Explaining 2012 And The Strange Events Happening

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Are strange events happening in your life that you can’t quite explain? Can they be somehow related to the 2012 shift that many are talking about? My understanding is that the “tipping point” of this shift in consciousness is to occur on December 21, 2012 (according to the astronomy, anyway), even though all of us have been in different stages of the awakening process for a good number of years now.

The way I see it, there’s a purpose to these strange events. I believe that having strange things happen in your life that you cannot quite explain opens you up to searching for answers and to being more open to considering alternative viewpoints–viewpoints that are alternative to the mainstream doctrines that have been pushed on us by the media, government, religion, industry and society.

For example, I had something strange happen in my life back in 1988 that I still to this day cannot explain. I spoke to barely a handful of people about it, engineers and scientists mainly, just to make sure there was no gaping hole in my scientific understanding.

I didn’t get any definitive answers, but the strange happening had an impact on my life, in that it made me more open to searching for answers outside of conventional or known explanations. I wrote about what happened in my memoir, What Everyone Believed: A memoir of intuition and awakening, but will briefly describe it below.

In 1988 I was working in Munich, Germany in the Experimental Physics Department at the Ludwig Maximilian University. I had been hired as a materials engineer and my job was to work with a physics professor and his graduate students, analyzing ceramic superconductors using various materials analysis techniques.

My vacation that year consisted of a car trip to Turkey with my boyfriend (who later became my husband) and my sister, who was visiting from New York. At one of Turkey’s tourist attractions (that looked like the limestone terraces in Yellowstone National Park), something strange happened. We had just parked my boyfriend’s VW Bug in the parking lot and were walking to see the terraces when I realized I had forgotten my camera. I asked my boyfriend and my sister to go along without me, that I would catch up with them after I got my camera.

I got to the car, leaned my left arm over the passenger side headrest (the front passenger side is where I normally sat), and reached for the camera that was on the back seat. As I was reaching for the camera, the two stainless steel rods that attached the headrest to the passenger seat had bent back in parallel motion. In my “inner hearing” I heard them “click into place” at an angle of about 45 degrees from vertical.

What the hell? That wasn’t supposed to happen! I tried to return the headrest to its original position (vertical) but it wouldn’t bend. After trying to bend it back into place for a minute or two I ran over to tell my boyfriend that something strange had happened to his car, and the three of us rushed back to look.

I had half expected the headrest to be back in its original position, perhaps one chance in a million I had somehow imagined this event, but nooooo, it was still bent. (I didn’t do drugs, nothing like this had ever happened to me or anyone else before–that I knew about, anyway.) I was really puzzled.

My boyfriend, six foot three and athletic, tried to bend the rods back into place but no matter what he did, he couldn’t make them budge. And boy was he upset with me! We took it to an auto shop to have it fixed, the three of us standing around waiting for it at the shop like strangers at a train station. The people at the auto shop were able to bend it back, and the headrest was as good as new for the rest of the time my boyfriend owned the car.

A couple of days later, still in Turkey, I got sick with some kind of virus or some other strange thing that left me very weak for about 24 hours. Years later, while I was writing my memoir and pondering upon this and other strange events in my life, I “got” that supernatural forces were tampering with the relationships in my life. I wanted to know why…which helped further lead me down my path of discovery.

So…what is happening in your life that cannot be explained using conventional wisdom? If you’re willing, please share your experiences in the comment section of this blog. A couple of other strange things are happening in my life at the moment, that I might share in future postings.

I believe that strange events are happening more frequently on this planet in order to help us question our current reality…which supports us in making the shift in consciousness that will bring about a new age for humanity, one that works for everyone (particularly now that we’re so close to the December 21, 2012 tipping point). It is this shift in consciousness and inner shift that will be the foundation for the positive changes that we make, including the shift from living from survival (struggle, fear, societal and peer pressure) to living from Creation (trusting in the divine, connection with one’s higher self, one’s true self).

As we learn the truth about what 2012 is really about, we will be able to live more and more from creation and joy. And as we learn to align with and follow through with our inner guidance, we will be well on our way to creating a world that’s supported by the heavenly realms.

To learn more about the exact nature of the December 2012 alignment and the positive implications for humanity’s future (and how you can make a difference in your own life and help others at the same time), please click on the link below.

Thank you for reading!
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  1. Karen said:

    Wow! That is strange, Christine! I have something to share.

    I have a lightweight white ceramic seagull hanging from the rearview mirror of my car. There is a metallic loop attached to the seagull on the top of the seagull, which would be the seagull’s back. The seagull is positioned as if it is in flight. Tied to the metallic loop is a non-elastic gold-colored string. The knot is tiny so it could not be untied with human hands. I put the seagull on my mirror by pulling the string around the mirror which was tricky because it barely fit. In the car with my son one day I made a left turn in our neighborhood, obviously travelling at a slow and respectable speed. During mid turn the seagull came flying at me. When my son attempted to stretch the string around the mirror to put the seagull back up again he commented that it was slightly difficult to put back on. I asked him to think about what he just said. Because the string was intact. The metallic loop was intact. The string was still attached to the loop. The mirror and all its components were intact. When he realized that the seagull came off with no breaks in anything, he was just as speechless as I was. How could that happen? I would call that strange, indeed. :o)

    December 7, 2012
    • Hi Karen, that seagull was flying! And I do think it was a sign. Certainly, our reality is shifting. Thanks for sharing your story here! Christine

      December 11, 2012
  2. crissy said:

    Yes. Strange things have been happening with me since march 13, 2012.. Life has not been the same since.. I’m kinda on this journey that signpost been placed there. However Im kinda stuck in this dark night waiting for the light. Light is shining a little more every day. I accept it but it is bringing all kinds of doubts about those I’m close with. Relationships are drifiting. And someone who calls me a friend I feel like he is crucifing me.. Idk

    December 7, 2012
    • Hi Crissy, relationship have gotten strange indeed. Just keep going on your path of light no matter what happens. We are here, at this darkest time at this very moment, to transform the planet into one of light. It is always darkest before the dawn. Keep the faith and keep up the good work. Christine

      December 11, 2012
  3. jacquie said:

    Hi YES wierd things that TOTALLY open your eyes to the possibility that Everything is possible despite being an ‘up to then totally rational person’ and make you question and ask for answers. Afterwards a period where you look at others through different eyes, where you yourself feel different to others, a period where it can scare the hell out of you and where other people are not always ready to hear or understand what you have to say about your experience because they’ve never had those ‘wierd things’ happening to them. I have a questionning mind that needs physical proof to believe (maybe that’s what we all have in common questionning mind?) and each time i questionned, a book or ‘wierd things’ came to me when i asked for solutions and answers. 7 years after the events that triggered my quest I think i’m in peace with my life i think i have understood everything that I have lived up til now. My experience came with the death of a loved one (complicated relationship). Having lived the first 35 years of my life in the dark only to be showered by some very strange but immensely positive ‘coincidences’ made me question a lot of things, question why certain things happen. I am in the process of accepting all the good things that life has to offer, I think the key for everyone is to evacuate fear and to know we are all strong and powerful and let what’s unfolding unfold!

    December 8, 2012
    • Hi Jacquie, I love your comment! Couldn’t have said it better myself. Thanks for sharing. Christine

      December 11, 2012
  4. Linda said:

    8th,december 2012.
    I can relate to Crissy’s feelings regarding friendshps drifting. In the past three years or so, I have let several friends go as they don’t seem to fit in with my life any more since I have “awakened” shall I say.I did feel guilty about this originally, but have read many articles re- 2012, and we have to let people and situations go so we can move forward with our life.My whole perception of life has changed in the last few years, and I can see a better way of living for all of us. The ego should not take us over, we should look into things calmly and listen to our inner voice to deal with situations, that’s where the wisdom is. Sometimes the people we let go will catch up later, as they awaken also and we may like them again. Don’t feel guilty, all is as it should be.We are who we are, not what friends perceive us to be.

    December 8, 2012
    • Hi Linda, there is a lot of wisdom in your response to Crissy. Thank you for sharing your thoughts and experiences here! Christine

      December 11, 2012
  5. Karen said:

    Crissy I am seeing long, close relationships grow distant as well.

    December 8, 2012
  6. Joshua said:

    Christine, what an interesting post! I have also noticed so many things that are challenging us to question the old way of looking at things. I am also being nudged (forced is probably too strong of a word) into the position of dealing with issues that I have procrastinated on for spiritual growth and development. It’s like some invisible hand is pushing me ( through the circumstances in my life) to really think about what I want for the future, and then to get there!

    I have also been noticing that even in the entertainment culture, movies and such are increasingly about spirituality and changing the way we think.

    By the way, did you hear about the strange “booming” noises being reported from Arizona to Georgia and then up the East Coast. Scientists are scrambling to explain the phenomena, but nothing substantial has surfaced yet. You can read more about it here: http://consciouslifenews.com/mystery-booms-heard-across-arizona-rhode-island-24-hours/1144732/

    It is an exciting time to live in and things are really heating up!

    December 8, 2012
    • Thanks for commenting Joshua. Yes, that’s how I feel. beginning in 2000/2001 when I REALLY began looking for answers and wanting to know what I was here for I certainly wasn’t nudged, I was pushed! And that bent piece of car furniture in 1988 was nothing compared to what came later. And now we’re here in December 2012, right on the brink of the tipping point of a cosmic push towards the Light (not only local to the Earth, or the solar-system, or even the Milky Way galaxy, but affecting the whole Universe). We are indeed living in interesting times. Christine

      December 11, 2012
  7. NANUQ said:

    The story is in circle form; Native American like but the story will come home to you and what you say has made the story below now makes sense to me after all these years. It would be great if anyone knows anyone who may have been there after all these years and remembers this happening from their point of view. It happened, fortunately while I still had my photographic memory and I have always been good for snatching up details.

    I hope the telling of the story helps others to make sense of other dimensions too.

    What you say makes sense– and I have been told that there were other dimensions beyond twelve…and others have stated that there were only twelve dimensions; and that Lucifer was from the twelfth dimension sent to `fix us.’

    In 1973 I met two very tall persons, about 8 to 12 feet tall; a man and woman on the side of Mt St Helen’s. I went there as a prep trip to go canoeing on the not there now Spirit Lake. Since it was March– I found the lake under snow drifts so I went up to the top of the mountain to climb it.

    As I got out of my VW super Beatle I was overcome with fear. Terror gripped me. Try as I might I could not force myself to cross the parking lot to the beginning of the trail where a family were beginning their ascent. I could not move because the fear within me petrified my body.

    I then saw in my mind’s eye, through my third eye, the mountain blowing up right underneath me. I saw the mountain and the rocks and the trees below me and all around me being superheated and exploding into shreds. I shouted to the family to get out of there because the mountain was about to blow. They looked at me like I was some nut probably on drugs. I did have long hair in those days. The day was a beautiful, clear day, and I quickly realized that the sensation I was receiving was only a premonition of an event to come. I fell back into my car and got outta there.

    On the way down I stopped at the Lodge where I bought some beer from the owner Harry Truman who made a snide comment to me when I stopped to debate getting a bag of chips after buying some beer. I almost, with knowing, said to him that some day he would die up there with his mountain; I didn’t, and I left.

    Farther down the mountain top I as I turned a sharp corner I passed by two persons who were dressed in white robes. At first glance I thought that they were Harri Krishna’s out for a hike, and being twenty miles from Toledo, WA I pulled over and got out to offer them a ride to town.

    Immediately, two things happened. First as I walked up to them I realized that I had to look up at them like I was looking at the top of a basketball net. That realization freaked me out, but I love an adventure. As I walked up to them I offered to give them a lift to town. The woman then turned to the man and said quietly, “I thought we were supposed to meet someone here.” The man who also had long hair only slightly raise his right hand in my direction to indicate that I was the contactee they were waiting for. This point was not lost on me.

    Next, a car pulled up and asked me if I were all right. Again my senses told me all was not normal –at all. I “knew” the man and car load of four persons, perhaps a man and his wife in the front seat with his daughter and son in the back seat could not see the tall persons towering over me. I said that I was simply overtaken by the beauty of the scenery and just had to get out and look at it. Slowly, very slowly, they drove away. I had covered for what to them seemed me to be talking to imaginary persons. But they real very real.

    The woman again turned to the man and said, “He can see us,” to which he replied, “He’s in an altered state of consciousness.”

    Then the man turned to me and said, “You deceived them.”

    Thinking that I had done them a favor by covering for them, I did not have a ready reply. I then asked them if they wanted a ride to town. I was torn at this point between what I know about my reality on this dimension and what really knew I knew who were standing before me were beings who were not from this dimension. Yet, I could not wholly accept that fact.

    The man turned to the woman and said with a sweeping gesture toward the car “Shall we?”

    So they walked to the car. I wanted to tell them about what had just happened on top of Mt St Helen. As they approached my Super Beatle I knew that they were very very tall; not normally tall bug way tall and would not fit in my car. They were about eight feet tall.

    I said, “Maybe it’s not such a good idea,” to which the man replied, “We’ll fit fine.”

    Before my eyes those two beings began to shrink. The man got into the back seat along with the lady, which in our culture the man would usually get into the front, right?

    After they got in the man turned to the woman and said, “Are you okay?” she said, “I’m fine.”

    I needed a beer. I opened a Bud (this was rural backwoods Washington State and 1973) and offered them a beer too. I took in my now normal sized guest in the back seat of my souped up Super Beatle.

    Their robes were somewhat soiled, and had dirt marks and signs of wear like they had been hiking through the woods. I did not expect this from what I had come to accept as aliens or some kind of angels. They really looked real. The guy had very long fingers and that’s when I saw that, to my surprise, that he had six fingers on his hands!

    Since I was driving at the time the man said in a polite but commanding voice, “Turn around and watch the road,” to which I replied as any young twenty year old who had already totaled three cars doing stunts

    “I’m good man. I can drive and talk at the same time.”

    “What are you drinking?” He said,
    “It’s a Bud,” I said.
    “What is that,” he said.
    “Beer, you know, alcohol.”

    That’s when he said, “Alcohol? That’s poison.” My guest hesitated for a few seconds before he spoke again, “Alcohol is going to cause you a lot of problems in your lifetime.” He was right about that.

    I turned around again to scope out these two hitchhikers. The young woman smiled. They both looked to be in their early thirties. She had long brown hair. His hair was as long as hers which was at least shoulder length

    I said, “Toledo’s twenty miles away. That would have been a long walk,” I said.

    “What were you doing on the mountain?” he asked.

    My mind was fighting with the thought now of that I just may have two aliens who just shape shifted in size in the back of my car, and who just chewed me out for drinking. I was beginning to question my rationality, and what if they wanted to eat me or something?

    I told them all about my experience on the mountain and the feeling and the vision I had just had. That’s when he began to give me specific details about the date, the time eruption of Mount St Helen. He even told me how many people were going to die up there.

    “About 60 to 70 people will die on that mountain when it erupts,” he said.

    Sixty eight died on it that May 18th in 1980.

    Seven years later I would find myself working for Lewis County as a transporter for Senior Services. I had something to do with the red Zone being established, but that’s another story. I had told so many predictions about the mountain that came true before the eruption that one grandma just after it erupted said “You did it! You made that mountain blow up!”

    The alien, or whatever said something that triggered a repressed memory I had. He said it would happen because of the flood that we had prevented that year.

    Then I began to feel real strange about this encounter. I was sure that he could not have known about the topographical map I had drawn in my cabin last year, and how I had highlighted in blue everything in the state of Washington under 3,000 feet and wrote a short story about me and my family living on Mt St Helen Island after the flood, or could he?

    “Who are you,” I asked.

    The woman leaned over to him and quietly with her easy smile asked him, “Should we tell him who we are?”

    “No,” he said.

    Then he said to me, “We’re Watchers,” he said.

    Right about then I knew I had stepped into a forest I did not know the way through.

    “I mean what’s your names?”

    He said his name was, “My name is Geruisyumain.”

    I said I would not be able to remember his name, and I didn’t for thirty three years. Then in a dream I heard his name as he had spoken it.

    “And my name is Isyu. It’s real easy to remember. Just think about it this way. Say “Is you,” and you will remember it.”

    I did remember it. Also I read something unique about the name IS You and a significance about that name– but again, I can’t place what that importance is.. you guys know?

    Of all the wonderful questions I could have asked them I failed to do so. I still beat myself up for letting a great opportunity slip through my fingers out of primal fear of the unknown.

    We were about ten miles out of Toledo, Washington by then and Gerisyumain said “Pull over, here and when we get out don’t look back.”

    So I pulled over, and let them out. And of course as I pulled away I looked back to see them grow back to their eight to ten-ish or so feet height and then vanish.

    Later, the next year in a total accident in 1972 on the Westport Hiway about ten miles outta town going west. After my tire blew out and I slammed into a bridge, I was pinned inside my Super Beatle that slideto the other side of the bridge and My only exit was over a river. With no way out and not knowing how to swim, I was lifted out of the window and flown out over the river. I was set down in front of a car with a middle aged lady driver who took me to the hospital.

    “Who are you?” she asked.

    I’m just a man,” I replied. It all that any of us can be.

    I never say the woman again. The rest of my life just gets better. But I am still learning and think to myself “I should know this already. But I don’t. Isn’t it wonderful?

    December 13, 2012
  8. rtaylor said:

    My life changed when I did some research on my own concerning the Bible. I began to see all the glaring contradictions (I was also studying the Bible from the Koine Greek it was written from). The biggest contradiction was with what the supposed man named Paul wrote about faith alone leading to someone’s “salvation”. Then, I got to James chapter 2 where it totally contradicts the Pauline version…..it says “works” (man’s efforts) are required. That’s the moment I realized that I am unique as is every other homo sapien and not bound by what a group of Bronze Age goat-herders wrote down.
    As far as strange occurences, several years ago a girlfriend and I went to a Sunday matinee movie in Houston. We both checked our watches as we exited the car and agreed that we were a few minutes early. We started watching the movie, “Mr. and Mrs. Jones”, at the start and suddenly the movie was over and people were leaving. We looked at each other and said “What just happened?” Neither of us remember anything about the movie. It’s like we both had either gone to sleep while sitting there or some type of time warp had occurred. It has mystified me to this day.

    December 14, 2012
  9. Judith said:

    Thank you for opening up this topic for commemts and discussion, because it can lead to so many powerful awarenesses! In my case, so many strange things are happening that they are beginning to feel like part of an entire “perceptual shift” rather than isolated experiences. One example is that “time” seems to be going so fast that it sometimes feels as if it is standing still–all part of one whole NOW rather than a string of linear moments.
    Another is that the thoughts and emotions I choose to dwell on seem to be manifesting in my external reality in uncannily obvious ways, and very rapidly–sometimes almost immediately! This is causing me to watch my thoughts and feelings very closely, and to consciously redirect them away from what I do not want reflected around me, and towards what I do want.
    That, in turn, is resulting in “the big one,” in terms of perceptual shifts, because it has shifted ME. Although I’ve firmly believed that we are the creators of our own reality, NOW I am actually experiencing myself that way. NOW I am taking full responsibility for what I choose to create.. And THAT…yowza…that changes EVERYTHING.
    So yes, I certainly have come to the conclusion that all of the strange, new, things we are experiencing are occurring by design! From my perspective, they are part of a process of expanding our awareness beyond the limitations of our old, 3rd dimensional bellief systems- because I’m living that process!

    December 16, 2012
  10. Linda said:

    I have already left one comment here, but I remembered this last night and wanted to share it with you. About 6yrs. ago i found a lump in my left breast and had it checked out. The doctor said it may be a cyst but had me back two weeks later to take a piece to see what it was.During the wait for my appointment, I became so scared at home that I prayed, meditated and asked for help from the spirit realm. One evening I remember the most wonderful warmth and tingling sensation coming down through my head and body and I just sat with my eyes closed and felt so peaceful.When I went back to the hospital a few days later, the doctor couldn’t find the lump and he said to me, what did you do to heal yourself?I didn’t know what to say as I was so relieved and I wanted to just go home.He told me to always check my breast and go back if the lump returned, it has not.The following year I had a routine mammogram, that we have in England every three years when we are over fifty. I was recalled within a few days to the hospital.I was again terrified. I thought I was in real trouble this time. So I prayed, asked for help and meditated. The same thing happened as before, a few days before my appointment I had this wonderful sensation as the year before.When I attended the hospital I had to have another mammogram amd then see the consutant.She showed me that there had been a “mass” in my other breast and they had been watching it from my last three mammograms but it had not got any bigger so they were not worried about it untill now. The test 10 days previously had shown it to have got much bigger and I may have to have treament, however the test they had just done that day had shown that the Mass had dissappeared. Again I was asked what I had done But I still dare not tell them that I had been “healed” as I thought they would think me mad. I came from the hospital and thanked God and everyone else I could think of as I was so relieved yet again. I believe that I was healed to prove to me that it is possible, and it has changed me in so many ways and was the start to my awakening . I have told people about my experiences now as I don’t mind if they think I’m mad . I know I was healed for a reason and it is to help others.I hope this helps at least some of you.

    December 19, 2012
    • Linda, what a very beautiful and inspiring story! I have felt this warmth before, many times, coming from the center of my chest and I know you are on to something! I have not had physical problems with my health as much as feeling like I was SO misunderstood in my life, especially these last several years when I had taken a “different” path, and this is is when this intense feeling of warmth coming from the center of my chest has helped me along the way tremendously. I know what you’re saying is true. I have looked at health in a different light than most people, I have in fact not had my children vaccinated with even one single vaccine their entire lives and they are almost 15 and 18 now. Your relationship with God and Truth DOES have a lot to contribute to your state of health. The establishments (medical, social, industrial, governmental) of this world are full of lies, and all you have to do is search for the truth and assess/search within. There are MANY wonderful and truthful people offering alternative views.

      I would suggest looking into JJ Virgin for health matters, she has a new book out, “The Virgin Diet.” Although it helps with weight loss its real function is to restore health by reducing inflammation that is caused my toxic “foods.” Other great nutrition healers are Dr. Joseph Mercola, Dr Mark Hyman, there are many others. Thank you so very much for sharing your story! Love, Christine

      December 23, 2012
  11. selina said:

    Christine, For some reason you experienced a power surge whether that was due to place you was in or not i don’t know,You have come across this power surge happening to other’s before for eg;A child trapped underneath a car and a mother single handily lift’s the car to get the child out. I know when i get angry i can blow light bulbs when i have gone to turn the the lights on and on several occasions tripped the fuse box. Also this is something everyone can try,it works for me every time 🙂 🙂 When you are struggling to undo a lid off a glass jar and find it impossible think of something that gets you angry and see how easy it comes off then!:-)

    January 27, 2013
  12. Originally posted by Nicole101 I have a ringing in my head going on that I noticed in the last two months. I say head because it is not my ears ringing. It is a high pitched non stop frequency. I can go on about my life just fine and sleep fine. It is just so strange.

    February 13, 2013

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