Ascension Is An Upward Spiral

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I received some brilliant comments on the Ascension Process and the practice of teachers charging for various spiritual services (personal growth services) in my last blog post titled, Paying For Ascension – The Truth about The Ascension Process. One particularly brilliant comment (with which I wholeheartedly agree) was from a reader named Patricia. Patricia commented,

“People continue to miss the BIG message here.  This topic really has nothing to do with people charging a lot of money for a spiritual service—even if it is related to  Ascension.

This dynamic simply provides a sought after supply matched with a demand created by those who are still seeking this help from outside themselves…They are a perfect match!   These are people who are unaware that it can only be found from within them….this is confusion that is caused by a false and limiting belief that was designed and set into play a long time ago.  It is one of many aspects to the belief that we are separate from Source.

Nothing could be farther from the Truth.

I would say to anyone who is not resonating with this sort of scenario of “helpless person seeks, asks, and pays money for help from another”…

You are obviously ready to begin your inner journey of finding and developing a relationship with your Soul and Higher Self!  So what are you waiting for?   Run do not walk!

Rather than spending anymore of your precious time distracted by what is unimportant…instead, be grateful for your new found awareness and realization that it has served you well by leading you to this point of readiness!  Now is the time for you to begin!  There is no going back!

Until you are actively connected and communicating with Your True Self…24/7, you will remain a player in this game and it is clear now that it does not work very well for you anymore.  So time to do something different that does work.

The only way out of this is to “GO WITHIN”!  For within you, the True Self, is the only place you will find the Truth and or FREE help for ascension or any other topic you seek.  That is just the way it is!

The Choice is yours to make!”–Patricia

So … when it comes to “going within,” how do you actually “run, not walk?”

My answer: You begin today (not tomorrow, not the next day) to cultivate a clearer, deeper relationship with your higher self. You do not have to do anything special about your past; you can begin where you are right now. So what you do (in the evening before you go to sleep and in the morning, if possible) is connect within with a meditation that works like a “shot in the arm” for connecting with your higher self and then, you begin to pay attention to your “sacred space.”

One way to “pay attention” is to “check in” to your sacred space several times a day, to anticipate the receiving of subtle guidance and inner promptings.  Because we are so used to ignoring or dismissing our inner guidance and the subtle feelings associated with our sacred space, it will take a bit of effort and re-learning to get into the habit of paying attention to that part of ourselves.

You then make note of what you feel or any guidance you receive and you “align with” and / or follow through with whatever guidance you receive as promptly and as consistently as possible. When you do this, what happens is that you get on the “upward spiral” that is Ascension. Another way to say this is: you spiral upwards when you listen to the spirit within you. Because if you ignore your higher self / sacred space, how can you ever expect to be happy or fulfilled?

Usually, your higher self will have you take baby steps at first, until you gain more confidence in yourself and in the process. For example, you may get a hunch to call a friend at a certain time. If you follow through and if a “synchronicity” occurs, you will have greater confidence to follow through with your inner guidance the next time.

An example: About five years ago, a friend of mine had gone on a road trip from the San Jose area of California to Alaska for several weeks. He stayed mostly at campgrounds in his van and spent some time in an area of Canada that was sparsely populated. About two weeks into his trip, I got a nudge to call him on his cell phone, to ask him how his trip was going.

He answered his cell phone and asked me whether I had tried to call him earlier.

“No, this is the first time that I tried to call you since you left for your trip,” I said.

“Well, that’s interesting. This is the first time in about a week that I’m able to get cell phone service. I have to tell you that you have good timing,” he said. At the moment I called, he was staying at a campsite in Northern Canada that actually had cell phone reception!

So then what you do is you allow your higher self to play a bigger and bigger role in your life until your higher self gets at least as much attention as the physical world around you. This is an important milestone because it’s the “critical mass point” when your higher self really gets activated in your life. This is when you can expect to experience the “gifts” of following through: favorable synchronicities happen regularly, you have perfect timing, there’s much more flow in your life, the questions you ask the “Universe” often get answered within 24 hours, and you experience a greater sense of fulfillment and cooperation in life.

As you continue this process over time, your higher self will continue to inform and transform your life, including your outer world and experiences, so that you fulfill your potential and higher purpose. In summary, connecting and integrating with your higher self = the Ascension Process = the upwards spiral.

To discover the how-to steps of this process in detail, including two very powerful and relevant meditations, practical daily steps to take, and how to reduce your fear around the process (because the process is much more difficult when you’re afraid), please click on the link below. On that page you can access the eBook Activating 2012: A practical guide for navigating 2012 with confidence and clarity.

Activating 2012: A practical guide for navigating 2012 with confidence and clarity


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  1. David said:

    Hearing and following thru are gentle and simple processes. Your descriptions and your examples help make it clearer for those of us who desire the deepest and clearest relationship with our Higher Selves.

    Another great post!

    August 19, 2012
    • Thank you David. The more complex (and profound) examples (like those found in my books) require a little bit of background. That’s why I always share the simple examples in my articles. They’re easy to understand and enough to get one started on the path…

      August 19, 2012
  2. Maria said:

    Christine, you are so clear! Reading what you write is a joy. May you reach hundreds of thousands of souls who need to hear and live the messages you share. Thank you.

    August 19, 2012
    • Thank you Maria! My goal is to reach millions and I hope to do it soon — which of course would not be possible without you and others like you sharing this info with those in your path. I’m offering a way for others to understand what’s happening at this time of “The Great Shift” as simply and as quickly as possible. It took me quite a while to get it (which included the help of several spritual advisors who helped point me in the right direction and yes, I paid for their courses and channelings and I had no problem with that!). What I can say after taking the inner path and following through with my inner guidance for quite some time (such that my brain was re-arranged) is that I am clear now.

      August 19, 2012
  3. Ann said:

    I’m sorry, but I detect a ‘holier than thou’ attitude in much of this! Whilst it is quite true that we eventually reach the realisation that we must ‘look within’ to find our own answers, for most people it takes some time to reach this point. For those who, never in their life, felt a spiritual connection but who, like me, were given a spiritual awakening due to a sudden illness or other similarly shocking event, it is not so easy as you seem to imply, to reach that point where you can connect within. People are usually so traumatised by the event that the best way for them to start is by consulting someone they would regard as an ‘expert’ eg a psychic to put them in touch with a recently departed loved one, and I cannot respect any therapist who would overcharge for their services, thus profiting from someone else’s misery! Despite working on this for 3 years, I am still only rarely feeling my own guidance, despite being reassured by many people that I am here for a very important purpose and, yes, my own guidance does lead me to think this is true. I have connected within, and have received the most amazing synchronicities, but this happens only rarely. It caused me a lot of heartache when people constantly rebuked me for not ‘looking within’, and I was reassured by a beautiful soul ( who charges NOTHING for her services) that she was able to ‘see’ me constantly ‘looking within’, in whatever activity I was engaged in. So, I would ask you not to judge other people’s paths, as we are all beautiful, and individual souls, and we will follow our own paths, but would appreciate affordable and compassionate help along the way. I am endlessly grateful for all the help I have received, but I would never go to anyone who seeks to line their own pockets at my expense! ( and I know my inner guidance is helping me to write this)

    August 19, 2012
    • Hi Ann, I agree with all you say but I don’t know where you detect a “holier than thou” attitude. It took me *quite some time* to get to where I am now; I was just as confused as you–for years. But I know what got me clear the fastest, and that is doing the steps I have outlined in my posts and detailed in my books. I cannot guarrantee results for others, I just know what got me results the quickest. I did not suffer from illness but I had a HUGE stake in getting connected and giving it my ALL (because I needed to have answers)!! That’s why I actually followed through promptly and consistently; even when I was downright exhausted I followed through! And this is when the miracles occurred! (I share all this in my books, particularly in my memoir.) I hope I do not come across as judging, because really I just wish to share my experiences and to help others as quickly as possible.

      August 19, 2012
  4. Anthony said:

    Christine, great article as always. I would like to comment on Ann’s comment who I believe speaks for a lot of people around the idea of people making money (sometimes lots of money) from spiritual service. To all those people I would ask the question “where do you think money comes from?”. Down through the ages humanity has found ever more easier ways to exchange goods, services and ideas. In the really olden days we all used the barter system, trading food and physical objects. But this was a very slow process and was very dependent on the weather and seasons (if there was a bad drought and many crops failed then the barter system almost ground to a halt). People were mostly in survival mode, so progress and the exchange of ideas and particularly higher evolutionary ideas was painfully slow. A faster way had to be found in which people were able to find more and more truthful ways to realise the truth about themselves. It’s very hard to pursue ‘real’ spirituality (not the dogmatic kind where you are told how to live and what to believe and you will be ‘saved’), when you are struggling just to put enough food on the table and your kids are starving. So over many, many centuries the barter system evolved to a monetary system where you could exchange anything for an amount of ‘currency’ that everyone agreed on. This allowed an ever increasing free flow of ideas that exploded during the Rennaisance and continued apace through industrial and technological evolution until we have the civilisation we have today. Who do you think is driving all of this? Do you really think it’s just Mankind? On the surface it seems that way. There’s a higher intention going on here than just people trying to create a more and more sophisticated society. As Christine often says it’s all part of the Divine Plan, and the Divine Plan is ‘Us In Our Truest Form’, ie- all of our Higher Selves combined together to evolve to an ever higher and higher order. So when someone pays thousands of dollars for a spiritual course or training, maybe that’s part of their Divine Plan. I have done many workshops, retreats, trainings and courses over the years, some of which I paid a lot of money for. Do I regret doing any of them because maybe the facilitator was not ‘spiritual’ enough and had a lot of their own ego playing out? Absolutely NOT! I wouldn’t be the person I am today without all of the knowledge, wisdom and ‘aha’ moments I have experienced during these events. Sometimes I left a weekend event with only 1 ‘aha’ moment for the whole weekend, but it was still worth it! Once I spent $1500 for a 4 day course that very difficult for me to afford. I felt guided to the course and the course was brilliant. I had so many ‘aha’ moments it was amazing. But most of my friends told me I got ripped off! Does everyone have to spend thousands of dollars like I have? Of course not! I am sure there are many wonderful teachers and healers out there who don’t charge much, you just have to find one that resonates with You (not your ego!). Do you need to pay anything to integrate with your Higher Self? No, if you feel the pull deep enough and hard enough and your ego doesn’t get in the way, wanting to ‘manage’ the process, then you can do it by yourself free of charge. But I don’t think there are many people who will do it this way because all the obstacles and dead ends and pot holes along the way are actually guidance ‘in disguise’, resulting in you seeking guidance from many different sources (which are ultimately aspects of yourself at your deepest level anyway!). So your Higher Self is really ‘driving the bus’, despite your ego thinking it is the one who is making (or isn’t making) progress. Everyone’s journey is unique and everyone’s journey is Divine. I am absolutely certain about that. Much love to Christine and everyone who reads this.

    August 19, 2012
    • Hi Anthony, just like you I have not regretted experiencing (or paying for) any personal growth courses I have had in the past. I really love your comments and thank you for contributing to this discussion. Each person has a right to decide what courses they want to take and they should be able to do that without being judged by others. (I remember hearing from co-workers at my first job after college why I should NOT take a course given by Werner Erhard and Associates–it was 1987. But I did it anyway…amd I was SO glad!) Really, there’s so much peer pressure regarding what we should do or should not do and THIS IS 2012!! When will the BS end?

      At the same time, I also wish to communicate that NO WORKSHOP will EVER take the place of connecting within and following through your own inner guidance in your life over time. There is nothing quite like that experience.

      Wishing you all my best, Christine

      August 19, 2012
  5. Darius said:

    I just want to say that we are all looking for the same thing… We are looking to unify with the creator though that which we are…

    For so long we have been conditioned to look for guidance outside of ourselves…
    Today, this moment, many are beginning to realise that… That’s just not working… So we look, and we search for the Truth… An innate desire for the truth that is so deep down inside of us that we in this moment might find ourselves going through extremes that we otherwise may not have, five, ten years ago…

    Consequently, one or another my find themselves paying for advice, whether it be a book, consultation, reading, or channel…

    The thought that we must remind ourselves of is that there is no one way for everyone…

    Each ones experience is unique to that individual. The best that can be done is for all to share their own unique experience and maybe help another rise to the next level of their evolution…

    There are two questions I keep before me in every moment,,, They are: Who AM I? and, What do I really believe?

    Experiences are meant to be shared, Yet, no two paths are the same…

    August 21, 2012
  6. Joshua said:


    Another interesting and informing post. Connecting with our inner self is so hard to understand for many people who still believe that life is happening to them instead of realizing that their repetitive thinking patterns (on the outside world) is causing their reality and problems. This took me a long time to get. I remember reading spiritual books that told me I was responsible for all the problems in my life. That was hard for me to accept at first, but slowly I began to take responsibility for what I didn’t like in my life. The more I reflected and went “within” for inner guidance on my life situations, the more I was able to see the root of the problem – and it was with myself! Slowly certain aspects of the outside world began to change as my habitual negative thinking patterns changed. I am still working on this very process, but it is liberating to understand that it works. Thanks for all the info you are sharing here.

    August 22, 2012

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