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Manifesting ResultsHave you been meaning to write a book or begin a health and fitness plan? Do you have an idea for a small business that you’d like to start, but you haven’t yet gotten into action with your project? How do you make a commitment to your project or higher purpose so that you’re fully empowered to get it done? How do you keep going and not stop at the first significant obstacle that presents itself? How do you become unstoppable?

This last weekend I spent in a workshop given by a successful, heart-centered, conscientious business coach in California named Bill Baren who shared how he made sure that he would go full forward, not procrastinate, and not dilly-dally, with a business idea he wanted to have succeed.

Bill Baren graduated with a degree in computer science and Russian literature from Stanford University. After college he could have easily gotten a job in computer engineering and made good money with that, but Bill wanted to go into the music industry and start a record label. However, this is not what his parents, who were Ukrainian immigrants who had known true poverty and struggle, wanted to hear.

So how was Bill going to enroll his parents into his project in a conscious, responsible, adult way, so that both parties would be empowered with it?

He decided to have a conversation with them and tell them about his business project. He laid the what, the why, the when and the how of the business plan all out on the table in detail. And then he asked for their commitment that during the first two years, they would not criticize him or talk him out of his project. “You are not allowed to talk me out of it, or to criticize me, or to nag me about the project,” he told them.

It was a two-hour conversation, but in the end they agreed he’d have a two-year no-nagging zone. And after the conversation was over, it became apparent to Bill that he had just bound himself into an invisible contract. “Holy shit!” He said to himself. “Now I’m going to have to make this happen! There’s no back door and no way out. There’s no plan B. Anyway, that’s it. I did not have a plan B.”

And make it happen he did. Within two years he produced an album that was highly successful. And then, like a serial entrepreneur, he went on to his next project …

Going out on a limb and telling others about your project is a way of making sure you stick to it, to make sure there’s no way out and there’s no plan B, to make sure you manifest results. In fact, it’s how I got my two book projects done as well. But my story is a bit different …

So what happened was, I was going through some crises at the time and attended a spiritual workshop that I thought would help me solve my crises … only as a result of the workshop I was told that I’d write a book about what love really is and how life really works here on this planet. And I was told that what I learned over the next few years I was to share with others through these books. (This was a channeled message from the Counsel of Light, channeled by Flo Aevevia Magdalena.)

Over the next year or two I explored the idea and mustered up the courage to begin this book, even though I had no idea what it was that I’d write about. Still, I told a few important people in my life that I’d write a book and that they could count on me for that, even though I didn’t know yet about what and was absolutely terrified of the idea. I just knew my mission had something to do with the promises I had made to myself and others in the spirit world before I incarnated into my body, the Plan sanctioned by “Our Father Who Art in Heaven.” I’d have to try to “remember” that plan.

I had a sense by then that I’d just have to follow my intuition, and I wasn’t going to give myself a way out. I did not have a plan B. The Counsel of Light had stressed that my mission was way too important to ignore and that I was the one who could accomplish it.

So I made the commitment, I closed the back door and moved out of a relatively safe situation at the time, even though I still didn’t know what I was going to do or write about. I did not have any clarity about my book project. And that’s because many of the things that ended up in my book happened after I made the commitment.

But you know what? My commitment was my biggest ally. When my Mom called me several months later to beg me to go back to my safe home situation, because she was worried and scared for me, I was able to tell her, “Don’t worry Mom, everything will be okay. I will do it. It will all be okay,” even though I was scared about that myself, as my book was yet unformed and so much more was going to happen that would later clarify my project. But after that conversation with my Mom, I realized I had no choice but to complete this project after all …

So it really is like that Himalayan expedition quote:

“Until one is committed there is hesitancy, the chance to draw back, always ineffectiveness. Concerning all acts of initiative or creation, there is one elementary truth … that the moment one definitely commits oneself, then Providence moves, too. All sorts of things occur to help one that would otherwise never have occurred. A whole stream of events issues from the decision, raising in one’s favor all manner of incidents and meetings and material assistance which no man would have believed would have come his way.

Whatever you think you can do or believe you can do, begin it. Action has magic, grace, and power in it.”—W. H. Murray

So don’t wait. Begin your book, health acyclovir program, spiritual awakening, new business idea, or higher purpose empowered to manifest results, the way Bill Baren recommends and the way that worked for me, too. And while you’re at it, get my free spiritual awakening Quick Start Guide that will rev up your intuition and help you awaken to a whole new perspective about life on this planet.

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Just last week I noticed a healing in relationship, an improved relationship that happened almost overnight with my older daughter (who just turned 18) after I connected with her on a soul / higher self level and I shared my experience with my friend Pamela Leach, who is a spiritual adviser. Pamela told me that she has not heard this healing process described so simply anywhere before, so she asked me to share it with my readers by writing it up in my blog.

First, some background: I’ve spoken with Pamela several times over the last few years about the challenges of raising teenagers, particularly when those teenagers are not in agreement with your life course (i.e. me taking an “alternative” path) and the success of that path hasn’t manifested yet. There was a lot of anger and resentment directed toward me (and to an extent, there still is).

The Counsel of Light had reminded me in November of last year (when Flo Aeveia Magdalena channeled their message to me) that connecting with my daughters soul to soul, seeing them in my mind’s eye sitting in a chair next to me, and speaking from my heart (as the Counsel of Light reminded me I had done with my husband years ago) would make a difference.

Anyway, about two weeks ago, I went to bed one night and remembered an “incident” I had with my older daughter when she was three years old. This is something that has weighed on my heart, and it has come up for me several times in the past (probably to have me clear it, but I didn’t know how to, not until recently).

My older daughter was three years and two months and my younger daughter was a few days old when the incident occurred. I had placed my newborn in the middle of my bed for a nap and then left the room. A little while later, I returned to the bedroom to discover my newborn on the floor next to the bed, my three year old eyeing her. And I got upset.

I remember I got afraid, had become overcome by the fear that I had one of “those” children who was jealous enough of their sibling, that they would hurt them. I yelled at my three-year old and grabbed her hand and pulled her out of the room and closed the door. You go to your room and stay there, screamed the scared mother.

I know now just how immature and inappropriate my reaction was, but back then I was impaired by my emotions and fear. And even though I had said I’m sorry to the three-year old in person soon after the incident occurred, I still felt something was incomplete.

So two weeks ago when I went to bed I connected with the soul / higher self of my older daughter (by focusing on my “sacred space” near my heart chakra and my soul seed and visualizing a connection with my daughter’s “sacred space”) and in my mind’s eye I visualized her sitting in a chair right next to me.

Then I spoke what was in my heart. I told her about what had happened when she was three years old, that I was afraid that she was one of those children who was jealous of her sibling, that I had screamed at her and pulled her out of the room and shut the door on her. I told her that I did not mean to do that, and that it must have been frightening to see her mother so mad. I told her I was so sorry about what had happened and that it was because I was overcome by my fear, not because she was bad. I told her that I love her, that I so wanted to have a better relationship with her, and I asked for her forgiveness.

After I said what all I wanted to say and I felt “clear,” in my mind’s eye I gave her a hug and told her goodnight. Then I fell asleep.

A few days later, I noticed a real shift in my relationship with my daughter. One evening I texted her, asking “Are you at work?” Rather than responding in her typical way, “WTF ya” she asked, “Ya why?” I texted back, “Just making sure you’re fine,” to which she responded “Thank you.” (That “Thank you” is a big deal to me.)

She also gave me a spontaneous hug on the stairs a day or two after that, and she is coming to me much more often than usual for advice regarding colleges and boy issues. (And since her perception of me is that I have wasted my Ivy League engineering degree on an endeavor that will get us nowhere, this is indeed a big deal.)

Sometimes you just can’t clear things with people in the physical. They may not be available, or talking to you, or even alive. Ideally, it’s good to clear things up on both levels, to clear the incident spiritually or “etherically” first, and then physically. (When you clear it on the spiritual level first, it will not have as much of a sting in the physical.)

I think it’s important also to share that I’ve noticed that I had incredible results like this happen much more often when I was inspired from within to work on a specific issue and I followed through promptly, right then and there–as I had done that evening about two weeks ago. And I noticed it worked less often in the case where I wanted something and going through the technique was a way to get what I wanted. This distinction is extremely subtle, but it’s very important to understand. (If you have been following my articles for years, you know that I have placed a lot of importance on “following through promptly and consistently with your inner guidance.”)

So I would recommend you familiarize yourself with the process first, then when you are guided to it, to go through the process promptly, and from your heart. I wish you and yours many, many blessings!

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