled messages starting around March 2001 and ending in the summer of 2005, roughly about 3 messages a year. By mid-2005, I felt had gotten what they had been trying to teach me. I felt comfortable that I had gotten the “ball rolling,” and they assured me that I just needed to continue the path/process I was already on. Well, no sooner had I felt that I understood where they were coming from, they were gone. What I mean is that around that time, Flo decided she was going to pursue some new projects, including channeling “The Nameless Ones” (i.e. the “Elohim”) for a larger group of people, and didn’t have time to give me personal attention anymore.

Although not being able to communicate with the Counsel of Light through Flo scared me a bit, I knew that I had managed to get the process rolling, so I didn’t complain. I knew the Counsel of Light were my guides, and even if I didn’t hear their words audibly through Flo’s voice, they were still around me and guiding me and I was getting their guidance through my intuition and hunches.

Well about a year or so ago, I felt something was different, again. I felt as if they weren’t around me as much as they used to be. And I wondered about it. I mean, I knew I was following my inner guidance, I knew I was doing okay. Yet I didn’t feel they were as active in my life as before.

Well finally about a month and a half ago I decided to ask a spiritual adviser named Pamela Leach. I have called Pamela a few times in the past couple of years for guidance on how to best deal with certain relationships and how to help my loved ones with some challenges they were experiencing. I asked Pamela, “Is the Counsel of Light still around me? Are they still my guides?”

Pamela replied that I have twelve guides and that they have indeed pulled back a little, but that they are still available whenever I ask. Pamela said, “They’re saying that they’re your BFFs, they’re saying that your higher self is connected to Source, your guidance is from a higher source, you have direct connection to source. You don’t need them as an intermediary anymore. You’re beyond the need for an intermediary. They’re still there, but you’re relying on source. They are reassuring me that they are reassuring you that they never left. That’s where you came from. They’re your companions, friends and supporters. They’re not your teachers anymore. You don’t need them as your teachers anymore.”

Pamela went on, “You are powerful. And there’s something waiting to be birthed. There isn’t even a blueprint for it yet. This is your graduation from white light to golden light. Stay grounded. It’s in the embryonic stage.”

So if you are at a point where you’re comfortable following your inner guidance, you’ll find that you don’t need that confirmation from the outside anymore. And if you’re further along, if you feel that your guides may have pulled back a little, it’s not because they’re not around you anymore. It’s that they’ve taken you as far as they can take you. You are connected to Source; you have a direct connection to Source. So don’t doubt yourself, when you get a hunch to take some action, don’t doubt yourself. Just follow your inner guidance moment to moment.

This confirms my understanding that we are to have a direct connection to Source, that cultivating a direct connection to source is what the Ascension Process is all about, and that a direct connection to Source is the result of reconnecting to and integrating with your higher self.


P.S. If you’re interested in speaking with Pam, please google: Pamela Leach spiritual adviser or call 616-642-0308. She is also more affordable than most, and I recommend her wholeheartedly.

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I have tried several kinds of meditations over the years, including some that claim to help you access your higher self. If you’re happy with what your meditation practice does for you with regard to reconnecting and cultivating a real, palpable relationship with your higher self, don’t read this post. Go call a friend, or do something else instead. But if you’re frustrated because your relationship with your higher self isn’t where you want it to be and you’d like to know what kind of meditations are most effective for accessing your higher self, please read on…

Okay, let’s begin with some basics first. I have learned that to access your higher self, it’s not how you sit or how you breathe that’s important. And it’s not whether you have the right mantra. In fact, I have found that mantras actually distract and deter from this particular goal.

What’s important is whether your meditation connects you to that “higher self” aspect of you in as accurate a way as possible and whether you integrate that part of you into your life through your daily actions.

I will try to explain what I mean by “as accurate as possible,” first in general terms. I have found that for best results to happen in any area of life–doesn’t matter whether it’s cake baking or engineering or fixing cars–it helps to describe the situation as accurately as possible. What I mean is that you will get better results when you are right on target with your understanding of the situation, rather than just being in the ball park. I don’t think many people will argue with me on this point. (Later in this post I will explain why this also holds true for meditation.)

Anyway, I am writing about this topic because I recently came across a meditation for accessing the higher self that I understood (and intuitively knew) wouldn’t be all that helpful. The not-so-helpful meditation goes like this: You are to imagine that your higher self is standing (or sitting) in front of you and you are connecting to it through your open palms that are out in front of you. You imagine your higher self mirroring you, palms touching, while affirming that your new “best friend” will give you the highest of guidance. You are asked to “breathe through your hands.”

The problem with this meditation is that your higher self is not outside of you, and it never really was. I will explain why it’s important that the meditation you choose reflect reality as accurately as possible. The following are three points I discovered when I was seeking a meditation that would reconnect me to my higher self as quickly and as effectively as possible:

  1. About 10 years ago, the Counsel of Light gave me a meditation that they described as a “shot in the arm” for connecting with your higher self. (This meditation was channeled for me through medium Flo Aeveia Magdalena.) In this meditation, the Counsel of Light asked me to place my left hand on my heart and my right hand on my “soul seed”–which is in the center of the body between the rib cage. They said that the heart in my meditation represented my current life (my current incarnation) and the soul seed represented my soul, my higher self (my infinite life). During the meditation they had me imagine that I was running a figure  8 (the infinity sign) around my hands (i.e. a circle around the left hand, and then a circle around the right hand, over and over again in a figure 8 ) so that what appeared to be happening is that my current life was integrating with my higher self right under my hands.
  2. After I got into this meditation practice, I noticed that this area of my body would get all warm and tingly just before I’d be given important guidance. I would get this warm, intense glow in the center of my chest close to my heart (where the Counsel of Light said my “soul seed” was) even when I wasn’t paying any particular attention to this area. What I mean is that I’d be driving my car, for example, on some mundane errand, when all of a sudden I would experience this intense hottening up of the center of my chest. I would feel this warm, peaceful, happy glow in my center even when my life was in chaos and I was feeling scared, sad, and disconnected from loved ones. Then a moment or so after I acknowledged this warm feeling, I noticed that I would get a new insight, or some sort of inner guidance–guidance that actually helped me resolve specific problems I had in my life at the time. The warm, intense feeling definitely got my attention. It helped me at a time when I wasn’t yet confident with my ability to correctly distinguish my true inner guidance from my mental conditionings or imaginations. It also helped me to recognize which inner guidance was extremely important for me to follow. (And if your higher self gave you guidance that was deemed very important for you to follow, wouldn’t it make sense that at the same time, you’d be given a sign that you couldn’t ignore?) After all, the Divine Plan works extremely well!
  3. Placing your hands on your body as I described above while lying down actually helps to calm you, to reconnect you to your true self. (Try it for a while and see for yourself.) This kind of meditation also affirms (and helps your mind get) that your power is within you, not outside of you, and that the source of your power is your direct connection to Source (to God)–which I believe will be extremely important and useful in the near future.

I have written in detail about how to do this meditation in both my eBook and my memoir. Everything you need to succeed in this meditation is shared in detail. Furthermore, in my memoir I share several instances of how I was driving, or walking, or even cleaning the house, began to feel the familiar welling up of warm energy in my soul seed area, and then the words and the guidance that came to me not long afterwards. I also share how the guidance I received helped me solve specific problems I had in my life at the time.

Besides the meditation shared above, I also like meditations where you imagine yourself walking down a spiral staircase, and with each slow step you go deeper and deeper into yourself. This meditation is very calming and helps you learn to “drop in” to yourself quickly.

There is no doubt in my mind that reconnecting to and integrating with your higher self is the source of your spiritual awakening. It’s what this “Great Shift” in consciousness is all about. Just make sure to use a meditation that connects you to your higher self as quickly and as effectively as possible.

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Welcome to my blog!

Near the end of last year it became apparent to me that I needed to expand how I was going to share my understanding of the Great Shift, the Higher Self and the Divine Plan so that my readers could benefit from my writings on a greater level. As you may know, I have been publishing my articles through ezinearticles.com since 2008 and have over 142 articles archived there.

Going through ezinearticles.com worked for me for some time, but lately I found I wasn’t able to tolerate its limitations any longer. For example, in my articles I was not allowed to share longer excerpts of materials I published previously (my previous articles, or my books). I could not share useful content created by other writers and teachers, except for short excerpts. Three to five sentences was the limit. Also, I could not use certain language such as “B.S.,” and reader interaction was limited.

With a blog, I can now link to other blogs that I find useful. You can read these other posts–if you so choose. You can interact by commenting on my posts. You can learn from others–by reading other reader’s comments. You can also benefit when another reader shares their experiences.

So I will jump right in and begin with my next post…on the topic of meditations for accessing one’s higher self.


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