Expediting Disclosure?

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This past week or so there’s been a big to-do in some online spiritual circles around the possibility of lightworkers expediting the process of Disclosure by visiting a spaceship. If you were online on some spiritual site recently, there’s a good chance you’ve heard about Steve Beckow (www.the2012scenario.com) and his planned trip to a mothership named “Neptune” (captained by a guy named “Grener”), along with roughly a couple hundred other lightworkers as witnesses.  By having the chosen lightworkers experience life onboard the spaceship and bring back photos and findings freely shared with the world (including during an official press conference upon their return after 10 days), Disclosure would be forced to happen. Takeoff was planned for Saturday, February the 4th.

As the event came closer and closer Steve’s list of space volunteers grew larger and larger…but February 4th came and went and the intergalactics never showed up.  I knew this trip wasn’t going to happen, and a couple days before the event was to transpire, I posted on a facebook group that the result of this “non-event” would ultimately be positive. Steve was going to teach a lot of people that it’s time to follow their own inner guidance.

This isn’t the last time that some great event is predicted or promised. There will be more predictions and promises that result in some people being disappointed and disillusioned. Despite people seeming to understand that humanity will not be saved by outside forces, that we are to “save” ourselves through connecting to the divine within and fulfilling our individual, unique contribution to the Golden Age, like “spider-webs in our closets,” variations and permutations of this “being saved” belief still remain in the mind-set of the public, even in supposed “outside-the-box” spiritual thinkers such as Steve Beckow.

Why didn’t the intergalactics give Steve the “proof” he wanted, so he could show the world that they (intergalactics in spaceships) exist? Does Steve really need this proof to go on with his work?

During my research for my eBook on 2012, I discovered the proof I needed in a careful examination of the astronomy, ancient calendars, the “coincidences” occurring when you correlate the astronomy with the Mayan calendar, and the technology required to measure invisible lines in space that predict alignments that are not even visible from this planet.

Although the “proof” I discovered in the examination of the above was more convincing to my mind than some channeled messages or other sources, I knew that simply discovering that we are not alone in the Universe is not the point of this Earth Experiment. There is a Divine Plan at work that is propeling everyone’s growth and evolution. Furthermore, we have a mess here on this planet and we need to clean it up–not our space brothers and sisters. This is about your own personal growth, and about discovering what you’re capable of when pushed. (I promise that you will be completely astonished at the brilliance of the divine plan, and be grateful and feel gloriously blessed that you were a part of it, even though at this moment you may wish to just end it all.)

Connecting to the Divine Plan requires connecting to your higher self and following through with your inner guidance. I don’t channel and I’m not psychic, but after years and years of following my inner guidance and receiving new insights piece by piece, I have a pretty good understanding of the divine plan and about how things work here. This understanding is not only possible for you, but it’s actually part of the Ascension process.

The raising of our individual consciousness (the learning we do), and the resolving of our issues through that learning process, is of utmost importance. It’s much more important in the larger scheme of things than some formal announcement or Disclosure.

The challenge is that following through with your inner guidance is not that easy to do. If it were, more people would be doing it, instead of waiting for Disclosure to happen (or pushing it to happen). Disclosure is not the main event here, and besides…what a waste of ages of human aspiration and striving if it all came down to being rescued by outside forces. Source would never go for it–and your higher self would not allow it.


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  1. Ali said:

    Thank you, Christine for writing this post. While I am not currently active in the galactic circles (anymore)- so I was unaware of this situation occurring….the essence of your post is so critical for people to understand. Our answers and solutions are WITHIN us not outside of us.

    As a coach/therapist, I actually consider myself a GUIDE to help other find the answers within them that they already have. I help them understand how to follow their road map and find the treasures of their soul (which are also the solutions to whatever issue they are dealing with). I remember many years ago, when I was so convinced that someone else had the answers to my prayers. (like psychics, mediums, etc) And while I still work with these gifted individuals, it is how I approach them that is so different. They are my guides (in addition to my inner guides). I do not put them on pedestals or think they are better than me…much as i do not see the ET’s as any better. We all have our unique individual gifts we can share with one another. But our ANSWERS always lie within. When a medium shares what they are feeling or hearing in regards to me, I use my OWN intuition to discern what I feel is in alignment or not.
    Looking for a savior (ET or not), is a act of defeat. It is sending the universe a message that we do not trust and believe in ourselves enough to find our own solutions. We give all our infinite power away – and why in the world would we want to do that?
    Great article- Good stuff….Thank you!

    February 8, 2012
  2. Kathrin said:

    Thanks for this post Christine.
    I was just wondering what happened to the trip… I kept half an eye oh Steve’s posts and just couldn’t quite believe that there are so many people booking a space trip… Now you are answering the question and I agree with your take on these things. It seems the government disclosure is postponed
    It was fun finding your blog – refreshing stuff.
    On another note: I find myself reacting with unease and critique to those who want to make humanity’s ascension a lucrative and even glamorous business for themselves. Fundamental flaws there lie in objectification and ‘value’ allocation of everything – even conscious awareness.

    February 8, 2012
  3. Ann said:

    Hi Christine,
    I agree wholeheartedly with you, Kathrin, and Ali. It seems all the rage that people in some circles are waiting for disclosure to happen and every hope is pinned on the arrival of the ET’s. I’d like to add that I’ve come across something quite interesting in my research online. Although it is also purported to be from ET’s, it is from a different perspective. A certain group who say they are non interfering but just witnesses say that we are not ready for contact and dealings with ET’s as the ET’s visiting us are here for their own advantage and while not being evil per se are wanting to have the use of our ressources and make us workers. They plan to do this by gaining our allegiance through subtle persuasion and already have implemented their game plan without our knowing. The plea of the authors of this book also video on Youtube in 17 parts is to make us aware of that gameplan and to develop the skills necessary to take responsibility for ourselves and gain maturity so that humankind will not fall into the same trap we fell into so many eons ago. You can see the videos at this link:www.youtube.com/watch?v=1lX9wURB2M8
    or if one prefers to read the books, the first volume can be downloaded free at:

    February 8, 2012
    • Christine Hoeflich said:

      The scenario proposed by the author you mention sounds like a complete repeat of what happened with our planet many thousands of years ago. But no, the repeat will not happen because we are in a different place in the Universe….because time is a spiral–not a circle, but a combination of a circle AND a line with direction (vector). Furthermore, one becomes aware of the gameplan by connecting within, your higher self shows it to you little by little. No need to accept others’ takes on what this gameplan is. Also, connecting with your higher self and following through will your inner guidance is the best way I know to gain maturity and self-mastery.

      February 8, 2012
  4. Joshua said:

    I enjoyed this post. Looking “outside oneself” for any event which brings great significance to one’s life will ultimately fail. And why? As you have already so aptly stated in this blog, you can only find the truth “within” oneself. All great predictions and prophecies that happen on the “outside, while significant in some respects, will never bring truth to any of us as individuals. Would disclosure of some extraterrestrial event be something of value for humanity? Sure it would, at least on the surface.But what would happen the next day or a hundred years after? My point is that truth is found within., and we still have to live with it. So why should we bo so concerned with what happens on the outside, no matter the significance? True spiritual growth and maturation only happens within the individual. With the above being said, I couldn’t agree with the author more. These kinds of predications will continue as they always have. We should respect them, but not be caught up in it. Significant events such as this should only be realized on the inside anyway.


    February 13, 2012
  5. Brandy said:

    Cool blog,looking to communicate

    February 13, 2012
  6. Wilburn said:

    Good insights! I have been previously looking for something such as this for quite a while now. Appreciate it!

    March 30, 2012
    • Christine Hoeflich said:

      Thanks Wilburn, Please share the material with others and help spread it by “Liking” it to Facebook and other social media outlets. Takes a few seconds only Thanks again!

      March 30, 2012

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