Divine Guidance – The Importance of Following Divine Guidance

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My last blog post Divine Guidance – How To Recognize Divine Guidance and the two examples detailed in that post that show the variety of ways one can receive higher guidance prompted a response from a moderator at Rumor Mill News:

“I’m not getting the meaning of her examples. They seem a bit unimportant but I would like to stand corrected if anyone can explain. Thanks.”–MisterBoll

Since no one over at Rumor Mill News came forth with a response, I am responding to MisterBoll’s comment in this blog post.

MisterBoll, it doesn’t matter if the examples given seem a bit unimportant to you. Not all instances of divine guidance are going to be dramatic or life-and-death. What’s important is that we as individuals develop confidence in our inner guidance and our ability to recognize and correctly discern divine guidance. The fact is, most people do not have a well developed inner guidance system / internal B.S. detector … because cultural programming has taught us to mostly ignore our inner guidance. It’s important we reverse this trend now.

Furthermore, the only way that humanity will create a new world that works for everyone is by following divine guidance. There is a Divine Plan for creating a Golden Age for humanity, but it will not be accomplished simply by doing things that have been done before. Everything we’ve tried before will not work. Indeed, what we need to do is to resolve the world situation once and for all, to complete it for all time, from the highest level of consciousness we have access to–our connection to Source.

This means that a shift in consciousness is required. By “shift in consciousness” I don’t mean that we’re aware of the extent of the lies we’ve been taught about our world or the level of corruption of our governments. This level of awareness is important but  insufficient to resolve the situation. Rather, we must become aware through firsthand experience why we willingly chose to create this scenario / Earth Experiment in the first place–which requires that we cultivate a deep relationship with our higher self, our connection to Source. (And this really isn’t an option.)

The fact is, we did not embark on this long, long, hard journey merely to survive the experience, but to realize its amazing and tremendous benefits. You will discover the gifts of your life choices when you connect deeply with your higher self, follow through with its guidance, and begin to fulfill your contribution to the Golden Age–which, by the way, will give you more joy than you ever thought possible.

Note that your mind would not know why you chose to experience the life you’re experiencing, but your higher self does. Your higher self (your soul, that has been around since the beginning) will show you one puzzle piece at a time if you get to know it and follow the guidance within. If you follow the guidance within, you will discover your gifts and the level of your success will be unprecedented. This is why most of my writings involve connecting with your higher self and following through with your inner guidance. It is THE KEY to everything.

The only way the people of Earth will win this Dark vs. Light game is if we trust that there is indeed a Divine Plan for our victory, a bigger picture that includes everything and everyone, and that we consciously follow this plan to the best of our ability. And the way we connect to this plan is by connecting to our higher self and following through with its guidance promptly and consistently.

Most people cannot develop this kind of confidence overnight. It’s a process that often requires baby steps and simple examples. As you can imagine, following through with your guidance in spite of the contrary opinions of those who are considered the experts requires a bit of confidence, particularly when the guidance places you in uncomfortable situations. (I am reminded of Jesus here. Well, we all, in our own way, now get to follow Jesus’s example…)

For those who want to know more about the Divine Plan and how to connect with divine guidance, I would suggest reading my eBook Activating 2012: A practical guide for navigating 2012 with confidence and clarity. Workshops are not required and you don’t need someone outside yourself to activate your higher self for you. You activate things for yourself, and you will gain a good understanding of this simply by reading this book. Your understanding will reduce your fear and help build your courage–which will be required when it’s time to follow through with divine guidance in the days and weeks to come.

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  1. Susan said:

    Great article Christine!

    This post is further proof that there is divine guidance. Yesterday I felt helpless because the economic news that day after day my country (Spain) dawns, I decided I had to do something.
    I have a website and a personal development blog with thousands of fans, I thought to write an article and convene a joint event to try to “do something” in front of so much speculation and lies. Your article appears today in my mailbox.
    Is there or there is no divine guidance?
    Thanks again

    May 31, 2012
    • Christine Hoeflich said:

      Hi Susan,

      It appears that there will be some actions taken soon–this summer–around these economic issues. Actions that will benefit the people. Keep following your inner guidance! Take care, Christine

      May 31, 2012

    May 31, 2012
    • Christine Hoeflich said:

      Yep, there’s no stopping it now! Thanks Brian! Christine

      May 31, 2012
  3. Brenda Jacklin said:

    Once again, thank you for your inspiration!

    May 31, 2012
    • Christine Hoeflich said:

      You’re most welcome Brenda! Love, Christine

      May 31, 2012
  4. Les Schmidt said:

    Your words and guidance are right on, as always.
    Les Schmidt

    May 31, 2012
  5. spiritwithin said:

    True ,as its always right if you act on it ,times i have ignored it in the past and always wrong to,from silly things to one that i could have earned over hundred pounds or so on an item that cost about a pound,and being on the bread line so to to speak,found it helped me to always choose the very first feeling i got and not give my ego time to disagree and argue it.hahaha! Love and Light always x x

    May 31, 2012
  6. Carla said:

    WOW!!!! BRAVO!!! Very very well said! This is what should be taught in churches. I think more people would attend.

    If we didn’t have the negative people around, it would be hard for us to understand what optimism was. I believe we keep coming back ‘what u resist, persists’ and when we’ve figured it out…life is blissful. It’s baby steps and many lifetimes for some to learn.

    I find it’s sometimes so very hard to tell people about the light so to speak…it’s like telling a baby, not to touch b/c “that’s hot!”,until…they learn the hard way. But when people do get it from you…it’s so rewarding just to help them see it.

    : ) Love and light!

    June 5, 2012
    • Christine Hoeflich said:

      Thank you Carla! Love your comment! Christine

      June 5, 2012
  7. Anita Briggs said:

    I believe there are so many false levels to operate at presently…and only one true level, and that is in connection with your deeper higher self. And the way to get there is not so simple, because we have ignored our higher self for so long and there may be many layers to undo to get to it.

    Many are fooled into a false sense of love and light. That is the biggest danger at present.

    The fact is that there is no luxury of time, and we have the increasing vibrational levels on the planet helping us cut to the chase, so to speak. So for everyone, the times ahead will be challenging.

    I know of no other way to navigate through with some grace, than to go more deeply within, releasing attachments to EVERYTHING external. The external attachments are like the sandbags and ties in the hot air balloon. You have to cut the ties to lift upward…then you drop the sandbags that helped you to rise smoothly. Upward in inward…higher is deeper within. No one can go deeply within you except yourself.

    And deep within is the abiding divine peace…knowing who you are beyond all this. And as turmoil happens externally…you will be unperturbed, and simply use that to go deeper. As you go deeper within, you allow the universal power of creation (God) to radiate through you…and you make the transition easier.

    so there are two choices 1- do the challenging inner work and support the transition, or 2- wait for the proverbial 2 X 4 and be part of the burden that will need to be supported. I say this to those who are able to do something about it, as “Now is the time for all good men to come to the aid of the Party..” If you are following Christine’s work, then chances are you came to aid the Party…


    June 25, 2012

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