Drake And The Galactic Federation Of Light

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Drake Kent (“spokesperson” for the “positive military”) shared some thoughts on the Galactic Federation of Light and their role in the planet’s ascension process via a post on Facebook. For those not on Facebook, I’m sharing what he wrote in this blog post, including my thoughts on the topic. Furthermore, I believe his messages contain “secret” information that can be read between the lines. Drake wrote,

“It has come to my attention that people closely associated with Galactic Federation of Light, are taking adverse stands in their posts. Those involved might want to take note that the info I have put out IS from sources I am familiar with, personally. Over years of contacts, I have found which is and is not to be trusted. Thus, I also ‘temper’ the outed info according to its impact and importance. I was hoping to avoid doing the laundry in a public manner, BUT, those at Galactic Federation of Light leave me no choice.

In our distant past, several things have taken place. One of those was a newly formed federation. This was the first time an organization of this size and complexity was brought into existence. This means that all the interactions between all these differing groups had to be worked out. In addition, the very size was extraordinary and created or caused a bureaucracy that was time consuming and slow to act. The Galactic Federation of Light knew of the ‘bad guys’ infiltrating our planet and could not act quickly enough to prevent it. Further, the ‘quarantine’ was not tightened correctly to offer a full or true quarantine. Therefore, The Galactic Federation of Light is one of the causes of our present situation/problem. ALL involved are attempting to rectify or fix all the things that happened because of the above. I thank all those involved in this effort, including The Galactic Federation of Light.

I am, and have been aware of the presence of our Pleiadian assistants for many years. Like it or not they are and have been here trying to help for thousands of years. The society is a sort of military organizational type. Very organized with a distinctive ‘order’ or command type structure. None of the ‘star’ people are conquering types anymore, as this behavior is not acceptable. This does not mean that all accept humans very readily. Some are only tolerant of our existence. I had hoped to leave this area of discussion out of the things I have been talking about. However, just as The Creator has stated, everyone needs to work together in order that mankind can elevate itself. I know that as this is accomplished, man will be seen as much more ‘fitting’ to join with our much more advanced brothers and sisters.

The missions are well defined. Man is to clean his own ‘nest’ as much as he can. AFTER/during this, then we will be reintroduced and reunited with our star relations.  I offer that We The People have the first mission…the clean up. Therefore, ALL of us here will need to concentrate on our ‘human’ condition.  Man has made a lot of very serious messes. Even though we are all human, we have terrible problems accepting each other…race, creed, beliefs, and social differences.    As we become free, the responsibilities of that freedom, have to be a part of a new way of being, in all ways.

Ladies and Gentlemen, we have enough to do just taking care of our own problems. Advice is welcome, new ideas, and most of all, letting go of all the ‘hate’ and artificial disagreements we have made for our own shortcomings…

The new order is one of peace…nothing more, nothing less. I suggest we all get busy with our betterment, as ET/Angels will only come AFTER we do.

The great earth changes depend on exactly how much of this we, as the human race, can accomplish. World wide destruction or peace? It is our choice.”–Drake Kent, posted on Facebook, July 8, 2012

A very nice message from Drake, no? The only thing I would question, that doesn’t feel right to me, is the claim that a long, long time ago, “the Galactic Federation of Light didn’t act quickly enough” to prevent the “bad guys” from infiltrating our planet. This may be what the Galactic Federation of Light believes (they might have really felt they were inadequate). However, from the perspective of the Divine Plan, from the perspective of the Higher Self that’s connected to Source, the truth is more empowering (and more glorious) than that.

The Divine Plan is really about spiritual growth. It was and still is part of the Divine Plan that this planet be an intense place for personal and spiritual growth (that occurs as quickly as possible when souls experience great challenges). But for those who are ready to experience the next step in the process, it’s now becoming possible to grow and learn through joy, through connecting with your higher self and following through with your inner guidance.

I have known for several years now that we will not be visited or handed things to us on a silver platter (even special technologies) until we take the mature path to spiritual growth and become spiritual adults. (When we’re just handed things, where is the growth?) Besides, Source is not going to cheat us out of the incredibly empowering experience of cleaning up our own messes. Cleaning up “our nest” is not just about cleaning up the Earth, but about clearing up our own karma.

There are many ways to clean up your “nest,” besides the obvious ones. Putting your money into local, small businesses, for one. Eating right, getting healthy, stopping the taking of drugs. Do what you can, and allow the Divine to take care of the parts you truly can’t. (Often in very interesting ways!) Divine intervention works when YOU follow your inner guidance and fulfill your higher purpose. And enlightenment comes a lot faster when your focus is on fulfilling your unique contribution.

What the Galactic Federation does or does not do really doesn’t interest me a whole lot right now. When they come, they come. (If they arrived right now, that would screw up a lot of things we’ve been working so hard on for ages.)

In summary, The Galactic Federation of Light, the “higher forces,” aren’t going to do it for us. You have the higher force within you. It’s your responsibility to use it. The Galactic Federation will keep their vow to have us figure this mystery out for ourselves. And Source will not cheat us of the incredibly beautiful and empowering experience of discovering who we really are.

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  1. john said:

    It is good to read all the different views on the net, it is also becoming more difficult to know what is dsinformation and what is not. Read David Ikes newsletter about Drake.

    July 9, 2012
    • John, that’s why it’s good to cultivate a clear connection with your higher self! Thank you for your comment. Christine

      July 9, 2012
  2. Susana said:

    Hi Christine.

    Thanks for the information. I highly recommend The Knowledge Book at http://www.theknowledgebook.org/main.html
    which has so much information we should be aware of in this moment.

    July 9, 2012
    • Hi Susana, Looks like a book that makes a lot of sense. Was it channeled? Christine

      July 9, 2012
  3. Steve M said:


    From my experience listining to channelings and reading/listening other information, it seems that the GFoL is never laying down a concrete timeline as to when they will arrive, only that it is “happening soon” or “in the works as we speak”, which leads me to believe that it could be up to hundreds of years before such an event occurs, theyre just not saying it.

    When you say: ~’such a visitation will not occur until we clean up our own nest’, to what degree do you mean? How much must the civilization improve before we are deemed worthy for contact??

    On another topic, Drake seems to have let the community down by stating that arrests will have occured before this 4th of July. To my knowledge, nothing has happened subsequently to corroborate his claim (please correct me if I am wrong).

    I would like to state that I appreciate your higher-level stance on situations. Drake’s stance is that the GFoL basically let our planet get screwed over by not acting quickly enough. You counter this by reminding the reader of the fact that “it was and still is part of the Divine Plan that this planet be an intense place for personal and spiritual growth”. Well put! In the grand scheme of things, these past few thousand years can been seen a valuable learning experience.

    Its just frustrating for myself to know that many of the anticipated changes could be beyond the scope of my lifetime.

    I look forward to hearing more of your ideas. Keep it up.

    July 9, 2012
    • Christine Hoeflich said:

      Hi Steve,

      it isn’t that we have to wait until we are deemed worthy of contact! That’s not it at all! The experience of rising up from the low points we’re at is what we had always wanted for our own personal growth (and the incredible experience of it) and they will not rob us of it! (Then we will be able to teach THEM!! They will be/are learning from us! They do not have the experience that we do!)

      I do believe it will not take a hundred years and that we will see the awesome changes within our lifetime. I got the sense of that also from the Counsel of Light (who I believe is an intergalactic counsel and some of us are from other galaxies).

      We need to concentrate, each individual needs to concentrate, on fulfilling his or her higher purpose by connecting with your higher self and following through with your inner guidance and then the magic will begin to occur and all this will make sense. Then you won’t NEED them to come and that’s when they’ll come. This is my sense of it.

      Best to you, Christine

      July 9, 2012
  4. Lawrence said:

    Hello Christine, … the Galactics may not especially interest you, but I think I can say with confidence that they interest a great many and for reasons that may be profound. Any time you have something to say about it I will be more than willing to listen with perhaps more interest than you yourself can muster. Please do it anyway if it’s there for you. … Thank you

    July 9, 2012
    • Hi Lawrence,
      I’m sure they will interest me more in the future! Thanks for your comment, and I promise to pass along any new developments on the Galactic Federation of Light as they come along! Thank you, Christine

      July 9, 2012
  5. Erin jones said:

    Hi Christine!
    As always you are right on target, I also posted on fb the end of Drake’s letter because that was what really resonated with me also. I am truly inspired by your insights and you really help bring perspective. Thank you!!

    July 9, 2012
  6. Margarete said:

    In short: we need to work on our “insides” and bring change to our lives
    by changing our beliefs/perspectives about things and “feeling everything we
    wish to experience before we are “really there”. Living in the moment and making the best of any situation and opportunity, not living for what will or
    might be, as we were brought up to. Count your blessings every morning and night and know and trust that you are not alone.
    Thanks for keeping us informed. There was a period of time in the late nineties through 2003 that NESARA was on the horizon, supported by some
    in the military, the “white knights”. It never came through. It just isn’t time
    yet, may not be for 10-15 years. It also depends on the Earth changes,
    which may further “improve” the consciousness of humankind.
    Learn to love everything, including yourself. Know that we’re on the right Path, with “God” besides us. Live in the NOW.
    Sorry, I didn’t mean to preach.

    through because of the “forces that be”

    July 9, 2012
  7. Susana said:

    Hi Christine!
    Yes, it was given by very high frequencies. What you so patiently repeat, is one of the most important messages! Time to be responsible for ourselves, time to align with Essence/Higher Self, time to hear some truth hidden for us, time to clear all karma and move on to other choices. It all depends only on ourselves although there is help if we want.
    For sure, you are one of messengers mentioned in the book!

    July 9, 2012
    • Christine Hoeflich said:

      Thanks Susana, I did not know that I was mentioned in that book. That’s great! Do you know what was said? Thanks, Christine

      July 9, 2012
  8. Christopher said:

    Dear Christine, I love reading your news…you keep me inspired and focused on what is crucial, staying connected to my higher self, to nature, and raising my vibration. I wanted to talk a little about raising vibration and get any feedback from others on this matter.

    I notice when I eat certain foods and smaller portions then I am more connected to my heart , nature, and others…eating raw leafy greens, broccoli, kale, eggs, and antioxidants and no sugar, less carbs, I think these foods stimulate the pituitary gland and the third eye. Meditation and prayer also help. And getting cardio vascular exercise affects this as well.

    What do others know about this?


    July 9, 2012
  9. Christopher said:

    Actually, I meant the pineal gland

    July 9, 2012
  10. mary said:

    hi cristine
    your letter resonates with me we cannot learn , if it handed to us on a platter.
    i still have trouble finding my higher self but i guess it will find me

    keep up the good work
    cheers mary

    July 9, 2012
  11. Susana said:

    Hi Christine.

    The Knowledge Book says many messengers, serving God, would be opening the doors for us before it would be known and understood. It does not mention names but says we would recognize them by the messages they are giving which are in the Book.

    Thank you for being one of them for what you have repeated on aligning to Higher Self is essential on this moment of time when we have to learn, by ourselves, to be responsible for our choices.


    July 10, 2012
  12. Joshua said:


    I like how you take the focus off of outside sources and bring the question and answer to us personally. Sometimes information floating around on the net is both exciting and good for us, but it is really about going within ourselves and connecting to the source. This is what life is really about, and sometimes we just need a reminder of that. Thanks for the post.

    July 16, 2012

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